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Hello again. It’s me, Sonik the edge-lord and I have a new post I want to share my thoughts on stream snipers and such. So, let’s hop in. And open a can of worms.


You might be wondering and/or asking, “What is a stream sniper?”, well, Jimmy boy. A stream sniper is a viewer with or without an account that watches a live stream to get the upper hand on someone.

Stream sniping can be used for the following:

Find where the user is playing a hide or seek type game.

Find out if the streamer has a new pb and take it away while watching them

Find them in MMORPG and fight them or annoy them.

But long story short. Stream snipers can use the stream to fuck over the streamers and/or annoy them if they wish, for any reason.

I know what you might be thinking, “Stream snipers should not stream snipe anyone”, But stream snipers have every right to stream snipe someone, as every lurker has the right to lurk.

Some stream snipers may not talk in chat and some will chat with you. No, it’s not fair to get stream sniped and no, it’s not fun to work on something but to have it “sniped” from nowhere.

Should you be free of getting stream sniped? No. It’s gonna happened. If you choose to stream then you open up the possibility of getting stream sniped. No, you didn’t “choose” to get stream sniped while streaming. The possibility is there.

On twitch, people have got stream sniped before in some way or form. Again, yeah, it sucks to get stream sniped for any reason but no one is a special snowflake here. Never got stream sniped till now? Welcome to the fucking club.


If you don’t want to be stream sniped then here are some ideas for you.

1 Set a stream delay (If possible) to keep snipers behind. But if you are playing a fast game like Super Meat Boy or Sonic Mania, I highly doubt a stream delay will help you if you are trying to speedrun.

2 You could ask them not to stream snipe. (Though, they will end up laughing at you or not caring)

3 You could just NOT stream if this is a problem. That is mean. Just record, I guess. That won’t make much of a difference.

I saw this person and heard he got stream sniped. Again, getting stream snipe is nothing new on twitch, it has always been a thing, just like lurking in streams. It sucks and it is unfair, but it’s just something you need to get used to it.

I want to feel bad for him… But I can’t, you got stream sniped, I’m sorry.

We all been stream sniped and at the same time, some of us have stream snipe as well


I guess to sum this post up is, a quick recap.

Is it unfair that stream snipers use streams to get the upper hand on someone?

Yes, it is.

Do stream snipers have rights to stream snipe?

Yes, same as lurkers and chatters and viewers. They all have a right, sadly. Take that as you will.

Should you stop streaming cause of stream snipers?

No, that is a bad reason that borderlines into stupid reasons. It’s pretty stupid to stop streaming cause you got stream sniped. BOO HOO. As I said, everyone has been stream sniped, it’s not a reason to quit streaming one game. But hey, you do you.

What if I get stream sniped again?

Then keep streaming, if you are quick to wonder, should you stream again then maybe you shouldn’t…


This generation of “people” can give you a headache. It’s so funny, it’s sad

Sorry, I wanted to rant about this. But hope you liked it.

Thanks for reading. :3

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