How I feel about MMORPGs

Ah, how do I feel about PSO2? It is more of a general question than should be. How do I feel about MMORPGs as of late, I don't know. I have not been in the mood to play any more MMORPGs or play the current ones. I will say that T.S Mario had a hand … Continue reading How I feel about MMORPGs

Sylphy interview

"Get to know Sura, a longtime player of Elsword and leader of the guild [Blu]. In this interview, he shares his experiences with the game, his thoughts on its current state and future, and a glimpse into his life outside of Elsword as a merchandise seller and possible future livestreamer."

Elsword progress

I'm back with an Elsword progress update and made some good progress and I managed to get quite far within the game. Or rather, I got far as I could go any way and I will be getting a desktop computer soon and this one should be able to run Elsword much better, here is … Continue reading Elsword progress

Elsword Update log #2

So, I’m going to try this style of doing update logs on games or things. Keep track of seven days and note down important thoughts or moments that happened, and after seven days, show off the progress. And boy, got some fun drama. Day 1 - 01/31/22 \\Rant\\ Elsword Dealt with elsword drama with … Continue reading Elsword Update log #2

Elsword Update log #1

So, I’m going to try this style of doing update logs on games or things. Keep track of five to seven days and note down important thoughts or moments that happened, and after five to seven days, show off the progress. Day 1 - 01/06/22 Elsword Got rigomor bottom to R15 my flames of judgment … Continue reading Elsword Update log #1

Last look at guilds for 2021

Taking one last look at ThunderCry. blu, and witching hour guilds.

YouTube Livestream Announcement

It has been a while since I made a post for when I go live. But I will go live on YouTube this time. And give this another shot since YouTube has a wider reach of viewers since most, if not all users, have a google account. So, on YouTube, I got some games I … Continue reading YouTube Livestream Announcement

[blu] Elsword log

So, Elsword has been getting updates, changes, and over all things to make life easy in elsword, although, too little, too late. It is also funny seeing some elsword elitists get so worked over opinions on a video game. There can be a whole post on these users, and how petty they can be or … Continue reading [blu] Elsword log

Updated thoughts on blu

Ah, Blu. It has been a while since I made a post about this server and the guild. I think about a few months ago, I want to say. But however long it was doesn’t matter since I have new thoughts on blu. And my view on blu and the members has changed since I … Continue reading Updated thoughts on blu

Ah, ThunderCry – an end to a saga

Ah, ThunderCry. What a discord server I have been a part of for 11 months. It is funny. I joined this server back when I was down on my luck and so depressed. I didn't know where I wanted to do in life and still don't. But I will say I am in a better … Continue reading Ah, ThunderCry – an end to a saga

My thoughts on Elsword

Join the adventure and discover the true potential of Elsword, the free-to-play Korean massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) based on a manga/anime. Learn the story, explore the world and save it from demons invasion. In this review, I share my honest thoughts on the game, the community and the art style. Discover if Elsword is the game you are looking for.

2021 goals

So, it is 2021, and the year is already looking weird. But that is something we all see, and I will not talk about it but want to talk about something else. For 2021, I have or want to make a list of things I want to do. And this is a list of things … Continue reading 2021 goals

December blog update

So, what a year, huh? So much has happened, it all has gone downhill, and the year was all over the place. For better or worst, but it was for the worst. There was "some" good moments in 2020. Even though all the awful things that happened to the world and everyone. I can point … Continue reading December blog update

Talking about Thundercry

Ok. So, I want to humor Ultimate's plan. Let's assume that he plans to "revive" ThunderCry. You would need to fix some things on the server. Now I can't say this would get taken into consideration, but it is worth a shot. Hi, I'm onychaos. I will be your guide and give some insight into … Continue reading Talking about Thundercry


It is funny. I remember when I made some posts on elsword guilds and talking about how I first joined ThunderCry. Crazy how time flies, huh? It is time I make a post about ThunderCry and how it is doing. Since the discord server and guild have fallen from grace, in my opinion. The discord … Continue reading ThunderCry