My Tumblr experience

My thoughts on Tumblr and WordPress but also my experience, and me talking about what I don’t like. :P

Using Tumblr has been an interesting ride as a blogging platform. It’s makes blogging somewhat easy. You make the post, tag it, And you are done with that post. Tumblr is pretty great but as great as it is to blog on Tumblr…

Tumblr has a few cons that makes it hard to enjoy it but the same can be said of and chances are, It’s just me that feels this way.


I like how easy it is to tag posts on Tumblr. I love Tumblr’s Tag System, it’s better then WordPress’s Tag System. But the problem with Tumblr tags, is that you are a drop in the sea of art post, questions.

Now, WordPress is not any better by any means. Their search system is full of unrelated posts from any website that is powered by or (Self-hosting website) 

While on the Tag subject, I really do hate the “3 Post per tag” rule. I can understand wanting to stop spam but it’s a bad way to go about this. Nothing is stopping you from ignoring this rule other then your posts that break the tag rule. They won’t show up or lag a bit before showing up.

But even with the 3 Tag rule, Your posts is in an ocean of question posts, chat posts, audio posts, art posts, and other posts. I feel text posts are boring to people but I enjoy blogging, ranting, and posting other things but I know that my type of post are not for anyone really but that’s fine.


But with Tumblr changing in the past, it’s hard to say if things are better or worst?

At least you can search up terms or hashtags on WordPress and Tumblr but it’s better to search by tag on Tumblr from what I seen in the past if you want better..

My next issue is a me thing but when making a text post. I never understand why when you insert a video link, that the video goes to the very bottom of the post and Having to drag it back up to the top is eh…


Making a text post is simple and pain free, other then the video embed issue I mentioned, it’s not too bad if the post are short but it’s an issue or pain if the post are long

The last thing is A Tumblr problem that Tumblr staff thought they could fixed. The porn bots, they thought if they could hide all post with links that the porn bots could be stopped but the porn bots found a way around this.


Porn bots just reblog posts that may do well and they can just spam that way. And yes it is old news, but the effect of this URL Ban* is that all posts that has links that are blacklisted are hidden from Tumblr Search, and there are a lot of that are hidden, counting mine posts…

And Maybe this is me but I had a post where I added a link that was not whitelisted to Tumblr post source and removed it. The post was still hidden after removing the link..

And I have a lot of post with links but sadly, not sure removing the links will make my post show up again, if they don’t show up that means I have to re-upload the post to make it show up again.

With the cons out the way. WordPress is the same but Minus the 3 Tag per post rule and the URL ban.

Tumblr has been a fun time for me. Tumblr let you turn your blog into a piece of yourself. Make your blog how you want with no limits. I love that freedom when it comes to Tumblr themes and changing your blog site.

With WordPress, your freedom to edit your blog is very limited. You may edit the widgets or other theme features if they are free. If you wish to edit a blog theme on WordPress akin to Tumblr, you need to have an upgrade on your account for that right.

Now If I can figure out how or why it is taking some long for Google to index my site. My WordPress site has been index and is almost up to date but my tumblr is lagging behind and it has been four or five years? And only see 4 results..

And Need to figure out what this means “Only the first 20 tags on a post will show up in searches” (On tumblr search or off tumblr search and something like google?) I’m sure in time I will understand this more but for now, I will learn as I go. Just talking about tumblr. :P


Well…Got a lot of post to remove links in, re-tag them better, and more.

Oh, and I love that you have infinite image space or it seems to be that way. :3

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