Playing Duel Links on stream

Long time, no see. It has been a while again. I figured I would make this into a post. There are Tangents in this post. :P

So HyperSonic7701 has suggest that I play Duel Links on Stream so he and others could see how I play or do things in Duel Links. Sounds silly. Me of all people asked to stream duel Links

But the lad was serious, and I have to say that I had no plans on playing Duels Links, let alone playing it on stream. I should give “better” reasons.

With my friends being Yu-Gi-Oh fans, some more than others… People are into duel links or some. I don’t play Duel Links religiously or as my friends do. Just because I play a game doesn’t mean I love it. It’s a thing in this group I don’t like. It’s something that ran it’s course and it’s annoying… Got off-topic here. On to the reasons.

  • I am never fond of playing games I don’t like

I don’t like playing cards, and even less when I play them on stream. My relationship with Duel Links has been on the rocks and streaming it would either show me a new side to the game or ruin any hope of playing the game in the future.

  • Being shy when playing games out of my comfort zone

Playing games out of my comfort zone is weird or has been weird. Playing new games on stream is awkward for me. Having a call would normally work if I can bounce off of someone in a call or it will be a waste.

  • For me, Duel Links boring to me to play.

Right now, Duel Links is in the same boat as Pangya. Playing with friends is a mixed bag. It’s not as fun to play with friends, that is sure

So, I will humor this Idea..Maybe, but If I do this, it will be one off stream. Again, not a fan of cards games, even less so when I stream them.. I will do this with a friend who speaks in call or solo stream it and see what happens.

I really do not see any appeal to me streaming Duel Links is the reason I never streamed it in the first place. Will give this a go, I guess.

Random Tangent 

I get told I will be the “Next king of games”, and seeing my friends climb the ranks to be KOG. It has showed me that I have no interest in rank nor do I care. If like wasting your time in rank. Have fun. I don’t care for rank. The more I get pushed to do something I don’t like, the more I will not do it.

Another Tangent

The only reason I have not uninstall Duel Links yet is cause I have some friends on there and we “play” Friend Duels but even those are starting to be less fun, and I’m not going to invest any more time into this game. It will get the bare minimum of time from me.

Enough with tangents. We will see what happens if I do the one off stream of Duel Links in the coming months or not. What a weird post this was. Part tangent and part post.

Hope you enjoyed reading. :P

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