Wanna talk about SRB2.2

So, SRB2.2 came out in December 7th. Everyone in my group was happy to get play it. I was happy but not as happy as I was around the day that the srb2.2 trailer dropped.

There are bad hot takes here. You been warned. :3

I’m kinda sad that some of the level layouts here didn’t make it in the final build* I will go on about that later. I was not as happy since after 2.1+ the game didn’t read my triggers on my controller. A tiny issue but I worked around it and still had fun.

Alright, so srb2.2.. So my thoughts. When I first did a play through of 2.2 on twitch stream. I had fun but SRB2.2 felt like a level pack like Tortured Planet or the emerald isles. It didn’t feel like a true release to me but it was released but the game is far from done. It was fun but lacking something to me…


I did a review? Or a thing on SRB2.1 But the game is fine, not great but fine. The new changes are not bad but questionable. There are changes I don’t agree with? But it’s not my game. they made it.

Blaze saga?

Is the game fun? yes. Can you still use controller? Yes (At the time of this post I been using a controller). I do think some people should calm down and I been wanting to talk about for a while.

But a while back, Blazehedgehog answered a ask that asked “You played SRB2 version 2.2 yet?“  He gave his own thoughts. But didn’t like it. Which is fair. Everyone is not going to like something or may not see something

Someone even made a callout post? But indirectly talking about those who like controller support in srb2 and assuming Blazehedgehog was in that group but that blog and post was deleted by the user

And then there are a few people that go to SRB2.2 ost videos on youtube to talk negative about blaze over his opinion..I just find it silly and petty that some took his review? to heart.

I mean, come on. While it is a few people who are like this. They need to chill. Getting mad over someone’s opinion on a fan game about cute furry animals + robot fighting a egg shape human to keep him from getting 7 magic emeralds.. Opinions don’t mean fact. They are good to have but don’t get mad over them..

Sonic fans are like bees. They are best (When you meet the fans who are sane humans) And they are the worst (The loud toxic sonic fans who attack like wasps)

I will say this. The tutorial is made for keyboard and mouse players or players who use keyboard and mouse in mind. It would been better to gray it out if you have a controller plugged in. ***If*** SRB2 drops controller support, I will just play SRB2 Kart. I hope people see that if there.


Back to talking about SRB2

Me and friends had this talk “SRB2 may never be a complete sonic fangame” And it makes me wonder if SRB2 will be finished or stuck in limbo at this rate.

Because, sure. A new team can come in and take over if the current team moves on to other things but much like cooking a meal, too many chefs can be a bad. Everyone adding their spices to the dish to add something new can be good or bad.

I know normally, after a game has been worked on for a long while. It gets to the fork in the road. “Continue working on this game and see it to the end” or “Work on it as much as you can before giving one last update or giving it to a new team to work on”

What do I mean by  “SRB2 may never be a complete sonic fangame”? I mean a finished game where there are no more major updates. Everything that was planned to be added was added. I would hate to see SRB2 get the bad end of the stick. It’s 2020 And the game development is still going on.

You would come in and say: “Duh, that’s  game development!“ Why am I saying? Well, you never want to wait too long to finish a game as the longer it takes, the more a person’s drive to play will start to burn out or it may rekindle their need to play. I know for me, my need to play 2.2 got snuff out 

A new generation is coming. The fan game scene is growing. People come in to make fun fan games and leave to later to make their own projects. it’s amazing.

I love SRB2.2 There are things I don’t like. Some of the choices I really don’t like but at least they are better then Sonic Battle R choices…For the most part anyway. That’s a story for another day.

Sonic Team Jr posted a tweet that 2.2.1 is coming “ Bug fixes and a couple quality of life features people have been asking for. “ That’s all I wanted to say. :P Probably gonna upload time attacks for SRB2.2. This post was all over the place.

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