Mario Maker 2 experience

Mario Maker 2 has been a fun experience for me, making levels for other players to play have been fun. Making levels for hours and making sure that they are fun to play or make sure they are not annoying.

And Making Levels is interesting as you can see the stats of each player. How many times they failed or how many players beaten the stage or how many have played my stage and it can give you some insight  of what are the skill level of players.

But while making stages is fun, I have had people and friends play my levels and the results are umm…. Very interesting to say the least. My first two levels were hard? And not very good as the first two levels were just things I put together in the first few hours.


I took time to make a level that is more user friendly called “Ruined Castle Mines” There is more to do in the stage but… The Idea was that this was a more lighthearted stage that is aimed to more new players or people who are not too good at platforming.

But It’s hard to get an idea of what is the skill level of the people who play your stages and the only thing I can think of is to make a stage that is a flat line. But I feel doing this would be boring and not a fun idea.


I know most people make a level in Mario Maker 2 and call it a day. But for me, It’s sad to see that players have trouble in my easy level but it is what it is. It’s a bit disheartening to know this but I won’t let this stop me from making stages.

If anyone want to play my levels I will list them below. :P

“Fun Desert Land”

ID bjn-fp0-k3g


Bowser’s Castle Meltdown

ID 09p-lp0-mqf


ruined castle mines

id dcf-txr-1tf


I have a snow level in the works, it will be fun. :3 See you later.


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