My kingdom heart 3 experience

So, I have finally done it. I got around to beating Kingdom Hearts 3 and I must say… It was a fun ride but most of the game first experience of a true blind playthrough was ruined by Drax, Flakey, and Dave shitting on the game and telling me things that I didn’t need to hear..

This was my first fault. I thought that I could stream the game and they would watch but do their own thing. I mean, they did do their own thing but they ruined the magic of finding out what to do on your own. I wanted to do things or fail on my own but I felt like I got told a lot of things or how to play well.

But the last half of the game was fun. I loved the final worlds. I loved the ending to KH3 and the end game fights. They were awesome :D. I have to say, for a lot of shit that the game gets, it’s has some great moments that are worth having.


The best worlds for me was frozen and the end game world and not frozen world. :P These are my favorite worlds but I will have to replay the game to get a recap on what other worlds I liked. I liked the pirate world.

The only worlds that I really didn’t like was Toy story world and monster Inc world. To me, they are a drag to play, I didn’t find them fun. And it is a shame too, I love Monster Inc and Toy story but it just didn’t FEEL right to me.

Well, now that I beaten the game, I may as well stream it in the near future on my twitch channel but in new game + There are still a ton of things I missed in the game, like lucky medals, boss rush like areas, and some mini games and crafting gear.. Maybe I will do that in the KH3 Stream.[[MORE]]

I feel happy knowing that I played Kingdom Hearts 3 and seen the ending. It made me smile, it warmed my heart, and made me tear up a bit. I just wanted to share my thoughts. :3 I know fans of KH3 and my associates in particular (Drax, Flakey, and Dave) call the game a huge disappointment when I was playing the game the first time.

I now know to not stream my first experience with my associates, in particular (Drax, Flakey, and Dave) or they will just ruin that experience, for me. Lesson learned however.

And with Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC coming soon, it’s going to be interesting to see how things change around it. But the cliffhanger? just means that we are going to get Kingdom Hearts 4 on the PS5, assuming we get one.


Later. OnyChaos

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