Why do you stream?

A question I always wondered about streamers or casters as they say. Some people stream for a reason but I want to know why, users or streamers or casters stream and maybe, just maybe I can add my two cents to this.

This post applies to streaming in general, why do you stream? Is there something you gain from this? Is it a hobby? Are you trying to make streaming a full-time job? Maybe tell me or let me know if I hit the target. I doubt I’ll hit the target.

So streaming as we all know is a great hobby, a fun past time to do and it is great. But like everything, people love to take things that are hobbies and find a way to milk them for cash or make money any way they can.

It’s normally not a bad in some cases but that can vary.

To use the best quote “This is why we can’t have nice things”

Getting off topic now…

There are so many users, casters, streamers who do stream for many reasons, some reasons are petty to questionable here. So I will make a list of the type of streamers, casters, I once knew or used to know.

View crazy streamers or casters

There are casters, streamers who do streaming only for views. For them, being able to have viewers like 10 or 20, maybe more, then being unable to reach that viewer count makes them mad.

It’s rare but these type of casters do 1 of 3 things, get sad, Whine that they are not getting the viewer count they had in mind or will blame twitch or any media

If you are only streaming to gain view or only have fun when you have the views you want, I think it’s safe to say then you are streaming for the wrong reasons.

Streaming to get views or fame, can only end badly.

Streamers and caster who stream as a full-time job

There are streamers who take streaming as their full-time job and there is nothing wrong with it…But don’t try to make streaming a full-time job because much like youtube, you need to stay relevant in streaming in any media really or you will sink

Streaming full time is for who see streaming as a hobby and a full-time job but if you plan to go this path, good luck.

Streamers and casters who stream as a hobby

There are streamers and casters who do this as a fun hobby and they like talking to viewers or have a good time streaming and entertaining their viewers or in other words, they are streaming for the right reason.

Don’t force yourself to be a caster or streamer if you don’t want to be one, only be one if you know or feel it may be a fun hobby,  don’t join for the wrong reasons

Do it for fun, Do it as a hobby. Don’t focus on how many viewers are watching. Stream because you have fun streaming.

Tips you will need to know, chances are you know them but why not a reminder.

1 This “Twitch needs to fix its problems” needs to stop cause there are so many users on twitch, twitch is bound to have problems when streaming, but it’s normal

2 Viewers come and go. And stream regulars may stop coming to streams or just may be done with twitch and may not come back. That does not mean the end of the world, like some casters or streamers tend to act like when no one is watching them.

This just means you can try to work on getting new regulars for your channel and more people to entertain and make laugh.

3 try to avoid whining about how many people are watching you or asking if people are there. People will stay if you are entertaining and people will leave if you are not.

Streamers who whine at times won’t look nice on you.

4 Don’t play the blame game. This is a peeve of mine. I hate people who love to blame everything but themselves for their problems. It’s petty. It makes you look ugly to me.

You might be thinking “This is a silly post”

But this is a question I always wanted to know. I know I won’t get an answer to it but hey, it’s ok.

Do you stream and do it as a hobby?

Do you make streaming a full time?

Are you trying to become a partner streamer and make this hobby a job?

Are you streaming only for views and fame?

Do you stream because you want to entertain others?

Do you stream solely for views only?

Do you just stream cause it is fun?

Are you streaming so you can turn speedrunning into a full time job?

Are you streaming so you can make a name for yourself?

Do you stream cause you want to show off your skills in games?

It always the same for the most part, a caster or streamer wants to do streaming as a hobby and to entertain others, but later down the line, they will come to a fork in their stream path and end up going off course.

This video has some things that are true with any media these days.

The main point I see in this video is this

TL;DW If you become irrelevant then you will need to adapt, to the changes to stay relevant then you can stay ahead of the group cause if you don’t, you will be left behind and maybe forgotten while others are ahead.

TL;DW = Too Long Didn’t Watch

That’s all I wanted to add here

Thanks for reading~

Hey, share this post and I will say thank you. ‘ v’  You don’t have to, but it would be nice.

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