[blu] Elsword log

So, Elsword has been getting updates, changes, and over all things to make life easy in elsword, although, too little, too late. It is also funny seeing some elsword elitists get so worked over opinions on a video game. There can be a whole post on these users, and how petty they can be or act. But this post is not about them.

Logging into elsword and playing after five months of stopping.

I will be logging in and doing content. Time to see how useful [blu] is this time. this is a progress log.

Day 1 – 06/09/21 of 11:33:56 PM

The new Qol patch dropped and now things are easy

Got unique EE finally

Day 2 – 06/15/21 of 11:33:56 PM

Rigomor shoes are Stage 15

Survival of the cold title count: 32824 / 50000

I have a bad impression on some blu members

Blu guild support: 0 / 15

Day 3 – 06/16/21

did normal henir and henir 5/6

Working on getting [Force] Illipia’s Aura from rare to unique

Working on El Aura halo – 688/ 1000

I Will see if Blu has any use or if it is all smoke and mirrors, and people tearing each other down, mainly the whales and end game players being tryhards and assholes.

Waiting on Sura for tonight.

Downloaded steam Elsword, and it crashed on saving settings.

Played Elsword with one of blu’s members, Cheritz. They are awesome and were sweet enough to join me, talk to me, and play a few games with me. :3

Sura helped me farm for Survival of the cold title: 32824 > 37274

Sura and Cheritz have been a big help to me, while others, not so much.

made a lot of progress.

Day 4 – 06/19/21 at 11:33:56 PM

did master road daily

Survival of the cold title count: 37274 / 50000

going to play PSO2

Day 5 – 06/24/21

Cleared Henir

  • Normal cleared
  • Hell cleared

Reforging gloves

  • skipped a level. 12 > 13

Made a lot of money/ed

  • currently have 800m ED
  • Sold off my rare items

Survival of the cold title

  • before: 37274 / 50000
  • after: 37831/ 50000

Day 6 – 06/28/21

playing elsword

  • Survival of the cold title
  • before: 44105/ 50000
  • I have been doing icerite plant with randos
  • thinking about blu
  • Working on El Aura halo – 884/ 1000

Day 7 – 06/29/21

playing elsword

  • Survival of the cold title
  • 50000/ 50000
  • Did drabaki run with Sura

Day 8 – 06/30/21

  • Got Dark Aura halo – 1000/ 1000
  • Someone tried to invite me to a raid party, and I’m not trying to get ban

Day 9 – 07/04/21

playing elsword

  • got a free mount and items
  • I gave up trying to play with Shaive, too strong, maybe I might be able to play with him in GC before he gets too strong. Kek
  • notice some users leaving the guild

hmm, I don’t have much more to do in elsword

1) Rosso and rigomor and beyond needs a good pc to run well for a game that is anything but optimized and I’m not about to drop mad money onto a new pc

2) it is only an issue that elsword has.

Blu guild support: 3/ 15 (counting the times blu offered to help during the making of this log) 20% as a grade.

Thinking about leaving blu in-game, lol

1) Don’t see much use for it or any guild in my state

2) not fond of some of the members

  • [Force] Illipia’s Aura is elite now

Day 10 – 07/09/21

logged on and logged off

Day 11 – 7/11/2021

playing elsword

  • got rigomor gloves to reforge 15
  • 110m left

Day 12 – 07/21/21 final

  • [Force] Illipia’s Aura is unique now

there is nothing left for me in elsword. I think it may be time to leave elsword guilds. Don’t see a point

  1. I have done all the stuff I can do
  2. I’m not about to/ can’t whale on a new pc to play a game that is unoptimized when games that are far more taxing and demanding can run well on my pc. That’s dumb, IMO.
  3. [blu] has been helpful* but I reached my “endgame” here and blu seems to want to do more

reforge stats: top 14 / bottom 12 / gloves 15 / shoes 15

I can do half of the dungeons in half Rigomor and about 2 in Pruinaum

I can do Rosso raid on a small screen. Part one runs ok, part 2 runs below ok. Part runs ok until the end fight. And these results vary on who is in the raid party.

The only thing I can do is farm mats, and get current endgame gear maxed out

Seems shaive, sura, and select members of [blu] are bounded to elsword.

Think I will leave the in-game guild when elsword genesis or the new area drops. I don’t talk to anyone in-game, anyway.

Farm master road and loot the bosses


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