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So, I made my post on ThunderCry. And may as well talk about [BLU], the Elsword guild, and discord server. Ah, so. Let’s set the scene, shall we? When I was still in ThunderCry with Shaive. I noticed the lad had an alt character in [BLU] wasn’t sure if it was his main or not. I never ask him about [BLU], but I only heard whispers of this guild in the past.

One of the whispers was that [BLU] is a whale guild, and it was one of the guilds that were close to max level. And of course, after playing Elsword for a good while. I met elitists, who were whales and being me. I assume that [BLU] was going to be a whale guild that was full of elitists that were whales, and your only way to get in was to be a whale as well.

But that was not the case. Shocking, it is funny. Shaive happened to be on Elsword and not AFK. That’s when he offered to invite me to [BLU] Which I was still taking a break from the in-game guilds, and I wasn’t all too fond of joining [Blu] after leaving ThunderCry on my terms because it felt weird to join another guild behind the backs of ThunderCry.

And I felt like If I said no, I probably would not have another chance to join [BLU]TM, But at the same time, everyone pretty much abandoned ThunderCry.

Table of content:
What is [BLU]?
My experience with [BLU]
My overall thoughts with [BLU]

Editor’s Note: Hey, so. This blog post is just my point of view and my experiences with [BLU]. I am just sharing what I think of the server. Are we cool? Cool. ^^

Editor’s Note 2: This post had many drafts. I was editing it a lot, adding something new, or removing something to make it better.

What is [BLU]?

So. Here is where I would place a “What is [BLU]?” I am going to put it here anyway. Ahem. From my understanding, and what I remember from what Shaive told me [BLU], is a discord server that is not focused on one thing.

It is a discord server where you can play games with other members, assuming they want to play with you, watch anime and catch up on old or new anime. Don’t want to play Elsword or Genshin Impact but want to chat? You can do that. Want to play Elsword only because you poured your soul into that game? You can. Want to have questionable debates about Elsword? You can.

So I said yes, and Joined [BLU]. It was interesting for a few days on the discord server, then the rush of joining a new guild wore off. Then Shaive sent me a DM asking if I wanted to join the server, [Blue]. I also said yes. And I was ready to see a toxic server that had elitists that put people down or were assholes for the sake of being assholes.

But to my shock, [AZURE] was nothing like what I had in mind. It was nice, chill, and very welcoming. The members in [sapphire] were funny, kind. You didn’t need to be an Elsword superstar to chat with nice people. They were friendly off the bat. Now not to say [BLU land] doesn’t have its fair share of issues because they are there, but they are minor.

My experience with [BLU]

So, my time with BLU has been anything but bad. I joined my first with the members of [BLU] in a game of skribbl io and made everyone suffer and laugh up a storm with my poor art skills. It was a blast playing with some of the members.

I also like to lurk, and I observe [BLU] chat, and see that it gets animated when you talk about elsword, more so when the end game ends up being the topic in particular. The conversation tone shifts to passive-aggressive in some cases, and it is funny. It is why I never mention anything negative about the Elsword end game. It seems like anything negative is that of you hitting a wasp nest. It is not pretty.

The Server admin is pretty chill, fun, and a great guy that glows full of positive vibes. I feel some can learn from him. The guy is great to be around with on discord. The guy streams anime, games, the lad has a Twitter as well, and he follows me. He is going to see my likes.

You might be thinking, “Why are you saying nice things about the lad?” Because it is true. That and the lad also gave me a discord nitro when he didn’t have to, to be honest. And ignoring the discord nitro gift, I mean it. The lad made my experience in [BLU] better.

My overall thoughts with [BLU]

My time being in [BLU] has been positive. Most of the members that don’t try too hard to be cool are fun to chat with if they talk in the first place. And as Shaive has told me. [BLU] is dead, active wise.

I can’t speak on [BLU] since I just got here. But community-wise, it is dead, and for three reasons that I assume:

1) The users that don’t speak are busy and have no time to chat but can log in, of course.

2) The users are active, but they are busy on other servers, probably in a ton of servers. I am in a ton of servers.

3) People are sadly leaving the server

And I would even dare say that [BLU] and ThunderCry are the same level of the dead, in terms of being active, I would say [Blu] is slightly more alive than ThunderCry. It is sad, but it is what it is.

Would I say [BLU] is a whale guild server? Hmm, no. But some whales are there. But it is not a bad thing. It is a normal thing that doesn’t knock off any points. Put down your weapons. I see you!

Does [BLU] have apologists and elitists on the server? For other games, I can’t speak on. But for elsword. From what I have seen, how some users get when end-game content is brought-up into question. I have to put this on a no. But if they are elitists, they are not gate-keeping anyone* At least I would hope they are not.

[BLU] is your standard server that has anime fans, elsword players, Genshin Impact players, and possibly apologists and elitists(Maybe), but at that point. [blu] may as well be Twitter lite, just without the racist users.

For someone who has been in [BLU] for 33+ days, I have enjoyed my time here. I mostly ignore the elsword conversations because I’m here for the good vibes, baby.

I have been enjoying anime nights with my boy, Sura. Good stuff, when discord is not derping. Far as I see, ignoring some of the minor issues. [Blu] is a welcoming* server. My thoughts at first were that [BLU] was this toxic server that had elitists whales. I’m happy to say that as that was not the case, [BLU] is anything but that.

I can’t speak for the members, however. Shaive, Sura, And then there is diddlydoo, I like you sir or Madam. You all leave a good impression.

My only main thing is most of the community in [BLU] is not very social during server events, so that way we can play together, but I suppose I shouldn’t speak since I am the same. You can not force people to join, and that’s fine.

I will keep all my thoughts about elsword to my blog. I would somewhat not want to get crucified by some elsword players in [BLU]. I don’t want to make anyone mad or annoy people in [BLU], haha.

But yeah, [Blu] for the moment is a great place. Can my opinion change down the line? Sure. Can my opinion of [BLU] be ruined in the future? Of course. When that happens, you can be sure I will make another post about [BLU].

But as of now, it’s a great server that is open to everyone and everything. And These were my thoughts and experience with [BLU]. I hope you like it, Sura, and now DiddlyDoo, and Shaive?

Link to [BLU] server: