talking about chaotic space

Ok, so after being on this twitch team called Chaotic Space after a while. I know I can blog about it now or share my thoughts about it and things I liked or dislike about this team.

I joined Chaotic Space is a twitch team for twitch streamers that I joined because I wanted to find a new twitch tv team to join. A new community to be apart of and to meet new people when streaming on twitch tv.

How did I find Chaotic space?

They found me, to be honest. I saw Chaotic Space started following me when I posted about going live on Twitch tv on my Twitter. And then they refollowed. Off the bat, I was already suspicious of the Chaotic Space Twitter account. If someone follows me, then unfollow me. I’m more likely to block you. It’s like follow me or don’t.

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Halloween Twitch stream

Time for a spooky stream. And what better games to stream other than Spelunky and Minecraft on Halloween. That’s the idea anyway. I plan on streaming for 2 hours or 4 hours. If I can’t stream on Halloween, then I will try another day.

Spelunky HD

Here is a list of things I have planned for Spelunky HD.

  • Do a speedrun
  • Do a hellrun and complete it
  • Unlock new characters
  • Get to the UFO and complete a run

These are some of my plans for Spelunky HD. I will try to do this in order, and once the list is complete, I will move on to Spelunky 2 and go into that game blind. Spelunky two will be fun to jump into, and I can’t wait to play it.

Anime Tanjiro GIF - Anime Tanjiro DemonSlayer GIFs
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Twitch Highlight: cursed run of Spelunky

So I finally managed to beat Spelunky on stream after 3 hours of dying. I have to say, for playing Spelunky in a total of 10.2 hours. I have gotten pretty good at this game.

My cursed run started at the final run of the night. I had an okay mine zone, and I would even say that Jungle 2-1 was good. But when 2-2 came up, there was a black market nearby. And during a run where I have not tried to attack the shopkeeper.

Until Dawn Chicken GIF

The black market had the worse spawn, it spawned on the floor of the shop, and the only way to get into the black market was to anger the shopkeepers. Blackmarket had some good stuff. Oh, the black market was in darkness.

And of course, after the black market, Shopkeepers were angry, so my run was on edge, knowing if I slip up anywhere, I would be in hot water but, I kept my “cool” and got to the final boss and won.
You can watch the whole highlight of the cursed run. I had a rush in this run, and it was a nice feeling.

Twitch Highlight:

Had my first stream after almost 4 months.

After four months of being inactive on Twitch, I started streaming again on twitch, and it went well. Played some Spelunky, and Genshin Impact on Twitch. It was a fun time. :3 I feel taking a break from twitch helps me enjoy it better.

Spelunky is hard but a blast to play through. It does not hold any punches. If you play reckless, you will learn the hard way. I got to 2-1 a few times but I love this Genre of games. It’s good stuff

Spelunky stream clips:


And Genshin Impact was 2 hours of fun. I will link my twitch vods soon


Twitch stream

Going to stream on twitch, if I still feel the same way about streaming from my last blog posts, then this will be the last stream. I will still be on twitch, just won’t stream is all.

Going to do Elsword PVP, Sonic stuff, maybe coding, and have touhou eurobeat music playing. It has been 2 months since my last stream. Kinda crazy but it’s crazy what two months can do to you in 2020, huh.

Then ThunderCry, the guild I talked so highly about, I’m having second doubts about staying. but no one cares If I left, so I will blog about it and my feelings so far

Well, if you plan on watching, come by or not. I will be streaming for a hour or two. could be longer but will see what happens if something comes up or whatever

I’m ChaosOny on or a link can be seen here.

Should be live at 6 PM or 7 PM. Maybe sooner. I’m a hour behind EST.


Watched a Sonic 2 race

So, I took a hour out of my day to watch the Sonic 2 race between HyperSonic7701, MastaKirby, and SuperChris. I’m watching the race from HyperSonic7701’s channel.

So, at first, the gang was just learning what to do. then came race time or time to race. And my god. I have never seen such a trainwreck. This is why it is best to be ready before hand. cause this was a hour of trying to get SuperChris logged in and it was quite the mess and very painful to watch.

Angry Cat Noises Shout GIF - AngryCatNoises Shout Anime GIFs
Angry Cat Noises

I should make it clear that I use Hexchat, which is a bit weird for me to learn after not using it as much. but I always have my password saved where it is safe, so I don’t run into this hassle or remembering my password and holding up the group.

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AyaseShun content

I started streaming more when I joined ThunderCry, and a cool lass offered to make me some Livestream stuff like stream overlay and stream panels, which they didn’t have to do. It’s pretty rad that she offered to make me which is cool. I still feel bad that I have no money to pay for this.

To make up for that. Give her Patreon a look. She has tiers you can play for, and her content is high quality and worth checking out. I never tried out her stream tools but I’m sure they are of high quality as well.

Ayaseshun’s Patreon – AyaseShun is creating Streaming Tools/Panels/More

She also streams on as well. I don’t know how often but her streams are pretty cool to watch and while I never know what to say during her streams, they are rad.

Give her a follow or a sub or both. She is worth checking out. :3 You would like her content or give it a shot. :3

And she has a Twitter if you wish to follow her? She is pretty cool.

If you happen to buy a tier from her Patreon or sub or follow her on twitch, be sure to tell her that OnyChaos sent you. Would be rad if you did. Support her. In these trying times, we gonna support people and help out :3

Streaming SADX Randomizer

It has been a while since I streamed or for that matter played SADX Randomizer since I got back into Elsword but that’s because I got so much done, I kinda forgot about SADX in general, to be fair.

So, since I am cooking at the moment, I can do a SADX randomizer stream and try to get a new personal best or find bugs. And writing this, I forgot to make the harder bosses post to give to sora for crit mode. Probably too late to send it to him

Oh well, I will still make it anyway and post it to my stream twitter for Sora to see. Since that twitter is G rated to PG rated, and he can see it there. :P

Like always, you can find the stream here. I will be live for a hour or so. Also cooking, so I will or may be away.

Streaming Elsword

Going to be playing the MMORPG “Elsword” to level up my character to 90 or 85. You can come by and watch if you wish. :P

I will have chill music and fun gameplay. I will die.. A lot but that’s fun :D You can catch my stream by going here to which I will be live for a hour or hours 2 Getting my old character to level 99 will be fun and I been sleeping on Elsword. Like, he is good. I wish I spent time on Elsword instead of Ain. :V

Oh well, now I know.


So, I see that Sonic Speed 2020 is close to starting. In a few days and plan to last for 3 days of Sonic Speed running. I seen their Sonic Speed trailer (The music at the start sounds like a bad future) and it’s interesting because they go through all the years they held the event

They mention Sonic Speed 2016-2019 but I assume Sonic Speed R Transformed got the boot because I see no mention of it, since if we are doing a look back on the years of this then I feel that mentioning your failures and successes can be a good thing in some cases.

But I have not joined nor watched a Sonic Speed event after Sonic Speed R Transformed left a awful impression on me, given I was in Sonic Speed R Transformed, I was disappointed, and the funny thing is I used to join the Sonic Speed event in 2016? But Sonic Speed R Transformed had a interesting idea of running two games back to back..

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