Why I dislike twitch fight streams

Hello again. Your one and only Sonik here with a new post.

So let’s talk about twitch streams that focus mainly on fighting games on twitch.tv. And why I dislike them and no longer go to them.

So streamers that focus on online fighting games I dislike and here is why. When people stream those games they just become toxic or negative or the chat is toxic as hell.

I am a mod for a friend’s stream (Deadkev19) and he does stream online fighting games mainly and while he is not toxic when playing, I get a negative vibe from his streams and a bit from him..

I can’t deal with those kinds of streams when chat is toxic or the streamer is toxic or negative, it is not welcoming and it makes the room feel uncomfortable to be in, to be honest.

I used to like going to those streams and watching people fight online. When people fight online, it was fun to watch. keyword “was”

If I go to a stream with someone playing a fighting game online, I would find the following below.

Streamer shit talking the other player or players on stream (Not doing it in good fun)

Chat becomes a toxic place, trolls or assholes who come in which in turn makes the streamer toxic or negative

When playing and losing, you can feel the streamer get negative and we can all feel it is not nice.

The stream is not fun to sit in when it gets negative and it’s not welcoming at all for me and this is why I dislike those streams

The only exception to the rule is streams like Evo or bootcamp or other big streams, sure while they can be just as toxic or worst, people are there having fun and trolls and assholes are being dealt with which in turn makes it a good time.

But yeah, this is why I don’t like fighting games on twitch. Too Toxic for my blood.

Thanks for reading~ :3

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