Final Fantasy 14 online log 2

I have returned with a new ff14 log, and I got things to say. I’m enjoying the game more. And it is a much bigger log, and I want to share.

The Navel

The lord of crags at first seemed difficult, but it was fun. Granted, I was overgeared by this point from farming I did in MSQ and with dungeons. I had an edge on the fight.

One thing I was not a fan of was phase 2. In phase 2, the boss’s heart or core exposed, and you are to attack the heart. For some reason, I could not attack the heart, but I had the boss aggro of the titan.

But even after that, the boss was fun, and I still enjoyed the fight, although phase 2 was weird.

POTD or Palace of the dead

Something I never did and confused POTD for haukke manor when my friends asked if I did POTD. But Palace of the dead was something far different. Each run, you climb nine floors and fight a boss on the tenth floor. And it is fun.

The only danger is the enemies leading up to the boss and the traps. The dungeon traps that can disable attacks to turn you into a frog, to be a land mine that I swear does 80% of your max hp.

You can find items that boost the spawn rate, shows you traps, and boosts defense.

I, Aluria, and Dae climbed the ranks. We cleared 1 – 10 | 11 – 20 | 21 – 30| 31 – 40|.

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Final Fantasy 14 online log

It is time for a new gaming log for a game I fell in love with in 2021. And it is a game that everyone is playing, and I mean most people enjoy this game, and it is Final Fantasy 14 online, and it has been a blast, but I have been playing through the main story, and it’s great.

I have been thinking about Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis and making it my second game and base pso2. No point trying of me trying to farm gear for a game whose end-game gear is worth 4 billion. not worth it.

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Final Fantasy 14 online – A new change

Ok, so this blog post was overdue for the longest time and talked about my feelings towards pso2, and I did this a lot, but it end-up being something I would not do or something else. And my blog has a lot of blog posts on this matter.

I share my thoughts, feelings, and everything with my blog. And I have been thinking about this for a while. I have given Phantasy Star Online 2 and, by proxy, New genesis for roughly two years of my life. And that is a lot to devote time to a game that may or may not be good. It is something I try not to do, given this is blind faith I place into a game.

I placed my blind faith in too many games, alright, and it is time I cut down the number of games I play anyway to have one main video game. But enough, let us get moving, shall we?

Why I’m feeling this way

One game was able to leave an impact on me that pretty much caused me to make this blog post. And I guess, technically, it is two games, but I will get into that later. The main game for the section is Final Fantasy 14 online or FF14.

Something about that game left an impact on me. And I don’t know, but it is not a fleeting feeling either. But there was another game I have been trying to keep up with for some reason, and I don’t know why I’m trying, but I’m talking about Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis.

It is funny. If I had never tried to play final fantasy 14, I think I would have been fine, but the game did something for me. I can’t say my pso2 friends feel the same way. And that’s fine, but I like this game and the style. And to play ff14 with or without friends.

And this is one game I want to devote my time to, and I need to drop these games I lost interest for. Find one game I can commit to and play at my pace, and I think this is great and something I need to do for a long time.

Too many games.
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I spent a day in base Phantasy Star Online 2

I had a silly Idea, and that Idea was to spend a day in base PSO2. Now spending a day in base pso2 is something I can’t do, but I can spend time there to make up for it.

There is something about Base PSO2 that NEW Genesis does not have, and it is that charm. It has that magic feeling of a bygone era of MMORPGs that a lot of new MMORPGs can’t seem to capture that feel or maybe they don’t want to.

Being able to join an urgent quest that started without you is a great feature. If you joined late, you can still catch up to the players. To hop in and get in the action is great.

After that, I fell asleep in the base pso2 lobby and woke up after. And I got back into the action with the seabed, a fun water level. And can I just say I miss the random events you find when you are out and about on the expeditions?

They range from mini-boss battles to silly events to get rare drops to you helping out your Auxiliary in combat events. There is always something to do when on expeditions, and it is never the same from point A to point B. And that’s why base pso2 is a good game with some features.

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PSO2: New Genesis Headline (11/29/22) Thoughts

So, this is going to be a big post on Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis’s December update. And my thoughts about it are that I have a lot I want to say because I know other players were not too pleased by the headline. I would even say some were disappointed by the headline.

This blog post will be me talking about what I liked and didn’t like, what was good to show off and what was not good to show. I want to share my thoughts on the headline and what I’m looking forward to, in my opinion.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis: Headline

Let me set the stage. It is 7:59 Am, and players are waiting for the headline before some sleep, going to work, or starting their morning. A lot of people have seen the update video prior to the headline. And if you are wondering, what video? I got you.

We all saw the Stia trailer two months ago. And we knew about the class changes. Well, almost everyone knew. Back to the matter. It hits 8 Am, but we have to wait 8 mins for it to go live. Also, you need to subscribe to the chat for a day to chat.

After 8 mins, it goes live, and we get the news.

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Terraria – Master Mode

I want to talk about this game mode. Terraria is a great game. I made a blog post about this game, which I will link here. And terraria has four world modes.

Journey Mode is the easy difficulty where you can play the game at your pace, and the game is easy. That’s what the wiki says.

The classic difficulty for the world is normal. Not too easy, but not too hard. A fair mode where you can enjoy the game at normal difficulty. Great when you beat Journey mode world or hoping into a new world.

Expert is a hard mode for those who want more out of Terraria. Normal difficulty is not enough. The expert mode will test your skill, and bosses have new ai.

Master Mode is a harder version of the expert mode, and I would say this is terraria unapologetically hard, where everything has to be ready ahead of time. Buffs, potions, armor, defense, and build large arenas for bosses.

So, why am I talking about Master Mode right now? Well, I have beaten Terraria in master mode. And I did it in a small world to speed up things, which is good and bad here. But I will get to that later on.

So slimes are a weak enemy and have become a threat in master mode. At least when I played, Slimes, demon eyes were rough. And when you think. “I can take hits now.” A zombie with a weapon can one-shot you. I should know, I got one shot by a lot of zombies.

After I died for the 100th time, I got ready to face my first boss in master mode. The one and only King slime and I got folded by the king slime. So I made a tall base with an arena close to space and in pre-hard mode. I summoned the Eye of Cthulhu, and I got washed, as the kids say.

But after the 7th go, I took down the eye after finding some good gear, then I went on to fight Eater of Worlds, and after dying more to Eater of Worlds, I was able to take Eater of Worlds down.

The Goblin army is something you want to be ready for because they are annoying but pale in comparison to the Pirate army, which will ruin your day.

Skeletron is so annoying. More so in master mode since the bosses have higher attack values and a bigger hp pool. But after many, many, many failed runs. I took him down.

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Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis October stuffs

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. I talk about this game a lot. It is almost like I play it or something. I want to talk about some cool things coming to Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis that are worthy of note imo. And talking about burnout.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis October update

There is a new level cap. Go from level 60 to 65. And gain a bit more power and class rebalanced, and all weapons from rarity 1 to 6 can become level 60 with level 5 potential, which can be a placeholder if you can’t get a rarity 7 weapon, and on that note. It can put a 6-star weapon somewhat close to a 7-star weapon.

Rarity 7 weapons are here, new ones as rare drops at the moment. It is unknown if these will be stronger than Kaizaar weapons or not. And since you can get the new weapons for free (once for each class) by clearing the tower content with x class when the new tower comes out in the October update.

PSE bar will stay at level 2 and will go no lower than that. PSE Burst will happen by clearing a trigger NPC quest in combat zones. PSE Encores will have in all combat level zones. Speaking of PSE, there is a new one, PSE Burst f (forte)

And Rank 4 zones.

There is a lot of new content. And QoL changes coming soon. But at the same time, I’m feeling burnt out playing Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. Been feeling this way, and probably does not help that I have a lot of games to play. Elsword, Fate, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, genshin. And have a lot of things I want to do as well.

I thought about dropping Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis for a while, And I still have that thought because I’m tired of the game. The gameplay loop went from fun to somewhat enjoyable to not fun. So taking a break after maint starts will be good for the soul, and shutting out Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is what I need. I suppose.

AI Dungeon impressions

AI Dungeon. I remember playing this “game” back in 2020. It was an odd thing and given I loved text-based games. I was hooked, the moment I got into the game. The AI is the free version back then was a good AI. It had hiccups where the AI would not answer or even output something off-topic. But the main point was the AI was great.

Then the AI Dungeon team got into hot water when they started to censor what you can and can’t do, always see AI stories looked like without the user’s consent, if these were hidden stories. You posted anything, a real name of a friend. Well, Latitude would know them as well.

And then there was the energy system that at first was 100 energy but got bumped up to 2000. Which annoyed players, but after a while, the energy system was not too bad and dumbing down the AI. and making it worse, and it was easy for the AI to get caught in loops.

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Terraria thoughts

Minecraft, but better. Thanks for reading. I should be real here. Terraria was a game that I used to think was a Minecraft clone, and this was back when I did not have the video game and could not see it for myself.

Times have changed. And funny enough, I was given this game by a friend of mine way back then. Isman1998 or Isman0310. He was giving the game away, and no one at that point was asking for the game, and I was lucky to be able to get the game from him since no one wanted it.

Then I started playing it and had no idea what to do. So I asked Zomb1esmasher to play the game with me to see if I could learn anything. I learned something. We built houses, We turned the game off, and We stopped playing. Because I wanted to do more, and I was not fighting bosses or getting anything fun to do.

Then it was when I started playing Terraria with Link and SBCz. The players I learned how to play Terraria. And the information I learned became invaluable to me because this was everything I was looking for when I played terraria with friends.

With Zomb1esmasher15, we built homes and did a little bit of digging.

With Link, we went to hell and saw blood moons but fought no bosses yet but did do well more than building houses.

With SBCz, we fought bosses, learned how to make boss arenas, learned to make the best gear, and even beaten terraria.

What I thought was a 2d version of Minecraft turned out to be something great, and Terraria is a hidden gem worth playing and checking out. After you have beaten the game and got all the end-game gear, weapons, and fashion.

You can play Terraria but modded, and there are so many mods out there that Terraria has an endless sea of mods to play and test out. Some mods are small things, while others are a new game.

You can play Terraria modded whenever you please. But it’s best to play Terraria modded after you have beaten or played enough of Terraria to know the game. You can jump right into Terraria modded, but you may be lost.

Terraria has endless supplies of content and mods updated to Terraria 1.4.4. adding more content and maybe fixing the d-pad button since you can no longer add items to the d-pad after an update.

Terraria is a great game. It is worth playing and trying out. Make sure you find the right people to play with to make your time better in the game.

Tower of Fantasy first impressions

Tower of Fantasy. So I played the game and got my impressions. These will be brief impressions but enough to give you an idea of what I think of the game.

So I was not too big on playing this game since I play many video games already. And adding another MMORPG to my list was not in my plan, but I gave it a shot and tried it out anyway, and I like the controls in terms of movement.

But that’s where my praise ends, as the story is not interesting to me. The game is a buggy mess and seems very common. And the game is keyboard and mouse are the main focus. But you can use a game controller, but some, if not most ingame menus are not meant for a controller yet.

Tower of Fantasy gives off strong vibes of another gacha game out there. We all know what I am talking about here. It’s not a one-for-one, but the vibe is strong and look. If you like Tower of fantasy, I’m happy you do. You enjoy yourself. I don’t see myself getting too deep into this gacha MMORPG like, my friends.

If I wanted to play Gacha, I would have played Fate Grand Order or Genshin Impact, and on that note. My friend joked about how this was Genshin Impact online. And somewhat, this is true. At least to me, it is.

There is also the time gate for something along the lines. And this I do not mind because it is gacha. Not much you can do there but deal with it. Playing this game makes me want to play genshin impact again.

I don’t think this is an awful game. It gives players who liked genshin impact but wanted it to be an MMORPG. They can play Tower of fantasy to scratch an itch that players have. However, Tower of fantasy MMORPG seems pretty basic to me. It has a lot of bugs to work out and fix. I will still play the game but probably won’t stick around for this game.

Ramsey thoughts

Time to talk about Shiny’s game he has been working on this is a project I like to see completed but getting too ahead of myself here. And I will talk about things I like, and dislike and give some personal advice you can take with a grain of salt.

Ramsey is the name of the game I will be talking about and it is a fun little demo. It is good as it gives you an idea of what the game has for you. And the game has seen a lot of progress which is great.

I should clear there is no to play this demo unless shiny gives you a copy of the game to try out.

Ramsey is a cute little game made in game maker studio x. The platforming feels good, but given one level of platforming, I can’t judge this off one level. Movement is basic but good. You can run, jump, and make pop noises.

The controls are simple but you don’t need advanced controls to have a good game, and more can be added later, should shiny feel the need to do so. And that is fine. As for the world, there is only one at this moment and two levels.

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Clicker Heroes 2 let down

Oh man, you hate to see it. A game I followed and was actively happy for was called Clicker Heroes 2. It is an idle game where you get stronger over time. Being a fan of Clicker Heroes 1, and seeing the game devs look like good people.

I pre-ordered CH2 (clicker heroes 2) since I wanted to try the game out. It was crazy paying for an idle game since the first one was free. But I was hooked on the project since it seem like there was a lot of passion behind this project.

When I got to play this game, there was not much to do once you got strong. You go to a world, level up and kill the mini bosses and kill the main boss. And this was back when the game first came “out” I dropped the game after a bit since progress would get reset back to zero, and would make me want to play it less.

So why am I talking about CH2 (Clicker Heroes 2) today? I had a itch to play this game after a long while, and I booted up the game and checked out the store to see the game went from positive to very negative. It is crazy. I backed this game without question, so this hurts to see.

And yes, there was not much to this game other than changing how to “play” this idle game. And given the extra fact that people had to pay to play this game was or should be a red flag for me but it was not sadly.

I just learned about this whole matter and it sucks. And the whole matter of resetting progress is very annoying but from what I saw, there was a blog post that detailed the state of this game but the post was in 2021 and the game had an update that seem to be the last one on June 16, 2021.

The blog post seems to be them blaming themselves using an outdated engine and from my understanding. They blamed the negative reviews for making their workflow slower and they got death threats, which I have to say is too far. You can be mad but sending death threats over a video game is crazy.

the blog post will be posted below.

And pretty much, the game seems completely dead and abandoned at this point, and should they return, I see the damage is far too great to recover since if they would come back to fix the game. Their rep and status as a game dev have been damaged enough that some people will be careful buying games from playsaurus.

And it is a shame too. I had such high respect for this team and to see and hear how this went down. It is a sad story. I wanted to see this game to the end. This is why you avoid early access games, as they can be a crapshoot. They get from point A to B or get abandoned after a year or two and that is the worse outcome. And the latter of the two choices seems to be common these days.

This will or has made me be careful of getting games from this game dev team after hearing and I will say be careful buying games from this game dev team unless there is clear proof their projects or games are close to complete.

Like, what is this? Clicker Heroes 2 is in such a sorry state, and I hate to see it like this. I should have never brought or pre-ordered this game and it is a shame that Clicker Heroes 1 is a better game than Clicker Heroes 2, and the first game is free.

If it is not clear, I recommend you don’t get this game, you are better off playing the first game.

That’s all I wanted to say.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis log 1

So, it is time to track my progress in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. It has been a while since I did this, and figure I do it again. Should be fun, I hope.


Augmenting my new gear

My new weapon: Cinquem Rod+40 has been augmented. The augments are slightly weaker because they are level 2 versions of augments and not level 3. I will try to see what I can get later on and I need to get the new gear or units.


Schwarzrosso Armor is something I don’t have the funds for, and probably won’t get updated to +50 for a good while, but I’m not here to sweat this game. I did what I needed to do in Base Pso2. Everything in New genesis is extra for me.

Once I get the new gear to +50, new genesis will be on the sideline, and if progress takes too long, new genesis will be on the sideline as well. lol

My new units will not replace the old ones at this moment in time. But later on, I will be able to replace them, I hope.


The Materials I have at the moment, not many but the list will grow later on.

Farming with randos

It was pretty fun farming with randoms, and not my guild. It is nice to see new faces and meet new users, and they were pretty nice and chill.

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Phantasy Star Online 2: New genesis Feb update

Well, it is time to talk about Phantasy Star Online 2: New genesis (Again) and one of the big updates that have come with it, and just share some extra thoughts and whatnot. And the changes here are “big” for what it is worth. 

And given that this update is part one and part 2 is dark falz and something else, there are a few things here worth of note and some things that are not worth a mention in my opinion.

Jukebox mag

Ever wanted to play your music in Phantasy Star Online 2: new genesis but got tired of opening up links on youtube, Spotify, that shady video site? Well, now you don’t have to do that. With the new feature added by this update, you can play the music that you got in-game. And if you are like me, and never brought any CDs for your jukebox in base phantasy. This feature might be useless to you.

You can change what the current theme is, by picking your song and confirming this is the song you want to play. Some themes will override the jukebox feature, as they have higher priority. Nothing game-changing here.

You are better off using youtube, Spotify, or a discord music bot for music needs. This is a feature for those who love the jukebox in base Phantasy Star Online 2 and want it on the go. And unlike base Phantasy Star Online 2, only you can hear the music playing from your mag. Friends and strangers can’t hear the music from the mag jukebox when it drops those sick beats. Only the user of their mag can hear the music playing.

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Phantasy Star Online 2: New genesis review

Hmm, Phantasy Star Online 2. A fun game pre-Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. Now that Phantasy Star Online 2: New genesis has some more content, I figured I would talk about it again. And another reason to blog about games and talking about Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is very nice.

Looking back, I never made a review for this game, and while back then I love talking about the game. I think I can give some thoughts on this MMORPG.

What’s Phantasy Star Online 2: new genesis?

Phantasy Star Online 2: new genesis and not to be confused with Phantasy Star Online 2, is an open-world MMORPG. And I will say that in Phantasy Star Online 2: new genesis current state, the game is nothing like Phantasy Star Online 2 the base game.

New genesis is made for the casual players who found base Phantasy Star Online 2 to be too hard. And listen, I get it. A lot of players as they say, “sweat” in that game. And I get it you are a master at Phantasy Star Online 2.

It is good for sega and casual players for making this change. It’s how I see it.

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