talking about chaotic space

Ok, so after being on this twitch team called Chaotic Space after a while. I know I can blog about it now or share my thoughts about it and things I liked or dislike about this team.

I joined Chaotic Space is a twitch team for twitch streamers that I joined because I wanted to find a new twitch tv team to join. A new community to be apart of and to meet new people when streaming on twitch tv.

How did I find Chaotic space?

They found me, to be honest. I saw Chaotic Space started following me when I posted about going live on Twitch tv on my Twitter. And then they refollowed. Off the bat, I was already suspicious of the Chaotic Space Twitter account. If someone follows me, then unfollow me. I’m more likely to block you. It’s like follow me or don’t.

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Twitch Highlight: cursed run of Spelunky

So I finally managed to beat Spelunky on stream after 3 hours of dying. I have to say, for playing Spelunky in a total of 10.2 hours. I have gotten pretty good at this game.

My cursed run started at the final run of the night. I had an okay mine zone, and I would even say that Jungle 2-1 was good. But when 2-2 came up, there was a black market nearby. And during a run where I have not tried to attack the shopkeeper.

Until Dawn Chicken GIF

The black market had the worse spawn, it spawned on the floor of the shop, and the only way to get into the black market was to anger the shopkeepers. Blackmarket had some good stuff. Oh, the black market was in darkness.

And of course, after the black market, Shopkeepers were angry, so my run was on edge, knowing if I slip up anywhere, I would be in hot water but, I kept my “cool” and got to the final boss and won.
You can watch the whole highlight of the cursed run. I had a rush in this run, and it was a nice feeling.

Twitch Highlight:

Had my first stream after almost 4 months.

After four months of being inactive on Twitch, I started streaming again on twitch, and it went well. Played some Spelunky, and Genshin Impact on Twitch. It was a fun time. :3 I feel taking a break from twitch helps me enjoy it better.

Spelunky is hard but a blast to play through. It does not hold any punches. If you play reckless, you will learn the hard way. I got to 2-1 a few times but I love this Genre of games. It’s good stuff

Spelunky stream clips:


And Genshin Impact was 2 hours of fun. I will link my twitch vods soon


Watched a Sonic 2 race

So, I took a hour out of my day to watch the Sonic 2 race between HyperSonic7701, MastaKirby, and SuperChris. I’m watching the race from HyperSonic7701’s channel.

So, at first, the gang was just learning what to do. then came race time or time to race. And my god. I have never seen such a trainwreck. This is why it is best to be ready before hand. cause this was a hour of trying to get SuperChris logged in and it was quite the mess and very painful to watch.

Angry Cat Noises Shout GIF - AngryCatNoises Shout Anime GIFs
Angry Cat Noises

I should make it clear that I use Hexchat, which is a bit weird for me to learn after not using it as much. but I always have my password saved where it is safe, so I don’t run into this hassle or remembering my password and holding up the group.

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Streaming SADX Randomizer

It has been a while since I streamed or for that matter played SADX Randomizer since I got back into Elsword but that’s because I got so much done, I kinda forgot about SADX in general, to be fair.

So, since I am cooking at the moment, I can do a SADX randomizer stream and try to get a new personal best or find bugs. And writing this, I forgot to make the harder bosses post to give to sora for crit mode. Probably too late to send it to him

Oh well, I will still make it anyway and post it to my stream twitter for Sora to see. Since that twitter is G rated to PG rated, and he can see it there. :P

Like always, you can find the stream here. I will be live for a hour or so. Also cooking, so I will or may be away.


So, I see that Sonic Speed 2020 is close to starting. In a few days and plan to last for 3 days of Sonic Speed running. I seen their Sonic Speed trailer (The music at the start sounds like a bad future) and it’s interesting because they go through all the years they held the event

They mention Sonic Speed 2016-2019 but I assume Sonic Speed R Transformed got the boot because I see no mention of it, since if we are doing a look back on the years of this then I feel that mentioning your failures and successes can be a good thing in some cases.

But I have not joined nor watched a Sonic Speed event after Sonic Speed R Transformed left a awful impression on me, given I was in Sonic Speed R Transformed, I was disappointed, and the funny thing is I used to join the Sonic Speed event in 2016? But Sonic Speed R Transformed had a interesting idea of running two games back to back..

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Playing Duel Links on stream

Long time, no see. It has been a while again. I figured I would make this into a post. There are Tangents in this post. :P

So HyperSonic7701 has suggest that I play Duel Links on Stream so he and others could see how I play or do things in Duel Links. Sounds silly. Me of all people asked to stream duel Links

But the lad was serious, and I have to say that I had no plans on playing Duels Links, let alone playing it on stream. I should give “better” reasons.

With my friends being Yu-Gi-Oh fans, some more than others… People are into duel links or some. I don’t play Duel Links religiously or as my friends do. Just because I play a game doesn’t mean I love it. It’s a thing in this group I don’t like. It’s something that ran it’s course and it’s annoying… Got off-topic here. On to the reasons.

  • I am never fond of playing games I don’t like

I don’t like playing cards, and even less when I play them on stream. My relationship with Duel Links has been on the rocks and streaming it would either show me a new side to the game or ruin any hope of playing the game in the future.

  • Being shy when playing games out of my comfort zone

Playing games out of my comfort zone is weird or has been weird. Playing new games on stream is awkward for me. Having a call would normally work if I can bounce off of someone in a call or it will be a waste.

  • For me, Duel Links boring to me to play.

Right now, Duel Links is in the same boat as Pangya. Playing with friends is a mixed bag. It’s not as fun to play with friends, that is sure

So, I will humor this Idea..Maybe, but If I do this, it will be one off stream. Again, not a fan of cards games, even less so when I stream them.. I will do this with a friend who speaks in call or solo stream it and see what happens.

I really do not see any appeal to me streaming Duel Links is the reason I never streamed it in the first place. Will give this a go, I guess.

Random Tangent 

I get told I will be the “Next king of games”, and seeing my friends climb the ranks to be KOG. It has showed me that I have no interest in rank nor do I care. If like wasting your time in rank. Have fun. I don’t care for rank. The more I get pushed to do something I don’t like, the more I will not do it.

Another Tangent

The only reason I have not uninstall Duel Links yet is cause I have some friends on there and we “play” Friend Duels but even those are starting to be less fun, and I’m not going to invest any more time into this game. It will get the bare minimum of time from me.

Enough with tangents. We will see what happens if I do the one off stream of Duel Links in the coming months or not. What a weird post this was. Part tangent and part post.

Hope you enjoyed reading. :P banned A4Andre for no reason

So, it seems the “wonderful” people over at seem to somehow mess up again by banning a streamer who goes by the name of A4Andre. While I have watched him before, I can say he has done nothing to earn a ban.

And from what I been hearing is, this have been happening a lot on, and it’s worrying in the case that bans anyone else. But it seems like if you can’t bring in the big bucks like Ninja, then you have no safe net to fall on.

A4Andre was someone who has streamed fighting games for everyone to watch. He was a kind and chill lad. And for to delete his channel, without notice, without warning is pretty fucked up. Not going to lie.

I hope Twitch is not trying to be the new “Tumblr” Purge where if you say the unknown word, that you don’t know what it is, your account might be banned and that’s not fair

The worst thing is you won’t get a reason, you just get banned and left in the dark to why you were banned. And all the work you placed into your streams is torn down.

As of now, there is a #freeA4Andre on twitter to help get his twitter back. This is injustice. Yes, can do whatever they want.. But if we follow the rules and still get banned. What was the point of following the rules if you get banned for no reason in the end?

Go give this man a follow and help him out

Day 1 of SADX speedruns

So here are the results of my work for today’s stream. I will be going over some highlights. Going over the full stream would be a bit much

I “had” a first chance at PB, given there was a lot of mistakes. The run died to the second to last hit on Egg Viper, cause I wanted to be fancy but that cost me the run.

The second be run died on Twinkle Park But this was the last run of the day.

I learned some new things, which is good but it means the run will be tighter with this new Info. I have to learn to deal with Twinkle Park Act 2, Red MTN act 1 spring, Sky chase Act 2, Egg Viper. After that, I should be able to pb, if Chaos 4 is good. :V

Related image

But on the plus side. My old run was verified by Sora. :P

Nothin’ But Mario & Sonic

So, BigJon06 is holding a event called “Nothin’ But Mario & Sonic” to help support Child’s Play Charity  by hosting a stream event where Sonic and mario speedrunners will be restreamed on Big Jon’s Twitch stream to earn money to help out Child’s Play Charity

Update: I was unable to join as my run was rejected. For the best.

… I assume the streams will be restreamed on his Channel. And this starts on Feb 2nd and ends on Feb 3rd.

I had no plans on joining this event, After that last Sonic Speed R Transformed was a train wreck… But at first. I thought this was like a event where you stream a run, call it a day, and hit the hay. But NAH. MastaKirby talking about the event got me curious…

Image result for anime shrug

But what the heck. I will give this a go. A chance to promote my dead channel. While this may. And I say “”May”” Bring in new viewers.. I feel like it will be a waste of time, as I doubt anyone would want to watch.

BUT… At the same time, this will be my first real Twitch.TV event I’m joining, not counting Sonic Speed R or Sonic Speed R Transformed as that was something else. Where BigJon06 will be hosting a event is a much bigger deal since the streams will get noticed. But that doesn’t matter now.

Image result for anime shrug

But If you want to watch the vod or train wreck that will be my vod or stream. You can check back around Feb 3rd for my vod, but if you happened to be up 8 AM on Feb 2nd, you can watch my livestream here on or a link to my channel can be seen here.

I will be running Super Mario Odyssey and trying to get a good time but till then, I will be doing runs of the game till that day, so when the time comes, I will be ready to run the game with no resets and maybe make a new overlay

For my derust runs, you can find them here

Again, BigJon06 will be restreaming the event at (I think?)

Once I get done with my run, I will sit back and watch the other runners do their runs. That’s all I wanted to say on this. I will be sure to share my Experience after the event. :3

Changes and moving forward

As the year 2018 comes to a close, as 4 days remain. Had a lot of ups and down, and a lot has happened or changed for better or for worst.. But during that time, I was able to reflect on my own life and know what must be done or must be changed on my end.

Take this with a grain of salt. There is a chance that you will:

  1. Not agree with my changes

  2. Not like what is said here

  3. Or just don’t care or won’t care about this.

And I know I can’t please everyone but oh well, here we gooooo!

There is a lot to cover here, so sit back or not and get ready for the list of things

To make things easy on some, just hit control + F and you can look for the following below

  • Updates on my life
  • Twitter stuff
  • Dropping Grudges
  • stuff or stream related
  • Updates on the fan game
  • Youtube stuff
  • My Goals for 2019

Updates on my life

  1. I have been avoiding drama that I have no need for, be it ignoring it, muting friends or followers who take part in it. I realize that me, worrying about drama that doesn’t affect me is a waste of time. I will still defend friends who are being attacked

  2. I think it’s time that we move on from Skype to Discord for a number of reasons. One of them being security reasons, and skype is slowly being snuffed out little by little by Discord. Discord does have it’s problems but it’s time to move on, eh?

  3. I have been more social with people Or rather, being more social with my friends since they are the only ones who like to answer others ignore me but it’s whatevers. I got used to it

  4. Been pretty happy with life, despite what has happened in this year. Things could have been better but what can you do? :Vimage

  5. I have some goals and plans for this new year coming up and hope they going to turn out ok but time will tell what the future holds for me. And I shall see if my friends will be along for the ride or this may be your final stop. Let’s see, eh?

  6. I have been using WordPress for a good while… It’s not bad, though limited in some areas, like coding html. I may switch over to Blogger, because Tumblr is useless to me. Most of my post don’t show up in Tumblr search and it’s not worth it to me.

Twitter stuff

  1. I have been using Twitter way more than Discord.. that’s not a bad thing, This is pretty good for my standards, And my followers consist of a number of users (“Why does this matter?” I am sure you will say. sit a spell)

  2. So, following has to be cleaned out as it has needed that for a a long while.. Pretty much accounts on the chopping block are, Art bots that I don’t look at, inactive accounts.

  3. I may set my twitter account to private in the future.
  4. Going into the year 2019, I will not unfollow users talking about drama. I will ignore it. I will not tell someone that they can’t or can say whatever, that’s not my thing. If it does not get out of hand..

  5. Been adding friends to my Twitter friends’s list, if you are on my Twitter friends list then you are a friend of mine
  6. Being more social and such
  7. That’s it for the Twitters. :V

Dropping Grudges

Going into 2019, I will be letting go of my grudges I held on people. I, however, have no plans on being friends with those who done me wrong off the bat or maybe never but I want to go into this year not hating anyone.

  1. I will be dropping my biggest grudge against FlyingfoxTSC or whatever name she goes by now (FlyingFox). Why am I dropping this grudge? I realize holding a grudge only holds you back in many ways or can turn you into a petty or a bitter person. I have forgiven her but not forgotten. If she talks to me, ok. And if she doesn’t talk to me, ok.  With this said. I no longer “Dislike” her.

  2. I will be dropping my grudges against other Sonic Speedrunners and will unblock them on Twitter (no one cares but that is good.)

Everyone gets a clean slate. Cause why not. :Vimage stuff or stream related

I wanna start doing podcasts and streaming other games or even stream making things

  1. SRL racing is a part of my life that I am now closing. Once I hit 200 races completed, I will take a break but I will most likely be done with racing games. I’m burned out with it. You could say that SRL racing is in the same boat with how I feel about speedrunning and CyberScore.

  2. chat moderators for my stream. If you lost mod status, you could come back and get it again. I am sure some will not like this but starting in 2019 moving forward. Losing moderator status will be permanent but can be regain, if you wish. Some users are safe from this list. But no one watches me, so it’s fine.

  3. There will be more co-op streams with my friends. I already know people who can’t join for reasons, so I not even gonna ask them. These will be streams where we shoot the shit and talk about things, and have a good time and fun

  4. If you are still here for racing SRL stuff and speedruns, this be the wrong place. That’s coming to a end, I would say.image

Updates on the fan game

  1. So, it has been months. Progress has been slow for a number. Drama, friends fighting, Life issues, and so much cooking. Cause of that, I been learning more code to use in my fan games. But I can say without a doubt the prototype will be pushed back to a “TBA” for now. Can’t call it a beta, yet.

  2. I will be sending Masta, Hyper, and SBCZ a document where they can fill out the stats for their characters and much more, within reason. :3 Once they get the document, they can open / edit it in Googledocs and edit in the info. Once they get their document, They have 30 days to fill out the document, and sent it back on discord.

  3. When the prototype is ready for debugging, a new channel will open up in my server, Private testing only. When the first demo is live for testing, it will be uploaded to firefox’s file hosting site

Youtube stuff

  1. Youtube let plays are coming back. Had no time to record games but I will fix that, soon. I have some in mind. :V That’s all


My Goals for 2019

  1. I would like to be drama free. I do not care about drama. It’s a waste of one’s time, and I have better things, man because drama ain’t one of them

  2. I would like to get a fan game ready for testing or even released a app for others to use. I have 2 apps ready to be released

  3. I want to talk to my friends again in voice calls, and play games with friends that I enjoy.

  4. I have been removing myself from toxic environments. This could be discord groups, servers, and friends on Twitter or Facebook.

  5. My Discord will become semi-open to new users.

  6. Move my friends over from Skype to Discord

  7. I will keep moving forward, with you or without you. If life changes the plans, I will adjust to the change, if need be.

  8. Draw more things for fun, and to learn new ways of drawing

  9. Live through it all

That’s it really. :V Thanks for reading, and hope to see you with me in the new year that is 2019.


Sonic Speed R Transformed

So, I have been told that Sonic Speed R is making it’s rounds this October.  Normally, I am against the Sonic Speed R, but it seems the one time, they are not trying to show off. They have a prize that is a $20 Steam card that you can “win”


By “win” There is a catch here. You need to join the races or most of them to enter a prize pool to have a “chance” at winning. I will “attempt” to try to beat most games, If I have the time to join them. I will join games that are in my skill range.

You can read the rules here.

When the Sonic Speed R starts, and what games will be played can be seen here.

As, for me, I will be joining the races to race HyperSonic7701 for fun. Shoot the shit, and racing games, I may have. It will a overall, good time. And if you wanna join or watch. The date is October 13th to the 19th.


My Stream page:

This should be fun, but something is saying “No”


Update log #6

It’s time for a new update of sorts. A lot has happened, good and bad. But I will just make an update on stuff. c:


Chaos Race Nights

So let’s start with the first one. “Chaos Race Nights”. This was an idea to get people do race nights or races.

It was during the time when the group and I, mainly me, was still in to speedrunning and wanted to make a event. But because people have lives and life can be crazy or wild. This idea was put on hold.

I think it is best to say that “Chaos Race Nights”, is on hiatus / canceled. In the future, I /may/ try to attempt to get Chaos Race Nights off the ground. But for now, it’s dead.

SRL races

And while on the topic, racing on SRL. Not too long ago, I hit my goal of 150 races. Something I figured would never happened. I’m sitting at 181 races, at the moment.


My need to race games is slowly fading out.  Once I hit the end goal of 200 races. That will be it. For me, anyway. If you plan on racing me, let me know, But other then that, I’m done with races. Racing is on hiatus. This may be short or permanent.


Ok. So. Let’s talk about Ils or Individual Levels. This is something I was doing for CyberScore for 7 years, and still doing.

I gave Ring attacks a second go in SADX but quickly gave up on that, as it is not my thing. Having to be careful and while trying to find all the rings fast cause, if you don’t, people will complain about the proof being long to watch.


Why am I bring this up? 7 years on CyberScore. I think it is time for me to stop and let this dream of posting 10k proofs die off. I been doing ILS for so long. On and off, mind you. I even made a CyberScore goal list that I wanted to get done. But let’s be real, I know I don’t have the drive to be able to get far on the CyberScore.

ILs are fun but I am getting to a point where I just don’t care to upload to CyberScore. If I do Ils, they will just be a way I can race and see who can get a better time. Trying to get a better time or such against Hyper is pretty fun


As you know, I have quit streaming to make youtube let’s plays as I find that more fun. I did do a Gunstar Heroes race on Twitch but that doesn’t count as I can’t be bother to record a video for SRL who may or may not look at the video or vod

Getting off track. Point is that, I may come back to stream once every few months. Again, racing does not count but it counts as a stream. This is just a idea and it may NOT happen, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

While talking about Twitch, I may delete the “Chaos realm” Stream team thing. But If people like it, I will keep it around. Not sure.


Server has been pretty dead but that is ok. I will be updating the channels and removing some very soon

The server is still private meaning, you can leave at anytime but you will never be able to return but in the near future I “may” make it open but don’t count on it. But anywho. Server will be getting some changes ASAP

In the future, roles will be used in Wix forums for bonus stuff or rewards. Leaving the server will forfeit your roles.


I been retweeting less lewds, Most of the things I retweet are NSFW but that is starting to calm down. Most of the hardcore lewds or very NSFW stuff I start to favorite it now.


So now, there will be no more lewd retweets from me. A few here or there. Stay out of my likes, they are my vault of lewds you never want to see. C:

I also been tweeting more instead of retweeting, which is very good.


Back to making let’s plays for my channel. Infact, two are in the works at this moment.

  1. Sonic Mania Plus: 3 / 5 – 60 % done
  2. Sonic Spinball 0 / 2

I have another game in mind as well. :3

Quite happy, making LP or let’s plays again. Brings me great joy again

Clickteam fusion 2.5 programming

I been playing around with Fusion, and I would say I am a novice in Fusion as I can make a program now

  1. I can make a simple program
  2. I can make custom files to be used by my programs / games
  3. I know how to make a simple web browser
  4. Learning to make games

And I am still learning more.  And I have no plans on stopping at this point


update log

Let’s talk about somethings that have changed over within a few weeks of the first month. Or rather, this is an update on some things.

Let’s talk about streaming again.

So, the past few weeks of streaming have been stable, that is till… this week where my Internet has been pretty bad, cutting off for no reason and dropping frames. The Twitch server I use is pretty awful. dropping frames when there is no reason to drop in the first place.

Here the new game plan. Stream at 1250 bitrate and see how well this works out. Cause I mean, dropping frames is pretty annoying and when you drop like 2k in frames, that is part of your stream missing and I can’t stand to drop frames, it ruins the whole thing for those who would want to go back and watch the past stream or vod.

I will still finish the 06 Stream with my friends. And if, streaming still ends up being an issue for me. I will stick to uploading videos to twitch.


Stream at 1250 bitrate
Use Obs studio auto (server) ie, let it pick a server for me to use when streaming. If this doesn’t work, I will ignore this.

Sonic Hell (rom hack)

Bad news. The project has been canceled due to technical problems that were beyond my control. Files are deleted or overwritten which removed all progress. I could have looked for an answer but dealing with this again… No, I can not and will not try to deal with this. It is no longer worth it.

Good News: The project will be done with a fan game that I have planned in the future. I can’t say it will be called, and what I will say is that this is a good start to something better and can’t wait to make this project come true.

With this said. Any sites/pages about Sonic hell will be removed. I wanted to work on the hack but it was not meant to be.

Let’s plays

The lets play have been put on hold, since I have been busy with life, watching streamers, and streaming myself.

Status of current Let’s play: SRB2 as Sonic is almost done

The other lets plays, I have to see, as I will do some of them with friends. That’s only a few lets plays

I have another idea for lets plays. I will have my friends send me their voice audio after they record it then I can put it in good old Sony Vegas to edit and render. And upload after that. :P

I could use OBS to record my friends and my audio for lets plays but… It would pick up too much background noise. For a stream, it is fine but for a lets play, it is lazy and bad. :P But if people can’t record their voice, I will use this means of recording a let’s play

So these are the new changes or updates. Sorry for the lack of updates. Had a writer’s block for four days… ^^ But thanks for reading.

My goals for 2018

The time is near. 2017 was a pretty bad year, petty friends drama, more drama and getting back-stabbed… But late or near the end of the year, things started to pick up, till personal life issues came into play but the end was an ok year.

So, the question is, what is in store for 2018 and me? A lot of new changes. “big changes” Let’s start, shall we?

1 A new me

Gonna focus on the important things in my life.

Friends, family, life, girlfriend, blogging, making games, and let’s plays.

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