Sonic 3D in 2D playthrough

Sonic 3D in 2D, a game I have not been fair with or fond of has been on a backlog of things to post and I want to talk about it. I did a race with HyperSonic7701 and MastaKirby and it did not go too well, and not I had an idea. Why not play … Continue reading Sonic 3D in 2D playthrough

Sonicvania dev log 2.5

I have been talking about games and I have not talked about my game. I should do that, huh? This will be a SonicVania gamedev log where I will show off my game, changes, and features I got in store. Can't show everything but show enough where you can see some progress. So in SonicVania, … Continue reading Sonicvania dev log 2.5

Updated thoughts on Sonic Origins

It has been a while since I made a blog post on Sonic Origins and my experience with the game was overall negative for me since this game felt rushed out to meet a date for a cartoon hedgehog. That is never a good idea and I feel if Sega stops trying to meet a … Continue reading Updated thoughts on Sonic Origins

Sonic Frontiers thoughts

Sonic Frontiers. Oh man, what a wild ride this game has been. From fans and people feeling mixed about the game to feeling completely different after launch. From sega’s poor marketing to now, it has been interesting. Sonic Frontiers is an open zone game and not an open world say dark souls, the breath of … Continue reading Sonic Frontiers thoughts

My experience with Sonic Origins

Sonic Origins is one of the most awaited games because people had access to the ports of Sonic 1, Sonic 2, and finally, Sonic 3 and knuckles all remastered and ready for game fronts like steam, PlayStation, and so on. But there is something off here about the release of this collection, and what a … Continue reading My experience with Sonic Origins

Sonic Frontiers impressions

Sonic Frontiers. The big new Sonic game that has everyone talking about it but for the wrong reasons. So I wanted to talk about this game like I did with Sonic Forces and go into detail here, so bear with me on this. We have gotten two video game trailers and two gameplay videos that … Continue reading Sonic Frontiers impressions

Sonicvania dev log 1: Titles and simple ideas

I want to do something a little different and this is more so, a dev log of an idea for my sonicvania project. The title system will have different effects on the game. These are titles based on people I talked to or know. These titles can and will grant you special effects or just … Continue reading Sonicvania dev log 1: Titles and simple ideas

Game development log

Ah, this will be a fun post since this will be a game development log for my clickteam fusion games I got planned and the progress that is on the way. Been a while since I made any game dev logs to show off things. It’s more of a what’s to come or what I … Continue reading Game development log

Sonic World DX Sage demo impressions

When did I make this post on the Sonic world DX Anniversary Demo? I made that post in 2019. It is crazy how time flies. But the blog post was my first impression of Sonic World DX in 2019. Safe to say, my first impressions were anything but great. After I made that post, I stopped … Continue reading Sonic World DX Sage demo impressions

Talking about Sonic Adventure DX randomizer

It is crazy. It has been a long while, but from what I have seen from the dev, Sora_yx. From what I got told. The Sonic Adventure DX randomizer has got reworked and rebuild from the ground up. And I started watching hdn_draxirch stream the new build of Sonic Adventure DX randomizer or SADX rando. … Continue reading Talking about Sonic Adventure DX randomizer

new years mini game

Alright, the second day of 2021 (At the time of this post). And what way to start the year off than to tell you I made a game for new years. So this is a "Sonic" fan game that is very simple in design. It is more or less a way to think of new … Continue reading new years mini game

Sonic 3D in 2D revisit

So, I gave Sonic 3D in 2D a second playthrough because I feel I was a little unfair but.. more on that later. I went ahead and stream the new version of this fan game which was 1.08 at the time of this post Feeling better and thinking clearly, I had a much better time … Continue reading Sonic 3D in 2D revisit

Watched a Sonic 2 race

So, I took a hour out of my day to watch the Sonic 2 race between HyperSonic7701, MastaKirby, and SuperChris. I'm watching the race from HyperSonic7701's channel. So, at first, the gang was just learning what to do. then came race time or time to race. And my god. I have never seen such a … Continue reading Watched a Sonic 2 race

Sonic 3D in 2D stream

So, It's time I give Sonic 3D in 2D A second go. After my first impression of the game was very not all too good. I did not like the game. You can read up on my first impressions here: Sonic The Hedgehog 3D in 2D So, why am I playing this game again? The … Continue reading Sonic 3D in 2D stream

Sonic The Hedgehog 3D in 2D

Alright, I played Sonic The Hedgehog 3D in 2D version 1.02 on my twitch, the Sonic fan game and the game left me with a poor taste in my mouth but since I went in blind.. Let's talk about it.. Sonic The Hedgehog 3D in 2D title screen by @Sotaknuck So, Sonic 3D in … Continue reading Sonic The Hedgehog 3D in 2D