Sonic Speed R Transformed

So, I have been told that Sonic Speed R is making it’s rounds this October.  Normally, I am against the Sonic Speed R, but it seems the one time, they are not trying to show off. They have a prize that is a $20 Steam card that you can “win” By “win” There is a catch here. … Continue reading Sonic Speed R Transformed


CyberScore review

My little Cyber: Score is magic review. owo

2018 – April goals

So here are my April goals. I will add a link to the march goal and the other goals, as they are extra goals on top of each other. I will be carrying goals over from March to April. Any goals that get completed here will be completed on my other goal lists. Just like … Continue reading 2018 – April goals

Youtube let’s plays planned

It’s time for a new let’s play and I figured I would post here. After I beaten Sonic Mania for the channel. I will post a link to my playlist of mania. (My Sonic Mania Playlist) I have plans on doing Momodora: RUTM or Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight so. This will be a playthrough … Continue reading Youtube let’s plays planned

CyberScore Ideas

My Ideas I figured I throw out there. I know they won't get used but I might as well post my ideas for the site

Cyberscore IL plans

So, lately, I have been doing ILs (Individual Levels) for games. So far, I have been enjoying this so much, I have got back into the groove of recording ILs or taking pictures. So I made list of games I plan to upload to CS (Cyberscore) Pac-Man 256 Pac-Man World 2 Sonic the Hedgehog 4: … Continue reading Cyberscore IL plans

Thoughts on Dungeon Souls Hotfixes.

My thoughts on Dungeon Souls Hotfixes by Lamina Studios

Twitch channel updates

So I have talked about my channel getting an update, well you are right on my other site, I have talked about this. But I want to go into full detail with this and what is going to change and what's going to remain the same. Look forward to more games and let's plays … Continue reading Twitch channel updates