Elsword Update log #2

So, I’m going to try this style of doing update logs on games or things. Keep track of seven days and note down important thoughts or moments that happened, and after seven days, show off the progress. And boy, got some fun drama.

Day 1 – 01/31/22



Dealt with elsword drama with a leader. What a pain.

So, what did I do to get the boot from a guild in elsword? my experience.

I have ignored them in-game, I did not see them or anyone speaking on my end, which gave me little reason to chat in guild chat. Why would I speak in a dead chat? So I didn’t and ignored the guild. This, you should never be upset about.

I ignored my guild duties I.e (Going to assume) not doing guild runs with the guild leader to add more members (A waste of time), doing guild farm, even though, it was ruined for me and a waste of time. And I showed no interest in the guild but at that point, she could make me a member.

If she didn’t like how I handled guild duties, she was more than welcome to make me a regular member, and find a better guild officer. Instead of jumping from 0 to 100.

Ignored her in discord by not talking to her often. When she called out people and to call me out in the discord server, she raised a red flag, and since then, I stopped talking to her. I hate when people call me out when I am minding my own business and talking to my friends. And I was not being a bully or harassing anyone either.

And had she been chill like Sura, Ultimate, elpha, and dragorath. I would be more open to her and not ignored her, but my experience with her only made me shut her out more.

Funny thing is, she was not like this in [blu] (and was not so overly attached and not so ugh. If I ignored her, she didn’t make a big deal) but in her server. It felt like a trap for me and I fell for it by leaving blu because she seem like a different person in blu. And her guild was chill, not her after I stopped doing things with her or talking to her.

There were a few times when I “tried” to do something with the guild leader but after a while, I stopped trying to do anything with her and did things with my friends. I’m sure she didn’t like that I started ignoring her.

And I am not sorry for acting / voicing what I think, I’m not going to change how I think because of one stranger I will never see again. She was disappointed? Oh well. we was not meant to be friends / associates.

And she is the only guild leader/associate I know who has acted like this. The upside is I don’t have to deal with her being in my dms if I don’t talk to her or deal with the nightmare that was the anxiety of her popping up there for something.

And also, she was upset I didn’t give her any feedback on her guild and rarely talked to her (i wonder why..) (I give feedback when it is needed or I have interest in something) and disappointed at one of my blog posts? Again, this is the only leader that gave me an awful experience. And I met a lot of guild leaders and they never acted like her.

Blog posts, take your pick.

And she sent a long paragraph or essay and to be honest, I didn’t read this message though i saw it as junk, sent by a random stranger. I found it kind of funny. That a stranger cher was so disappointed in me that they kicked me from the guild server and in-game guild. That essay is long gone. And speaking of gone, blog posts on midnight owls are going to be sent to the trash or edited out.

I don’t know what’s going on in her personal life, and It is not my business to know. I hope whatever is going on in her life, gets sorted out. Unfortunately, my experience with her is ruined / negative. I have no plans on being her associate ever again though. And she feels the same, I’m glad.

It is crazy how it started with a stranger sending me a dm me after I gave them a compliment in [blu] to them saying they are disappointed when I didn’t hang out with them or stopped doing anything with them. And I did not harass them or bully them. I made blog posts about the guild which were tame, at best. If I was bullying and putting them down, then yeah, kick me out. It is what it is.

I am free now and I don’t have to worry about walking on eggshells around her.

Yay Anime GIF - Yay Anime Girl GIFs

It gives me a good idea for a game, I will put a reference to her in a game i am making.

Day 2 – 02/01/22


  • Trying out the new raven class. I don’t like it.
  • Doing the hedgehog event
  • After giving it a bit more thought, The new raven path is ok but not for me.

Day 3 – 02/04/22


  • nothing of note

Day 4 – 02/06/22


  • made a +9 amulet

Day 5 – 02/07/22


  • Saw sura
  • I did my weekly henir runs
  • I am close to getting a master road acc 960/1000
  • re-enabled guild invites
  • I might get the new IB set
  • I am close to making a unique Eroding energy to sell
  • Time and Space Fragment: 606 / 750
  • I Got invited to NBK but turned down the offer.
  • I have 1.3 billion ed.
  • My character page is updated: https://onychaos.wordpress.com/elsword-na-character/.

Day 6 – 02/08/22


  • I did raid with some random ppls and had fun. :o
  • my flames of judgment weapon sockets has perfect slots
  • setting sun 4 / 500
  • so many guilds invite
  • I have been feeling happy. I’m no longer a part of midnight owls. Guild was friendly, and most of the members never got on my case, but that was ruined by one, but I am free from the person. Lol. And been doing elsword content.
  • I got a re-invite to [blu] guild.

Day 7 – 02/09/22


  • Sold a unique Eroding energy for 400m+
  • running Dessert Cafe to get an awakening buff
  • sold a master road item: Sun Aura Insignia for 100m+
  • setting sun 8 / 500
  • I have 2 billion ED in the bank
  • I spent the day fishing in elsword.

Day 8 – 02/10/22


  • The setting sun 10 / 500
  • running Dessert Cafe to get an awakening buff 90 / 140
  • erp 212
  • I got a new alt done
  • EXP weapon is halfway done but far from done
  • exp gain: 432%
  • I have 2.1 billion ED in the bank

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