Hi there, I’m OnyChaos but you can call me Ony. I am a guy that enjoys ranting or venting while sharing my thoughts on things,

I try to make “reviews” on games. I do a lot of things, currently, I’m a indie game dev, that’s working on making games in clickteam fusion 2.5.

And hopefully, start making adult games in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 in the near future. My future project is Project Mighty. I also enjoy coloring in art and shading it.

I am a Princess Daisy fan if you couldn’t tell. I am a Brony and a furry. I like MLP: FIM (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic). And I’m taken by a wonderful baka angel ♥1/1/12♥ :3

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Other names I used to go by in the past. Yes, I was Sonik at one point. :P

  1. Sonik cruz,  @Sonikponymage,  @aqwr0cks  SoNiK  @drkinos
  2. (~Sonik~)  @Sonicsan360  @MLPSonik  @mlp_sonik  @Mylittlesonik  @SoundofSonik
  3. @sonicaqwrocks  @sonik_san  Sonic360  aqwSonic360  Sonic360AE  Sonickun360
  4. sonickun_angel SonikMage Soniksama Sonikchan