Afk arena

Afk arena is a game I have been playing for the last few months, and I have Alpharad to thank for that. I remember him promoting this game when Joker was a new unit worth getting, and I thought nothing of it, and this was around the time I started to get burnt out on Fate grand order. And it had a lot of events dropping.

What is AFK Arena?

So, I figured, what’s the harm? It’s an idle gacha game where you can play the game by not playing at all or actively play it and unlock content, gear, and features. The game at first looked simple, but the more I played, I learned this game had a lot of layers to it.

You can do so much in this game. And how you play the game is up to you. You can whale in the game to pull units. You can join guilds where they can help make grinding for gear easier. You can chat in the global chat room, but I don’t recommend that as that chat room is full of adults and kids spreading rumors and begging for gifts during certain events.

You only use chat to find a guild or make friends. You can chat with users or send voice recordings to strangers or friends. The only issue is global chat drama, hot takes, and chat crashing the game.

For reference, I was in 1-1 a few months ago and getting my footing with this game, and now, I’m at 27-48, which looks like mid-game content from what I have played up to now. I have done so without spending a dime in the Afk arena, and I’m glad.

You get a ton of events to do. There is always something a f2p can earn or get. It is worth noting that these events or some events are for high-level players, and you can try them, but there is a chance you will hit a wall, and that event is done for you until you can level up and get better gear.

I will say afk arena is a fun time sink. There is often a lot you can do. Pvp, story mode, free events that test the DPS you got, and you can get an idea if you are strong or not. The daily guild hunts are to see how much damage you can do in x amount of time. At the start, it looks like your standard game.

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TS Mario Race Challenge

Let’s talk about a game. TS Mario. A name not many will know, and even I did not know of the game. It is a Mario fan game that is in line with super Mario bros 3. the game has a mode called TS Mario, and the only reason I’m playing this fan game is MastaKirby made a deal with me. and Hypersonic7701, and Zomb1esmasher15.

Game mode: TS Mario.

This mode starts with a tutorial to get the player used to the game controls and how everything works much later on. This level is a clone of stage 1-1 when things go off the rails.

And given this is a fan game, the dev added new features and enemies. From what I can tell, it is super Mario bros. 3, but each level is unique as each stage has a different layout, mechanics to learn or avoid, new enemies, hidden blocks, fake level ends for levels, and traps. And you can play Mario, Luigi, Princess Daisy, and Toad.

It is kaizo Mario, but kaizo Mario without all the speedrunner tricks. Granted, I have only beaten four levels, and no telling how much harder this game will become. But I think it helped a little bit that I was used to playing something beforehand like cat Mario, unfair sonic, and Wings of VI.

Playing these games before did not help me other than get me prepared for something ahead. And I was already waiting for the next trap, but even then, I was still caught off guard that it was a trial and error. I grew to like this. Maybe by the end, I will end up loving this fan game.

Maybe I will end up not being a fan of it. But however it goes, I can value the hard work that went into this fan game, and back when Nintendo was strict about no rom hacks instead of fan games like they are today.

I mentioned that MastaKirby offered me a deal to stream this game to get a live reaction from me, and the only thing is I had to beat the game without using warp pipes and kill all the bosses. I agree because I assumed this was a rom hack or a fan game.

I was wrong, lmao. The offer thrown to my friends, Zomb1esmasher15 and HyperSonic7701, Tigre5012 invited himself to suffer. Even Drax is playing this game, but what was a challenge now became a race as there were three prizes. 1st place would get a copy of Freedom planet 2 for steam (This applies to me only), 100 bucks in gift card form, and watch MastaKirby play sonic the hedgehog spinball fast.

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Final Fantasy 14 online log 2

I have returned with a new ff14 log, and I got things to say. I’m enjoying the game more. And it is a much bigger log, and I want to share.

The Navel

The lord of crags at first seemed difficult, but it was fun. Granted, I was overgeared by this point from farming I did in MSQ and with dungeons. I had an edge on the fight.

One thing I was not a fan of was phase 2. In phase 2, the boss’s heart or core exposed, and you are to attack the heart. For some reason, I could not attack the heart, but I had the boss aggro of the titan.

But even after that, the boss was fun, and I still enjoyed the fight, although phase 2 was weird.

POTD or Palace of the dead

Something I never did and confused POTD for haukke manor when my friends asked if I did POTD. But Palace of the dead was something far different. Each run, you climb nine floors and fight a boss on the tenth floor. And it is fun.

The only danger is the enemies leading up to the boss and the traps. The dungeon traps that can disable attacks to turn you into a frog, to be a land mine that I swear does 80% of your max hp.

You can find items that boost the spawn rate, shows you traps, and boosts defense.

I, Aluria, and Dae climbed the ranks. We cleared 1 – 10 | 11 – 20 | 21 – 30| 31 – 40|.

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Final Fantasy 14 online log

It is time for a new gaming log for a game I fell in love with in 2021. And it is a game that everyone is playing, and I mean most people enjoy this game, and it is Final Fantasy 14 online, and it has been a blast, but I have been playing through the main story, and it’s great.

I have been thinking about Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis and making it my second game and base pso2. No point trying of me trying to farm gear for a game whose end-game gear is worth 4 billion. not worth it.

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Sylphy interview

I wanted to do this. And that is to interview someone, and it would be fun to ask questions and see what someone feels or why someone does the things they do. :3

Q: Why did you make [blu]? Was there a reason for the guild being made or was it simply you wanted a guild, and you made one?

A: “Well, being a noob I was treated pretty poorly back in 2012. In the guilds I was in, [Abstract] being the worst offender, I was ignored, harassed, picked on. My friend at the time xRirix suggested I make my own guild and so I did, naming it [Spellbreakers]. It later became the guild you know today [Blu]”

Q: When did you start playing elsword, and Why do you continue to play elsword?

A: “Back in 2012, I was working as a volunteer in player support with another company known as Artix Entertainment, I retired from the company and was looking out for games to try out. On the back of an Otaku USA magazine was an ad for Elsword so I gave it a shot and it stuck really well with me. Started early 2013 if I remember correctly, picked Eve’s Code: Electra as she had just released. Mostly the reason I stick around is because of the friends that I have and the ones I have made over the years and for the love of the guild.”

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I spent a day in base Phantasy Star Online 2

I had a silly Idea, and that Idea was to spend a day in base PSO2. Now spending a day in base pso2 is something I can’t do, but I can spend time there to make up for it.

There is something about Base PSO2 that NEW Genesis does not have, and it is that charm. It has that magic feeling of a bygone era of MMORPGs that a lot of new MMORPGs can’t seem to capture that feel or maybe they don’t want to.

Being able to join an urgent quest that started without you is a great feature. If you joined late, you can still catch up to the players. To hop in and get in the action is great.

After that, I fell asleep in the base pso2 lobby and woke up after. And I got back into the action with the seabed, a fun water level. And can I just say I miss the random events you find when you are out and about on the expeditions?

They range from mini-boss battles to silly events to get rare drops to you helping out your Auxiliary in combat events. There is always something to do when on expeditions, and it is never the same from point A to point B. And that’s why base pso2 is a good game with some features.

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Stardew Valley

It has been a while since I played Stardew Valley, and coming off of Terraria Master Mode to something more comfy and relaxed. It is a nice feeling. I guess it is a break till Link / whoever else plans to play since the goal of the co-op world is to beat moon lord. But until people are ready, I will talk about Stardew Valley.

I played Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch a few years back. It was a fun game, but it had shuttering issues on the Nintendo Switch back when I played it. But I loved it. And now I have it on steam and with mods that I can’t describe on WordPress, but they are fun mods to use and wholesome but not something you would use to show friends.

Stardew Valley is a great game that is more than a farming sim. It feels like terraria, Minecraft, and animal crossing with harvest moon. And it works out very well.

I can show you my modded Stardew Valley, and at least I can show you anyway. I have been having fun farming and doing quests to make people happy.

Once I learn how things work again in Stardew valley, I can start progress. I am playing a modded Stardew Valley. So It is unclear to me if the modding scene for certain mods for Stardew Valley will be active as some mods are out of date or if some mods will become unstable when the SMAPI – Stardew Modding API and content patcher get major updates.

I wanted to talk about this game because it is good, and it is worth playing like the likes of Terraria. There is a lot of content, and with mods, you add more hours of new content, features, and much more. See you later!

Sonic Frontiers thoughts

Sonic Frontiers. Oh man, what a wild ride this game has been. From fans and people feeling mixed about the game to feeling completely different after launch. From sega’s poor marketing to now, it has been interesting.

Sonic Frontiers is an open zone game and not an open world say dark souls, the breath of the wild, and so on. You do get the freedom to run around in these massive areas. And you have cyberspace levels that come as a second option* to clear a zone/island but you still need to explore the island to clear some of the story.

For me, I was worried that this game would be like Sonic forces which is serious at the start but becomes light-hearted. Or how the levels were going to be super short like Sonic forces but while that was not the case, for the most part.

The levels or stages were set up like Sonic Forces, but here, also had level layouts from other Sonic games like Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Sonic Generations, and more.

You have Green Hill, Chemical Plant, sky sanctuary, And a city stage as level themes. These are short stages but they are meant to be replayed and are not the main focus of the game since that was the open zone. being the selling point. If you were hoping the levels would be longer than Sonic Forces, you will be a bit disappointed here.

When Sega said this was an open zone-based game, I thought they were being fancy but no, they meant it, each area is a zone, meaning there is a load screen, a completely new area. And the zones do not connect like other open-world games.

Things I liked

Here is where I will talk about things I liked or loved.

  1. The open fields
  2. the combat (a bit simple but more later on)
  3. The story
  4. boss fights were great
  5. the RPG elements were interesting
  6. Some of the mini-bosses were fun to fight
  7. The boss’s music was good.
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Terraria – Master Mode

I want to talk about this game mode. Terraria is a great game. I made a blog post about this game, which I will link here. And terraria has four world modes.

Journey Mode is the easy difficulty where you can play the game at your pace, and the game is easy. That’s what the wiki says.

The classic difficulty for the world is normal. Not too easy, but not too hard. A fair mode where you can enjoy the game at normal difficulty. Great when you beat Journey mode world or hoping into a new world.

Expert is a hard mode for those who want more out of Terraria. Normal difficulty is not enough. The expert mode will test your skill, and bosses have new ai.

Master Mode is a harder version of the expert mode, and I would say this is terraria unapologetically hard, where everything has to be ready ahead of time. Buffs, potions, armor, defense, and build large arenas for bosses.

So, why am I talking about Master Mode right now? Well, I have beaten Terraria in master mode. And I did it in a small world to speed up things, which is good and bad here. But I will get to that later on.

So slimes are a weak enemy and have become a threat in master mode. At least when I played, Slimes, demon eyes were rough. And when you think. “I can take hits now.” A zombie with a weapon can one-shot you. I should know, I got one shot by a lot of zombies.

After I died for the 100th time, I got ready to face my first boss in master mode. The one and only King slime and I got folded by the king slime. So I made a tall base with an arena close to space and in pre-hard mode. I summoned the Eye of Cthulhu, and I got washed, as the kids say.

But after the 7th go, I took down the eye after finding some good gear, then I went on to fight Eater of Worlds, and after dying more to Eater of Worlds, I was able to take Eater of Worlds down.

The Goblin army is something you want to be ready for because they are annoying but pale in comparison to the Pirate army, which will ruin your day.

Skeletron is so annoying. More so in master mode since the bosses have higher attack values and a bigger hp pool. But after many, many, many failed runs. I took him down.

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Elsword progress

I’m back with an Elsword progress update and made some good progress and I managed to get quite far within the game. Or rather, I got far as I could go any way and I will be getting a desktop computer soon and this one should be able to run Elsword much better, here is hoping.

The computer I plan to get is this one at the moment.

So now I will wait and see what will happen.

So now for Elsword

Elsword progress

As I take time to learn what I need to do. I have made a good amount of progress. And it is great to see. I will update my Elsword page, which is here!

  1. Elsword el collection

El collection is a big one and will add a boost to your account as a whole. Giving permanent stats to your account will help out the new alt characters. Your main characters will get a nice boost in power and combat power. At the moment, there are 51 characters to add to the Elsword el collection book.

I’m 28 / 51 at this time

My goal is to get every character in the el collection book and then bump them up to the third job after that is done.

I think Stage 2 is good enough for where I am at in Elsword, some characters being at stage 3 would be better but that will come at a later date.

I have been doing this in my free time, and Mick is a kind fellow. Offered to join me in leveling up the alts to 99.

Elsword strangers and friends

—-Elite players—-

Daive or Shaive is very much an elite player. I think he would fit in with the KR players since he is not fond of NA. He seems to pull a 180 from something is so hard to this is so easy. again, he would fit in well with KR players.

Amelize is an elite player.








—-Players on my level—-

Xandering (Mick)

UmbralLance (Umbra)

Elsword services

This is something I will start trying to do once I get my alts ready to farm the mats to craft things that players want or need. Now what those are is something that will have to wait for the time being and this will be a good way to make some money in Elsword.

Some closing thoughts

I will take my time in Elsword because I am nowhere ready for the new raid or even Berthe raid since I don’t have enough Adaptation, polarize, and boss damage to last within the Berthe raid, Story or not.

Unless I whale like most players in Elsword or have whale friends that buy me items to sell or whale, only then I will be able to catch up with the game, but even then, I would need a lot of El Resonance points to be able to last the Berthe raid and later content. I will need 400 El Resonance and some to enjoy the game and end-game content. And there is so much that goes into this.

I got a goal, and I will follow it though. I stopped trying to compare myself to other players since I need to have the gear to be strong, and I get one shot in the Berthe as I mentioned before. Once I make a breakthrough in progress, I can begin to catch up slowly.

That’s all, thank you for reading.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis October stuffs

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. I talk about this game a lot. It is almost like I play it or something. I want to talk about some cool things coming to Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis that are worthy of note imo. And talking about burnout.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis October update

There is a new level cap. Go from level 60 to 65. And gain a bit more power and class rebalanced, and all weapons from rarity 1 to 6 can become level 60 with level 5 potential, which can be a placeholder if you can’t get a rarity 7 weapon, and on that note. It can put a 6-star weapon somewhat close to a 7-star weapon.

Rarity 7 weapons are here, new ones as rare drops at the moment. It is unknown if these will be stronger than Kaizaar weapons or not. And since you can get the new weapons for free (once for each class) by clearing the tower content with x class when the new tower comes out in the October update.

PSE bar will stay at level 2 and will go no lower than that. PSE Burst will happen by clearing a trigger NPC quest in combat zones. PSE Encores will have in all combat level zones. Speaking of PSE, there is a new one, PSE Burst f (forte)

And Rank 4 zones.

There is a lot of new content. And QoL changes coming soon. But at the same time, I’m feeling burnt out playing Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. Been feeling this way, and probably does not help that I have a lot of games to play. Elsword, Fate, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, genshin. And have a lot of things I want to do as well.

I thought about dropping Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis for a while, And I still have that thought because I’m tired of the game. The gameplay loop went from fun to somewhat enjoyable to not fun. So taking a break after maint starts will be good for the soul, and shutting out Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is what I need. I suppose.

livestream soon

Hey, it has been a while since I made a blog post about livestreaming. Let me fix that. So I have been lost in doing things, playing Terraria, pso2, working on my game, and playing fate go.

So, I’m making this blog post to let you know that I’m going to Livestream some games on twitch and such. The fun stuff, chatting, being bad at games, having fun, and ignoring bad apples if need be. But in general, a good time.

Some games I got in mind who be Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, Sonic Origins, and maybe some clickteam coding. I would do one of these things and a fun time for me to do.

I have been thinking about having a Twitch stream editor to turn my twitch past broadcasts into vods. I have to find someone trustworthy and someone who is not lazy, but that will be hard since some people are one or the other.

When I stream on twitch, I try to stream Phantasy Star Online 2 or sonic-related things or do a race if one happens while I am livestreaming and not after.

Game list lineup:

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

Sonic Origins


other games

master duel junk

Sometimes I like to stream from 6 Am to 12 Pm or 2 Pm to 6 Pm, but the latter half is a thing when I’m free to stream and don’t have to worry about anything. But that’s up to life these days, but a stream should be happening soon.

Well, when I go live, this post should go live as well, and if nothing comes up, everything should be right on track and go as planned but here is me hoping that is the case anyway. I wanted to make this blog post for my viewers on discord, WordPress, and Twitter.

A link to my Livestream is here.

YuGiOh Master Duel Deck

I made a fun deck using cards I never thought I would use in a million years and its skull servants. It was an archetype I hated because they can summon a level 1 monster that is a boss monster pretty much, but after a while, I had to join the side of skull servants.

There are skull Servants when If I can use the grass looks greener, Eldlich when I can’t use Skull servants at the moment, and there is rite of aramesir with the related cards that can make some plays that could / can lead into Eldlich or skull servants. Zombie world and seven cities are a play when the moment is right to summon the mad god eldlich to start some wild 

moves in a match. 

It is not the best deck. It can still be beaten quite well, and using the grass card can backfire, if not ruin some plays, but it is fun to use. And you have a lot to work with here. The spells and traps give the deck a much-needed push, imo.

I planned on using this deck against Arisu, Dae, aluria, Hypersonic7701, Link, and Tigre.

Arisu is making a new deck but doesn’t know when that may or may not happen.

Daestar and Aluria don’t actively play anymore. But that could change later on.

Hypersonic7701 will play with friends, but his deck will be out of date, but he has no plans on returning to play the game actively.

Link quit the game, so he no longer wants to play.

And Tigre, his decks are too strong. My thunder dragons can make him surrender with certain decks if I do something, or his deck can lock me out.

I was looking forwards to getting my revenge on the Skull servant master using my version of skull servants, but that would be a bitter-sweet win, and once that duel ends, that will be it. Or It could be more, maybe.

Now, I suppose I have to find a new rival. I could try asking Shiro and Todd. I never played against Todd or Shiro. I heard Shiro is good at the game, and as for todd. He would have to relearn the game again. And I wonder what deck he uses.

AI Dungeon impressions

AI Dungeon. I remember playing this “game” back in 2020. It was an odd thing and given I loved text-based games. I was hooked, the moment I got into the game. The AI is the free version back then was a good AI. It had hiccups where the AI would not answer or even output something off-topic. But the main point was the AI was great.

Then the AI Dungeon team got into hot water when they started to censor what you can and can’t do, always see AI stories looked like without the user’s consent, if these were hidden stories. You posted anything, a real name of a friend. Well, Latitude would know them as well.

And then there was the energy system that at first was 100 energy but got bumped up to 2000. Which annoyed players, but after a while, the energy system was not too bad and dumbing down the AI. and making it worse, and it was easy for the AI to get caught in loops.

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Terraria thoughts

Minecraft, but better. Thanks for reading. I should be real here. Terraria was a game that I used to think was a Minecraft clone, and this was back when I did not have the video game and could not see it for myself.

Times have changed. And funny enough, I was given this game by a friend of mine way back then. Isman1998 or Isman0310. He was giving the game away, and no one at that point was asking for the game, and I was lucky to be able to get the game from him since no one wanted it.

Then I started playing it and had no idea what to do. So I asked Zomb1esmasher to play the game with me to see if I could learn anything. I learned something. We built houses, We turned the game off, and We stopped playing. Because I wanted to do more, and I was not fighting bosses or getting anything fun to do.

Then it was when I started playing Terraria with Link and SBCz. The players I learned how to play Terraria. And the information I learned became invaluable to me because this was everything I was looking for when I played terraria with friends.

With Zomb1esmasher15, we built homes and did a little bit of digging.

With Link, we went to hell and saw blood moons but fought no bosses yet but did do well more than building houses.

With SBCz, we fought bosses, learned how to make boss arenas, learned to make the best gear, and even beaten terraria.

What I thought was a 2d version of Minecraft turned out to be something great, and Terraria is a hidden gem worth playing and checking out. After you have beaten the game and got all the end-game gear, weapons, and fashion.

You can play Terraria but modded, and there are so many mods out there that Terraria has an endless sea of mods to play and test out. Some mods are small things, while others are a new game.

You can play Terraria modded whenever you please. But it’s best to play Terraria modded after you have beaten or played enough of Terraria to know the game. You can jump right into Terraria modded, but you may be lost.

Terraria has endless supplies of content and mods updated to Terraria 1.4.4. adding more content and maybe fixing the d-pad button since you can no longer add items to the d-pad after an update.

Terraria is a great game. It is worth playing and trying out. Make sure you find the right people to play with to make your time better in the game.