What a night

So, HyperSonic7701 and MastaKirby had a idea to race Sonic 2 as Sonic then race Sonic 2 Knuckles and later Knuckles’ Chaotix. Let’s talk about the shit fest shall we?

Sonic 2 as Sonic

It was fine. It was pretty fine since I don’t run or play Sonic 2 that much It was not that bad


Sonic 2 Knuckles

It was fine when Knuckles became a problem. Jump height was a issue and Death egg as knuckles was awful..

Then HyperSonic7701 has the idea to say Let’s race “Knuckles’ Chaotix good ending” When I heard that I knew it a shitty Idea but went with it cause was told I would have fun

I proceeded to not have fun. I had everything but fun in the chaotix race. Like this was a awful experience. Racing Knuckles’ Chaotix bad ending / any % is fine. But good ending was not fine.


If anything, That good ending race for Knuckles Chaotix made me dislike the game. And I did like the game before this dumb race.

After Burner 2 race same as chaotix, not fun.

My take away from this is to never do anything with bad ideas. Ever. This was a awful experience and don’t know why I went with it. I regret that night. And I knew I would regret but went with it anyway..