Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis log 2

It’s time for another Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis log where I just give an update of progress in the game I have done or done with help of friends. And now with added thoughts and rants.

Day one – 05/01/22

My Cinquem Katana is potential two and I just need some cheap to make it useful for my braver class. I want to make braver, my second main class, first being force. Baby steps but soon that dream will come true

reached level 36 on braver with the help of aluria. Went from Level 35 to level 36 and now I can use mine Cinquem Katana.

My braver / melee damage has got much better and now I am able to use my braver class. 40.9% to 62.3% And for the current build of the game, I’m not going to be dead weight, and I can pull my own weight here.

I have better augments on my braver now. I got rid of placeholder augments and it feels great.

I’m going to save my mesta for the new gear coming in the new region since it will power creep the Cinquem series and make it an outdated weapon series later on. It will still be good if you are farming levels around level 36 and up.

My grant unit will be replaced very soon as there will be a free unit coming soon in a seasonal event, and it is +50 too.

Day Two – 05/02/22

Did some farming at retem rank 3 to get some exp. I got a fair bit of exp and I’m close to being level 37

I level up twice. Level 36 to level 38. I am close to being to max level

Showing off some new fashion now my braver is complete at this moment. I can relax and enjoy the downtime of content since level 45 is the endgame at this moment in time.

I have thought about doing geometric labyrinth or (geo lab) for short when I reach level 45 on braver, it should be fun solo or that’s the idea anyway and I got some thoughts about geo lab. I want to get at least an “A” rank if able.

Dae has a new waifu named Arisu. Cute pair, they are.

Did the retem Renus Vera urgent quest but rank 1 with a pug.

I watch Arisu become op. They have upgraded their augments and watching them improve was pretty neat to see since some users in the guild have mix match augments. They have some good ones but end up slapping on some weak augments that don’t help out.

I learned some things here by eyeballing. If you wanted to do damage, you would need to be in that range, and given that urgent quests and giga monsters have greater or different defense and stats a normal monster would not have

Keep in mind that you may or will need more potency in a giga fight or urgent quests since they are normal monsters but supercharged.

Potency needed to do damage
Aelio ( 1 – 20)20%
Retem (21 – 35)40.x% or greater
Update (36 – 45) + Geo Lab54% to 56% or greater

I may make a augment simulator or a bare basic one that shows the percent of your augments. I will make a guide that teaches you how to use, if I make it.

Day Three – 05/03/22

Did not log in but I will change that.

Learned Maqead lower level is an awful zone solo

Level up again. Level 38 to Level 39

Dark Falz urgent quest came up at 2:45 AM and is good for me as I get to test out braver in DF. I’m going to die. Lol.

I forgot it was boost week for urgent quests and we did more damage than normal. It was a fun ride.

This was a good farm session even though I started late.

I am close to being level 40.

Day Four – 05/04/22

Did an urgent quest with Shiro

Went to Rank 3 Alnothe to farm exp, and saw a leecher join in and trying to tell me how to how to farm pse as I was farming. Might be locking my rooms so this way ppls can’t come in and set off a pse.

I have finally reached level 40. I got five more levels to go. My BP 2008 > 2029

I’m almost done with Leah’s daily quests

I have 5.7 million mesta and will end up spending more when I get another Schwarzest Armor for my braver build.

I have a new look that I am fond of. I would post my “fashion” there but I don’t have good fashion sense that’s how I feel. I will post my fashion on Twitter, social media or on my server.

I will try to solo the Geo lab and see what I can do. I don’t like it if I’m completely honest here.

I tried geo lab at level 40 with different effects on and both runs ended poorly but were expected to go wrong. I’m not too hurt but this however will re-enforce what I think about geo labyrinth.

the best run got to floor 4 out of 6. This was a good run until that point.

Like the other run, this one got to floor 4 before it died. This was a slightly better run but still had the same fate.

Some members I have noticed in the witching hour are drama queens or overly dramatic.

Doing urgent quest: Dustyl Vera with Todd, Mavey, Itiruru or Itlruru. Was not bad since we had the event buff that makes us stronger in urgent quest settings, which allows for faster runs, bosses being down by elemental attacks more.

I did want to use braver but had to use force to partake in this urgent quest.

I am thinking about buying Cinquem Katana with fixa attack 1 on it, and given that the Cinquem series will be power crept by a new weapon series, I am thinking about this one. Cinquem Katana is only 300,000 mesta and that will be a nice boost in power.

Well, I caved and got the Cinquem Katana with fixa attack 1. And this should bump me up in power until the new weapon series drops.

I will finish up the rest of Leah’s quests tonight and then call it then.

Cleared most of Leah’s quests and got a few more to do.

I have reached level 41. Bp 2029 > 2052

I brought a Cinquem Katana with fixa attack 2 and now, I am much stronger and such be able to do more damage.

I have 4.1m mesta at this moment.

It is an urgent quest, Renus Vera and I might be able to do it. Renus Vera. I think I did ok. Died a lot tho.

Reached Level 42 and I am almost done farming.

Day Five – 05/05/22

Did Dark Falz with a public group or a pug. It was fun.

About to do some of Leah’s quests and the weekly is 29 / 30 so a big boost of exp is coming soon.

I was able to get C/Daityl Soul III for pretty cheap. 50K ea or 54K ea

geometric labyrinth

I want to talk about the not divide quest; geometric labyrinth.

I don’t find it fun or rewarding. It acts as a divide quest from base pso2. It even has the same run-down. You complete 5 stages and stage 6 is a boss fight to end the run. In divide, if you died, you can revive if you had the lives to do so. And the higher you got in divide, it would scale lives and enemies to the divide stage, making it fair.

geometric labyrinth has the same design as a divide in a full party but in solo, if you use the easy modifiers it could be an easy time but if you want to get a good value I.e camo or good drops, you need to run the hard modifiers to get a good rank and a chance to get rewards.

And you can’t die once in solo or that’s game over unless you use a revive doll or retry and given that geo lab scales with your level and bp plus extra stats, you will need to be an overgeared player who needs to avoid all forms of damage if you use the max modifiers on solo. And that is no fun at all.

I don’t see why people are so happy for this geo labyrinth, and if you got no one to run it with, you may be out of luck, as this will become dead content. Geo lab follows the same format as divide quests in some ways. But in solo or a party, you fail if you fail 10 missions or everyone dies.

I am level 43 now and progress is pretty nice, and at this rate, I may reach level 45 soon.

I Did Renus Vera’s urgent quest with Aluria, and Il

Day Six – 05/06/22

Level 44. A lot of progress in this log, and I like it.

Joined Aluria because they wanted to do the urgent quest. Il and Elphaba were in the party.

Did not do much this day.

Day Seven – 05/07/22

Today, I get to level 45 on braver. Then I am done farming.

People are doing rank one Renus Vera for some reason

Did Rank two Renus Vera with Mickey and Fofamit. Mickey is good, was pretty good in the urgent quest.

But I got an idea for an app. 

I reached level 45 braver. I am done. It is over until the new level cap drops in a month anyway.

I have made a small circle of people I like to hang out in the guild / out of the guild with and most of the other members I don’t know or have no real interest in, yet.

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