Doing a Youtube stream

So, it’s time to try out YouTube streaming. Will be doing a test run to see how things go. It’s gonna be a test run of 20xx and maybe Elsword, lol. It’s gonna be my first time streaming to YouTube, should be a fun ride. Will need to setup a profile to stream to YouTube

And I been wanting to move from Twitch to a new platform anyway. And if YouTube turns out to be better then Twitch, for me, I will make streaming a YouTube thing from now on, if this test run goes well.

The only thing I hate is that if your stream disconnects on youtube, you have to make a new stream rather then reconnecting to start the stream back up. But other then that.. YouTube streaming is not looking too bad.

So, when is this Test stream? That’s up to my buddy, AutoBotODST. When he is free or may go live on Friday, we will do a 20xx co-op run and see how far we get and just go from there, really.

I plan to stream the following

20XX with AutoBotODST (If he is free)

20XX on Steam

Elsword farming

SRB2K (Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart)

Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart (Video Game) - TV Tropes

Sonic 4 speedrunrun or speedruns

Then will judge the platform to see if it is worth streaming on YouTube or not. I might end up liking it. And the reason I want want to go to a new platform is because Twitch is dead for me. lol

And none of my friends have a twitch account, which is like fine but none of them can join the fun and plus, they like to chat unlike the edgelord associates I have on Twitch.

But like I said, if YouTube turns out to be better then Twitch. I probably will leave Twitch. Sure, I will have to get used to the streaming rules on YouTube but other then that. There is nothing really there left for me on Twitch. All my good friends left or don’t stream there anymore.

Jimmy: “I have not left Twitch :D” *Slaps Jimmy’s hand hard*

anime finger guns

I will still use my Twitch to join giveaways or chat with friends If I left the platform for YouTube streaming but that would be it if something big happened that forces me back to Twitch, of course.

So, let see what will happen, huh? Friday is gonna be fun or a nightmare or a fun nightmare. And I guess If I do move from Twitch to YouTube. Probably should do a final stream on my Twitch, if I cross that bridge.

Thanks for reading. :3 And new stream mods. :D

Channel for test stream.


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