June Blog Update Part 2

Hey, here is a part two of things that June blog post I made not too long ago which since then a lot more things happened I kinda want to talk about. This is a much happier part, I promise.

Losing Weight Again (again)

Been working on losing weight and eating right. :3 It has been a long and crazy ride. I also learned I don’t want to be ripped and have muscles since that feels a bit much.

I came a long way. I’m not at my goal weight but at the time of this post. I’m 264Ibs Still fat (I think?). lol but I came a long way, which was 330.3Ib+ I had enough and wanted to get fit, not just for others but myself. :D

Ankha – Animal Crossing: Raymond in Babe Town by AfroNinja360

I have been hush hush about my weight since I know it is overweight? Idk but I been losing pounds but I feel bold that I can tell you my current weight now.

I been eating right. Not over-eating and eating on time. I eat eggs in the morning, fast till 2Pm or 5Pm and eat dinner then fast till morning. Sleeping is something I need to fix however.

I been drinking a lot of water which has been helping out with weight loss. I have to get back to working out since I am stuck at 264-265 and 267 But I can’t wait to lose more weight. :3

But yeah. I’m 264Ibs at the moment. And I feel better then before. When I lose more weight, I will post on twitter. :P


Ah, Twitter. I have stopped using it as much since I needed a break from it. And i’m not in the right headspace to really use Twitter at the moment. I have at the moment, isolated myself from Twitter for a bit. Probably will reply or tweet people

Once I feel better or things calm down, I will probably use Twitter more or start talking to people again. Just need a little break from social media. It’s why I have not streamed anything in 12 days. Been trying to get better. lol

But I’m feeling better over time. Things are getting back on track for the time being anyway. I will be back to normal soon. :P

Sonic 3D in 2D (Second go)

i will give this fan game a second go to see how or what has been fixed and maybe things are better? I don’t know. But the game had a number of updates which seem to be bugs fixes..

The first stream back will be of the fan game then Elsword. Maybe in a few days. :P I will do a playthrough of Sonic and try to get all the emeralds. I will try being the keyword, lol

But again, who knows. Only time will tell. ^^ And The game got a new update. 1.07 by sotaknuck. Have to check that out soon.

Blogging More

Got some new blog posts to make this year. Should be fun. Gonna go out on blogging, so get ready for all the blog post and junk. I got a lot of stuff to say this year and I want to talk about some games and stuff.

I can wait. It will be a blast. I will share what comes to my mind. Hope you like what will be in store. :3 Can’t say too much but get ready.

Posts will be light but there may be one negative post in the future but.. It’s ok. :P

Being Gifted Discord Nitro

so, one of DeadKev19’s friends gifted me a Discord Nitro on well, Discord. I can use animated gifs and emotes in different servers, so that will be fun to use this. for as long as I have it. will put it to good use.

Or use it as much as I can. Thanks again lad for trying to cheer me up.

Image about add in The Best of anime pictures by Veruska Silva
Add – from anime / game, Elsword

Giving Persona 5 (PS4) another chance

I made a Twitter poll if I should redo, Persona 5. And there were two votes for yes. And It has been forever since I played Persona 5. Gonna start fresh and make a new save file, by proxy, a new playthrough.

It should be fun. I think what messed me up is me buying sidearms in P5, when I should had brought normal weapons / gear but now I know. I will be sure to stream the playthrough on Twitch

Get ready, lol. It will be fun or bad or both. I will have to tell Zomb1esmasher14 not to give me any hints, since he did that in MastaKirby’s Persona 5 stream and defeats the point of a blind playthrough unless asked for help.

More self-reflecting / Learning more about myself

Learning to rely on myself or trying.

I learned I tend to rely too much on other people. I have been trying to move away from doing that and rely on myself because If I only rely on others. It’s a recipe for disaster. I will just rely on those I trust and not random friends I don’t talk to.

So been trying to rely on myself and it’s a slow process but in the long run when things come crashing down, I will still be standing tall, knowing I can pick myself back up when no one is there. And it will be nice.

Dealing with stress or meltdowns

I learned how to deal with them better. I don’t think this is a health way of dealing with them, may lead to future problems down the line. But I isolate myself from everything and everyone, so no one has to deal with this side of me

and given that we are in the year 2020. The awful year. I think me isolating myself from everything is probably needed more than ever. And it gives me time to think about me, my life, and other things. It does leave me alone with some of those awful thoughts. But I am much stronger then those thoughts

Thinking about what kind of friends I want to keep

This thought is prior to 2020. I had this on my mind for a while. And it has been in my mind. ‘What kind of friends do I want to keep” Since I have a lot of friends. And something that stuck with me, was this quote from a follower years ago. It was along the lines of “having a lot of followers is great, but if they talk to you, they are just numbers”

So, that said! I will probably drop people I never talk to anyway. but prob will do that after 2020. I have a lot of friends

I have some cool friends who RP but I don’t know how to talk to them since they seem deep into their RolePlay and rather not ruin the RP flow and be that person.

Gonna stop forcing myself to play games I don’t like

I think 2020 is the year I will stop trying to play games I don’t like in order to play with my associates cause I feel that is a waste of time. And no need to do something I dislike.

It’s kinda why I stopped doing things with some of my associates since they want to race things that are not fun but I just don’t join them anymore. and cause of that. I also feel better.

Talking About Elsword and MMORPGs

Been having fun playing Elsword and while my associates don’t play Elsword or any MMORPGs with me but you know. lol. It’s kinda why I don’t try to play any MMORPGs with them since it is a one way road

But there are some associates I can’t ask to play a MMORPG with, since they are not into it or they are still complete strangers and Won’t list the ones I can’t play a MMORPG with. :p but they know who they are, lol

It’s a shame but eh, it is what it is. I got to find “friends”, not associates that are willing to play games or mmorpgs with me and not having to force myself to play a game to play with associates.

But I think this is a good lesson for me. lol. :P

Being Positive

Oh dear. 2020 has been anything but positive. I have been pretty positive up till this point where I took a dip and started to lose hope but I feel it is too soon to lose hope

I will try to regain hope and keep my head high during these trying times and hope we can see a bright future and a better life, even if it is for a moment, I will try to keep my head high.

I guess it is why I left discord or don’t chat as much in Hyper’s Discord like I normally would. I won’t leave his discord but if it ever becomes unwelcoming, then I will leave.

Staying away from negative stuff and junk. Which has helped boost my mood a bit more. I also was thinking about getting Pangya Debug but seeing it still has bugs / crashes / disconnects. Gonna hard pass

Joined Elsword NA [ThunderCry] on my main character

So I been having fun in the ThunderCry guild and being in friendship guild “BlackChaos” pretty much by myself on Sundays, I think it was best I left the guild but in my place is my other character “OnyNova” as the guild leader to keep the guild up

HellTaker – Pandemonica, the Tired Demon

I will give a reason to my friend. I left the guild to get stronger to help out my friend and you are a busy person and I figured since the other guild is much more active and helpful. They can help me, help you, and again, you are a busy person.

And plus, I met some new friends. They are fun members of the guild and they have helped me out. So I kinda owe them.. And I will rejoin the friendship guild when we play more than once, and I get stronger, if Elsword doesn’t close down in North America by then

But Just because I am in a another guild doesn’t mean I won’t play with you in Elsword. I will still play Elsword with you and help out. Going Forward, my main character will be in “ThunderCry” to get stronger

I know this sounds like bad news but I’m still in the guild, just with another character name “OnyNova”, so no worries.

Ankha – Animal Crossing: Raymond in Babe Town by AfroNinja360

By leaving the guild as my Ain. I got even stronger now. I would never got to where I am without this guild. They are my elsword family, and I truly thank them for that and will keep getting stronger. And I’ll reach my goal to become stronger to help those who can’t help themselves. I will be their light in the ever growing darkness

Elsword – Ain’s Master Class


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