Hello everyone, and welcome to my WordPress blog. This blog is run by Onychaos. And here you will find the content of any kind. I make this a personal blog, so anything goes.

I make reviews of video games and content. I tend to review guild and other things to give others a general opinion here of what I think of a video game or subject.

Rants, I will rant every now and then about someone or something I dislike, but I will try to keep the rant tasteful, if possible. Sometimes I just get lost in the moment, and say a lot of things.

Blogging, here on this blog, I love to blog about life things or anything that catches my eye. you may get a personal blog here and there. Sometimes, I like to show off my video content if I don’t forget.

Game development, I try to make game dev posts to show off progress for fan games, apps, and anything else I make. I also release my apps and games for download, and blog about them to bring them into the light.

And much more.


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I love to use gifs or images in my blog posts.

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