Wanna talk about SRB2.2

So, SRB2.2 came out in December 7th. Everyone in my group was happy to get play it. I was happy but not as happy as I was around the day that the srb2.2 trailer dropped.

There are bad hot takes here. You been warned. :3

I’m kinda sad that some of the level layouts here didn’t make it in the final build* I will go on about that later. I was not as happy since after 2.1+ the game didn’t read my triggers on my controller. A tiny issue but I worked around it and still had fun.

Alright, so srb2.2.. So my thoughts. When I first did a play through of 2.2 on twitch stream. I had fun but SRB2.2 felt like a level pack like Tortured Planet or the emerald isles. It didn’t feel like a true release to me but it was released but the game is far from done. It was fun but lacking something to me…


I did a review? Or a thing on SRB2.1 But the game is fine, not great but fine. The new changes are not bad but questionable. There are changes I don’t agree with? But it’s not my game. they made it.

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SRB2.2 – Arid Canyon Zone 3 fang – 39.82

Here is another SRB2.2 video but using fang this time. Boss Time attack. I got around to uploading this bad time and I’m still using a controller. But hope you like it.

I don’t know how many more post I will make because I have 24 posts I need to re-upload to tumblr anyway. Maybe more but eh, we will see what happens


SRB2.2 Castle Eggman Zone 2 – Tails time attack

Wanted to share my Time attack video for srb2.2. Since Mastakirby and Hypersonic7701 are making videos, I may as well join the party. Here my time attack of Castle Eggman act 2 using a controller.

This is a playback but hope you enjoy. :3 It’s nothing amazing.

Review: Sonic Robo Blast 2 (2.1.19)

Two months have passed since Dr.Robotnik / Eggman tried to take over the world from his new base, the ring satellite found in space.

Eggman had plans on draining the rings from the planet to keep Sonic at bay. But that plan fell through when Sonic burst into the base to stop him in his tracks.

Sonic, after stopping Eggman’s latest plan, figured that would be the end of his mad plans, but Sonic was wrong as Eggman had planned to return to get his revenge with a new threat and plan in store.

While Eggman is planning, a strange asteroid started hovering around the planet, Eggman, mad at the heroes he curses, plans on making them all.

(Sonic was the only one there…)

The strange asteroid was picked up by Eggman’s scanner, seeing this he shrugged it of as it could have been any rock but later on, he had an idea to use the energy stored within the rock for his latest plan to turn it into a new base to make all that stand against him, beg for mercy.

Eggman, using his new weapon/base targets Greenflower City to show Sonic, he has the power to do what he wants. Sonic is too late to do anything to save the city, Eggman comes to gloat one last time before putting his plan into action.

Sonic and Tails give chase to put a stop to Eggman’s plans and our game begins


Sonic Robo Blast 2 or SRB2 is a Sonic Fangame that goes back to the classic roots of Sonic, using a modified version of the Doom Legacy engine

It’s an FPS but without guns, it works really well. You have your main 3 heroes. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles who all play different, akin to “Sonic 3 & Knuckles”

One new feature to Sonic’s Moveset is the “speedthok” that will send Sonic at high-speeds.

I should talk about the characters and the level difficulty. Sonic is the hard mode, you are fast and quick, but control is something you need to earn.

With Sonic, there is no safety net to catch you if you make a platforming mistake or mistakes

You have speed, and skill on your side.

Tails is the slowest one, while speed is not on your side, you have full control of your character, even while going fast.

Knuckles is faster than Tails but not as fast as Sonic, Knuckles has a low jump like in the classic games but like the classic games, you can climb walls, and glide

You have 7 zones and the final zone. This is version 2.1.19 that I am using

There are stages that level themes akin to the classic games

There are emerald tokens that will warp the player to a special stage that plays akin to “Nights into dreams”

You have the Green Hill themed like stage. all green and full of life, water flowing flowers dancing. For a place that has been wiped out. Greenflower zone looks nice

You have a chemical plant themed stage. Techno Hill, the area outside Greenflower has been turned into a toxic mechanical factory that is pumping out toxic slime.

You have your water-themed zone. Deep Sea, your underground labyrinth with hidden ruins, and flowing waters that lead into a deeper underground labyrinth.

Castle Eggman is one of Eggman’s castle, guarded by his robots, and full of traps to keep you on edge.

Arid Canyon is an open level that has been taken over by Eggman. Hot oil and deep canyons, using Rope pulleys to cross the deep canyons

Red Volcano is your lava/fire stage that is ready to blow. Lava rising and lowering, and falling platforms.

Egg rock, the final zone and the last wall of Eggman’s defense. Low gravity, anti-gravity, and crushers. This stage will test your platforming skills with Metal Sonic.

Egg Rock Core zone, the final fight. It’s you and Eggman.

The game difficulty is based on how well you can control the character, using Sonic for the first time is going to be hard, whereas using Tails or Knuckles may offer a better playing experience.

Final thoughts

SRB2 or Sonic Robo Blast 2 is a fun game, I say it’s pretty stable, the game is still being worked on still.

My issue with the game is the learning curve, for players who played SRB2 to death, this is no issue but to a new player, this is a huge turn-off, and may even turn players away from the game.

I had a few deaths in SRB2 that felt cheap (Questionable) But for the most part, it went well

I didn’t bring this up, but SRB2 has online and a big community of modders and the online is fun when you can get things going without resyncs.

But overall, SRB2 is a fun fan game that does a good job of bringing the classic heroes to 3D well. If you love Sonic and 3D platformers and doom like controls, SRB2 may be for you. if you don’t like doom like controls or 3D platformers but like Sonic. Give SRB2 a try, it’s free, and you may be surprised what this game has to offer

Thanks for reading.


SRB2: https://www.srb2.org/

The game devs: https://twitter.com/SonicTeamJr

SRB2 Speedrun.com: https://www.speedrun.com/srb2

Final SRB2 Online Stream Fun

It is that time again, boys and girls, to host SRB2 online during a stream. This should go well. Assuming there are no killjoys. Those people who join because it’s not the game the wanted to play.

Not to throw shade or anything. I like when mastakirby hosts a online game, but it’s too normal, there no real randomness here, no new surprises either. :c It’s too safe

But I, Ony, am here to fix that up with a chaotic game of SRB2, and make this pure chaos and fun. I hope you are ready for randomness.

I will be streaming SRB2 for the last time, because I plan on recording SRB2 games for the near future. Thanks, my guys. And hope to see you today.

I did say the last stream for SRB2, I will still host games(When I have time), I just won’t stream them.

3 PM or 4 PM – Eastern Standard Time

If something comes up, it may be delayed or pushed to a new date.

Stream link: twitch/chaosony

SRB2 forfeit rules (Subject to change)

So, I had some ideas for SRB2 and they were ok but then I found something that gave me a new idea to make SRB2 more fun or not. Lol, depends on what you think is fun. :3

So.. When you see “forfeit” You normally assume it means you quit or give up, in this sense, you are right but this is different when you add a game to the mix.

So X = (Any game) forfeit is where you and a group of friends play a game and the main idea is you want to avoid being dead Last or losing. If you lose then you Forfeit and the one who is first is the winner.

The winner can pick what the loser will do or say, as the following below will show you

The loser must do it.

The Winner can:

  • Make them a custom Icon (Of their choice) to use for the rest of the day on Twitter or Discord
  • Make them change their name to something silly
  • make them a custom name and Icon for the day
  • make a tweet or message for them to post to their followers on twitter or in discord
  • More

It must be silly and in good fun. Nothing mean.

So for SRB2

Race mode

Get First, avoid Last

Countdown to DNF: 100

Azure Temple Zone Countdown is set to 1500

If you get kick due to resyncing at the start of the race, you can rejoin to get back in the game

You may attack / kill other players to get a edge on the game if you need to.

Boxes are disabled

Race will be about skill and luck as who you get will be random

If there is a draw in players with DNF, then the one who has DNF in last place will be the loser

Competition Mode

Lives set to 10

Boxes are on, (Super ring, Eggman, 2 other things)

Countdown to Gameover: 75

You may attack / kill other players to get a edge on the game if you need to.

Race will be about skill and luck as who you get will be random

Aim for 1st, not Last place. If you Game over and get last, then you are the loser and must wait for the winner to pick your fate.

Also, if you game over but are not dead last, you are safe.

I got the idea from the video below, if you wanted to know.

An update status for Sonic Robo Blast 2

Hello there. It is I Sonikchan back with a new update with a new Topic

SRB2 will be today’s topic and what is gonna happen.

So, for what is gonna happen to me hosting SRB2 is this. It is going to be not often when I host of SRB2, meaning there won’t be anymore SRB2 online streams till I get a good number of users or players to join the fun.

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SRB2 Next teleport Madness


So, the plan here is play through the game with 99 Lives and have the time limit set to 9999 Which will be more than fair. :P

The Idea here is to screw over other players and potentially get yourself screwed over as well when you get teleported to someone spot and vice-versa.

It’s the new Mario party of 2017, Sonic Robo Blast Shuffle.

You can play to win or you can troll everyone for fun. This is all good fun, nothing serious. c:

To join the game, you will need the following below.


SRB2 and the 2.1.17 patch

Metal Anyone

When I do go live with this event, you can find us or me at http://www.twitch.tv/sonikmage