Sylphy interview

I wanted to do this. And that is to interview someone, and it would be fun to ask questions and see what someone feels or why someone does the things they do. :3

Q: Why did you make [blu]? Was there a reason for the guild being made or was it simply you wanted a guild, and you made one?

A: “Well, being a noob I was treated pretty poorly back in 2012. In the guilds I was in, [Abstract] being the worst offender, I was ignored, harassed, picked on. My friend at the time xRirix suggested I make my own guild and so I did, naming it [Spellbreakers]. It later became the guild you know today [Blu]”

Q: When did you start playing elsword, and Why do you continue to play elsword?

A: “Back in 2012, I was working as a volunteer in player support with another company known as Artix Entertainment, I retired from the company and was looking out for games to try out. On the back of an Otaku USA magazine was an ad for Elsword so I gave it a shot and it stuck really well with me. Started early 2013 if I remember correctly, picked Eve’s Code: Electra as she had just released. Mostly the reason I stick around is because of the friends that I have and the ones I have made over the years and for the love of the guild.”

Q: How has your elsword experience been so far? If you could change five things in Elsword, what would they be, and why?

A: “My elsword experience has been pretty poor as of late, due to the grindy nature of things, difficulty of current dungeons alienating most of the player base.
Things I would change, first of all the low drop rate of chlorites needs to be increased massively, its near impossible to reforge with out spending real money or a ridiculous amount of ED.”
“Updated guild passives, many have become outdated. Removing so many RNG elements in the creation of Tirnog gear sets. Updated guild mini games. Update to guild banner effects, like reducing guild coin costs or giving more coins to guild members.”

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years for elsword? Would you still be playing elsword or something else?

A: I mean in the current state of the game, probably somewhere else, ill try to enjoy whatever lifespan this game has left.

Q: Now, with elsword out of the way. Tell me, what does Sura do? Are you a developer or a livestreamer even?

A: I was working on a bot called Burd, but unfortunately now that project is defunct. Currently I work on selling merchandise on the road with certain events/bands, but its not a daily job. With livestreaming I gave it try once but it didn’t really interest me that much, I might give it another shot this year.

Sura is a pretty cool dude. He has done a lot of cool things in his life. And I am lucky that Shaive did that one nice thing and gave me an invite to the guild, [Blu] otherwise, would never met the dude.

This was my fun interview with Sura / Sylphy. And I learned a lot about him. I can add interviews to my backlog and that will be fun, to learn about people.


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