2 Rants for the price of 1

There is something I always found annoying in people from time to time. It’s like, it builds up and becomes annoying over time. Hello, I’m sonik and I’m here to rant.

sad anime girl

So, I see people and friends do this and it is a mindset that I find annoying is where friends and people tend to have where if they are “friends” with someone and they will push for you to be their friend as well.

I can see this being a normal and fair thing to do. I mean there is nothing with trying to get your old friends be friends with the new ones. I used to do that or be like that. The problem here is that you can’t assume or think cause you are “friends” with them, that would mean that everyone would just get along off the bat.

Chances are, things may not work out as you have planned in your head. Keep this in mind.

I used to see friends do this, “X is such a cool person, you might like him” or “X is my friend, I’m sure you guys will get along”, Not always the case. It depends on the people and if they have a good history or not will play a factor here.

I used to be the friend who would go around and say good things about my friends and be trying to bring or get my old friends be friends with my new ones. But as I got older, I kinda feel that letting my older friends meet my new friends would be a bad idea. In some cases, it was a good idea.

So, for me when I see people start pushing for others to be friends or talk with their friend or “friend”, that they are fond of, It kinda makes me NOT want to talk to them. The more you try to tell me that this person is cool or they are good people without seeing, all that is doing is raising a red flag which will just give me a bad impression of them.

I mean, that’s why I stopped trying to get my old friends meet my new friends as some are weird or some would cause problems. Or I like to wait before I trust a new friend, in case the new friend turns out to be a piece of shit.

no flying zone

Not gonna drop any names (>.>) but after dealing with my last final fake friend turned tail after getting famous, I feel people who say well, good things about someone should wait before saying nice things cause it’s all well and good.

And they may be nice to you now, know this. If fame, power, and popularity are added to the mix, it could end in an awful result. Look before you leap, think before you act, watch who you trust cause the one you trust and/or respect so much, may be the one who is ready to stab you in the back.

To my second rant. Friends (The Flying experience) Warning: A pretty mad Rant

So, when I made this rant. I was 100 % pissed at her and lost my cool and I am still pissed at her. I was a white knight defending her before all of this shit happened only when 2015 and 2016 I started to begin have doubts about her.

But let me get this out the way. A notice for those who are her “friends”. If you are friends with her, good. I don’t care if you are. I am not going to like JUST because you are her friend.

Her White knights and her apologists are just awful. They will sit there and ignore everything wrong she does and they enable her to be like this. But as I learned, her white knights and her apologists will roll their eyes. I am not here to make a full post about them, as they are not worth my time. They are her friends.

Why do I dislike her? Why do I have such anger for her?

“Oh, you hate her cause she is famous.” Nope

“Oh, you don’t like her cause she makes money”

Let’s explain that in more detail.

She was a good friend. I almost at one point, saw her as a best friend. But when I started to find out this shady shit but will get to that later. Much later.

So let’s start from the beginning of this shit fest.

I had a “friend” who I cared about and I took the time to support or tried my best, I could go about my way and act like she wasn’t here and I think I would be fine. BUT NOPE. I thought I found a new friend, someone I can be myself. I believed I found a good friend

I remember in the old days of Twitch, she would come to a friend stream and she would have some problem going on, but again, I could just ignore her and my life would be better, but no. I had to be the guy to help her out.

And when I got to know her better. I would come watch her stream games and speedruns, I would host her and supported her every way I could, waking up to watch speedrun at these events or tweet out her stream when she went live.

I supported without question, an awful idea I had, I became one of her white knights. I always believed that she could do no wrong. That is until the first fiasco with her talking shit about my best friend in a stream, which I didn’t believe at first, till I saw the proof which pissed me the fuck. I was Sick that she went so low to talk shit behind his back and pissed that she did this, to begin with.

So seeing this, I made a twitlonger about this shit. A rant. It was saying or to sum it up. I was disappointed in her that she did this. A normal person would ask why did you make this post and talk it out to clear things up to avoid burning any bridges in the near future.

So, instead of her coming to me and talking it out like a normal human being and asking why I made this post and sorting things out. She does “nothing” out of the normal, I take a nap and wake up to her white knight at the time, screaming at me.

yu gi oh joey

And I am wondering who would send this guy to me. No one else follows him at the time but her. Then it hits me, that she sent him. She does not say a damn word while I am dealing with her white knight.

But it is convenient that when I make a long twit longer saying sorry, that she just happens to say something like it’s fine. You wait till the heat dies down then you want to talk.

That is bridge one she burnt and that is when I started to have doubts about her but I kept being her “friend”. Because I felt sorry for her. Not sure why I was sorry for a 2 faced snake who sent her friends after me or white knights. I just rant about her, I didn’t need to send my friends to attack her when she did that shit above.

I really do feel like my “friendship” with her died when she started to go to these events and trading in her old friends for popular streamers who are speedrunners and started to get a bigger ego and famous.

Even after all of that, I kept trying to support her by watching her streams or Cheering her as she goes to these events or hosting them or tweet them out so, more people can watch but that was a waste of time.

I will call this the “Fame” state she has. In her fame state. I supported her and cheered her on, cause before fame. She used to hang out with smaller streamers and chat with us, but oh. she is too good for us it seems.

But oh, the times she did show up in my stream, it was always some BULLSHIT lie. About something when she has more time or she been so busy, yet she is in other streams.  It’s one thing If you don’t want to watch me stream, just fucking say so. It’s another thing to tell me a bold face lie, it got to the point she just stopped showing up at all.

I had more doubts about her, But I ignored them and kept watching her streams and then I had a falling out with her friends and I made a twitter collection of tweets why I had a falling out with her friends, in case someone gets the wrong idea. She was in my discord at the time. Said nothing and she was doing “nothing”

I’m sure as a human being, that she saw the post and was going to ask me why I made that twitter post. This snake goes behind my and sends a Sonic runner I dislike, Not going to name him. Again, she could have talked to me, without burning bridges. BUT NO.

That is when doubts became facts. This snake is reporting back to her friends and telling them what I am saying. Cause both of those white knights who came to me cause of her. I was under their radar. No way that just out of the blue that they come to me for no reason.

She burned two bridges and why am I still “friends” with her?  I wasn’t friends with her, I was on-guard because she is waiting for me to say something negative about someone so, she can run back to friends and white knights and report what I said.

But I started watching her streams till I stopped and I would pop once a while to see what she is doing but I stopped caring about the streams after she burned me twice.

I was still following her then I get an email that she is streaming a Sonic marathon event where she plays Sonic games and people can donate their hard earned cash to make her play games of her that is listed as donation incentives.

She wants to raise money, that is 100 % fine. I have nothing against marathons, so long as they’re not shady in anyway. She raises the money to go to this big event, which is questionable, at best.

And even hearing from friends that scammed some of your fans. You have donation incentives. Don’t add something as a donation incentive if you have no plans on following through with them. People are giving you money to play the games of their choice.

Note: “As I am writing this. I am unsure and/or don’t know if she is still scamming her fans and users out of their money.”

Hearing this, I was sickened by the fact that she would go so low. And I made my voice clear on how I WAS NOT Happy with this shit she is doing. But think what really burned the bridge was where I had a mental Breakdown on Twitter.

Now, where was she at, during my breakdown and hey, remember me supporting? She Fucking left. She was gone, Didn’t ask if I was ok, didn’t worry or care. She just unfollowed me on twitter and Twitch and said not a damn word. Left me high and dry.

All I have done for her, Wasted my time and energy for her, I went out my way when I didn’t need to. Guess what? To have it all undermined cause I don’t support what she does and I will be damn and support someone without question.

I felt backstabbed by someone who was a “friend”. It makes me sick to know I once called her a friend. But hey, who needs enemies when you have friends like these.

But the sad truth is. You were a friend. You were a friend to the small streamers as well, You supported others or you would join them and act more like a friend and not an internet personality.

But Fame, fans, a bigger ego and popular “friends” / people who enable you and money. It changed you into some monster but I know you don’t care and you will never care what one person says. Because your friends will keep being your enabler and telling you that what you do is right and those who say otherwise are wrong or haters.

I don’t know. Are they your fans or a means to pay for trips, food, bills, pizza and I hear you are bad with money. I wonder WHY. This has no effect on anything

anime girl mad

How do the fuck do you sleep at night? I am sure you sleep like a baby while knowing you fucked over old friends for friends who are famous cause it seems you are here for fame and money and friends who have pull in the community who can help you out.

Look, if you friends with her.. That is fine. I really don’t give a single fuck. Sorry to be mean, but I’m being blunt.

Just because you are friends with her does not mean I have to like them.

And there is that one person who will be like “Why are you posting this to the world” Look, this is my blog. I can post what I want.

You might read and say “Sonik, let it go”, I am sorry but I am done being a doormat, but hey, if you want to be walked on or be a doormat for others to step on? BE MY GUEST. Be a quiet doormat. I am sure it will be good for you but I am done with being a doormat and being quiet.

If she does see this. I know she has fucked over other friends and even my friends. Sigh.

And her friends are there for her (White knights) Till they get fucked over by her, or if they get fucked over, they may still be her “friend”

And this Song is for her.

But I want to be clear

I wish her NO ILL will. I wish her the best with what she does but I do not want to be an enabler like her friends or be apart of her life and what she does.

I’m not jealous of her fame, I’m let down by how she treated her friends aka, my friends and me.

I’m mad but very disappointed in her.

I’m sad that she traded in her old friends (tools) for popular friends (better tools)

Do I hate her? The damage is done but no, But I dislike a good deal

Will I talk to her? If she does talk to me, I will ignore her.

Why am I taking this to heart? I stayed longer and the damage was much worst then planned.

She was at one point, a friend for 3 to 4 years but that was all for nothing, but all she is now is an ex-friend that I want nothing to do with. I was so happy when I first met you cause I believed you were my friend at the start and now I am at the point where I wish I had never met you at all.

Let me be clear to any streamer or view cause People don’t read.  I don’t do hate mobs, don’t assume I do cause I take shots at your friend.

This is My experience with her and how it went from good to bad, bad to worse. AND I REGRET FUCKING KNOWING HER

I will not show up in her or follow her. But she doesn’t  care and same goes for me.

I think I said everything I wanted to say.

kon meme

Thanks for reading.

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