New goals / changes for this year

I have so many things I want to do for this year or before this year is over. It’s a list of stuff, I plan on getting done, which would be great.

Let’s start the list.

1. Twitch stuff

Oh, Twitch. What a crazy year it has been. from having fun and having co-hosts to join me on stream but at the same time to know that some sonic streamers doing some fucked up shit. That will be for a later, down the line.


So this is the goals for this year for streaming on twitch are as followed.

  1. Finish BOTW hard mode on stream before the year is over. I want to beat hard mode with only 3 hearts and that’s all I want to do for the stream to be done with it.
  2. Complete Sonic Mania when it comes out. I plan on trying to do Sonic and tails and Knuckles, all emeralds or trying to, anyway that is the plan anyway
  3. Do a speedrun of the game that won the vote on twitter, after I hit 300 followers.
  4. Gonna upload more to my youtube channel.
  5. Do more co-host type of streams on Twitch
  6. Start doing podcasts, rant streams and more

Then from there, I will do races or more casual playthroughs on my twitch channel,. Speedruns are not important to me or for my channel, don’t count on speedruns being a thing anytime soon.

I have plans on not being a sellout like some streamers these days and when I get a fanbase and I say “IF” I will be sure to see them as people and not as money. But that a rant for another day.

As a heads up, you will not see me around some streamers chat, as I don’t agree or support what they do to get money or support what they do. If you do, then more power to you.

1.2 Twitch mod permanent list

Some of you may not like this and feel free to be mad or not be mad, I kinda don’t care, lol, but I feel mods who can’t be asked to help will be replaced. If you are busy with life and other things, that is fine. But in the meantime, I will be removing inactive mods.


But Twitch has Automod and chat bots to help do the job, which are used when you have no mods or you have mods but no one comes to moderate. If you happen to be unmodded in my chat, asked to be given mod again, assuming you do ask and don’t sit there like a lump on the log. ‘ v’

I have 8 mods in my chat, as I feel that’s all I need, if a mod stops putting in work, then there will be a opening or “Help wanted”

Mods that will stay modded as they are my little cinnamon rolls






2. Twitter stuff

If you don’t care about what I have to say then you can skip this

This has been a long time, coming kind of thing, I have been thinking about if I should or shouldn’t do it. But I feel it is time. So my twitter, how this is going to work is I will only follow those who are friends

And I am also thinking of locking my account in a few days to keep out the people I dislike and helps keeps the bots or porn bots away.


  • Control who follows you or don’t
  • Control who can see your tweets
  • Users or trolls who want to be assholes or white knights need to be approved by you in order to send you a tweet, which you can deny them
  • Cons

    • No one can see your tweets, unless you approve of them to follow you.
  • You can reply to anyone, but unless they are approved to follow you or they follow you, then they won’t see your tweets.
  • image

    Inactive accounts that I never talk to or accounts that never talked to me will be getting the foot or the boot on Dec 25th. That is a deadline.

    Don’t worry about the deadline, I mean, if I added you to a list of mine called “little cinnamon rolls“ or we talk more then often on Twitter or are best friends, then you are fine / safe / good to go / no worries. c:

    3. Making my first game

    So, I have plans on making my first platformer game, before the year ends and I would like to get a game done, at the very least, so I can make a new game then make another game and so on.

    I want to master Clickteam Fusion 2.5, so I can make some real great games, going off track.

    But that is the plan, release a game before the year ends and I will go from there.

    But that’s it really. Thanks for reading and stay cool and see you next post. ^^