more thoughts on Pokimane drama

It is a follow-up post to my last post talking about the drama, which is here: the Pokimane drama

I want to share my new thoughts on this Pokimane drama since two new documents came out, a google document by Pokimane and a new google document by Fedmyster. Pokimane’s Google document debunks Fedmyster’s first document, which was 25 pages long.

Then Fedmyster’s new document “debunks” Pokimane’s document. I want to say, after “reading” these documents and seeing that fedmyster’s document leaker came out with his Google document, and why he leaked it. It’s stupid.

Let’s start with Pokimane. I felt if Pokimane had ignored Fedmyster’s advances or told offline tv about it, they would have stepped in, I assume. I will say that Pokimane making a document is far better than Pokimane trying to stream to debunk stuff poorly and making things worse.

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the Pokimane drama

So, I have been noticing this document about Pokimane floating around and damn. I have to say it is awful, like really bad. But I should set the scene before going forward. Pokimane was a girl I had heard of before all of this drama. She is a female twitch streamer, and she is a big streamer. She also has a youtube account.

That was the extent of what I knew of her. I didn’t care to know any more or watch her content. Then a few months went by, and then some drama happens in the offline TV Livestream group where FedMyster did some things to the women of the group because there was a big fuss of things happening.

And this is where I figured: “FedMyster must be a bad lad” Since we didn’t get both sides, but at the same time, I didn’t care and moved on with my life since I assumed that was everything thing… That is until FedMyster had his 25-page document on Pokimane “leaked.” And this document looks bad for Pokimane. It is full of proof and everything that has happened over the years. And if this is true, and it did happen, then, yikes, Pokimane.

Bang Dream Glare GIF - BangDream Glare Bandori GIFs
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Looking back on some things

It’s crazy.. A few years ago. I was friends with the whole group. Jack, Susu, Henry, BlackDiamond. I feel I have been repeating history since the same happened with Onyx but that is a different case.

There is a bright side to this later on. Why am I writing this? Later on.. Won’t be linking anything personal or full names

Before this dumb drama or stupid grudges they held between each other. Me and Su-Su were close friends and me and Henry were cool. Me and SuSu, We would talk often, play games Mario Kart 7 or send messages over Swapnote for the 3DS, and talk on Twitter.

Image result for Swapnote

We had fun but guess during that time me and BlackDiamond wasn’t talking anymore since we were on two different sides of the field at that time. Susu was there at the time. We could joke about things or have fun. And I didn’t have to explain myself or if I made a joke since SUSU was fairly caught up on Internet related things like memes, jokes, and other things

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YouTube videos about Sonic93

A few weeks back I had some videos that talked about this Sonic93 person come up on youtube as recommended. Which normally I brush off cause there is always some kind of beef between sonic fans fighting other sonic fans something or opinions..


But some more videos came out about Sonic93 saying she has brought up old drama that has died down in 2019 / 2020?. I watched some of these videos since they were shown to me cause I watch sonic content on youtube

(I want to make this clear, Just A Robot’s video is one of many new videos popping up. And While I hate Sonic drama (Cause normally, it’s very, very petty drama), I am learning some things about a person or how they act)

My only take away from the Sonic93 drama? Is huh? Like, this drama is kinda dumb. This drama started where she made some rants about other silver fans not liking Silvers for flaws and all, and other sonic ranters who ranted about her. That’s what I heard from videos.. (You are better off finding out this by looking on youtube)


The best part for me is that, this Sonic93 person was off my radar. I didn’t know who they were till these videos came up in my feed. I can only hope that this lass doesn’t cause anymore petty drama, and has changed for the better

Well, that’s all. Just wanted to talk about this. I seen people on Tumblr also mentioned Sonic93 being in their feed or getting youtube videos about her.

Twitter Witchhunts

Where to start with this topic? I want to give a warning here. While I will reference people. I will not name them. This is my opinion and I want to give my two cents on it.

P.s. If you feel offended, hurt or called out. I’m sorry but it is an opinion. If you take my opinion that is not fact to heart, Why would you do that?

Twitter Witch hunts. What are they? In today’s age. A witch hunt is a attempt where a person or a group or mob, get together to punish said person for their actions. A witch hunt can sometimes feel like a echo chamber.

Why have Twitter witchhunt have me annoyed when they happen more often then they should? It’s because people think they are doing “good” but they are doing more harm then good.

Why are witchhunts bad?

  1. You are gathering a group of people who have the same mindset as you that cause a echo chamber.
  2. You are sending said people  to attack or harass someone you dislike
  3. This will make you look like a asshole. And you could screw yourself out of a job or something great. I said “could”
  4. This could backfire on the one who started the witch hunt
  5. The internet will NEVER forget and this “may” bite you in the ass later.

Twitter witch hunts like these only bug me cause I see ton of witch hunts on this person and people just bandwagon on the witchhunt cause it aligns with their narrative and creates this echo chamber that makes it worst.

I won’t lie, I been “apart” of a witch hunt that was started cause someone made fun of their friend or their opinion, and the witch hunt had my friends there.

They blocked and flagged someone cause they were “mean.” Like if you don’t like someone, fine. but to flagged someone’s account because they was mean to a friend is a awful and stupid reason to do that.

Image result for sigh anime

I want to say another thing. During these witch hunts or bandwagons. They always say “If you follow X, please unfollow me” or “If you follow X, I will block you for doing so” This is why witch hunts suck.

They are fueled by emotions, not common sense. Like, here the thing. If you hate someone, that’s fine. But to tell your friends or followers that they will be blocked or need to unfollow you cause they follow someone that you don’t like.

I’m sorry but they just makes you come off as a petty asshole. Please do yourself a favor and look at yourself. you are toxic and the real monster. With this rant, you can no doubt tell I am very disappointed in a friend. She is muted but doesn’t care. I won’t block her because I am not a asshole.

Image result for sigh anime

Witchhunts can only serve to be a cursed tool that helps no one and harms everyone in the end. It should be used if the person in question is a real danger to others. I think the worst thing is that these witchhunts are done when the target doesn’t know who this person is.

But as far as it goes for witchhunts. If it fit the narrative that they are trying to push, they will keep pushing cause their narrative is “X is a awful person, and everyone should agree with me.”

Awful reasons to witchhunt someone (Don’t fucking do it)

  1. A feel had his opinion mocked at.
  2. Someone does something you don’t like or you don’t like them.
  3. Trying to fit a narrative of yours

Sometimes during a witchhunt, people from the echo chamber often spread misinformation or rumors in order to make them align with their side. It’s a shame. Sucks I have friends like that. Not gonna name them but won’t be supporting them for a while but they don’t care if I do or don’t.

But the last thing I think is the worst is that witchhunts seem to be a “flavor” of the week. People they don’t like for the “right” or wrong reason ends up being a target of these hunts, and it’s a shame. If it is not one person, it is someone else.

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My 2018 Goals

It’s that time again, a new year and new goals that people make but won’t do because they believe it’s easy. But I am not here to rant about people making goals that they will do for a bit then quit. I am here to talk about my goals and plans for 2018.

My goals or plans

1 Making a Cyberscore post & doing Ils

The Cyberscore post will be a list of ideas and suggestions for the site. I don’t expect them to use them, hell, I don’t expect them to look at this blog post planned in the future. it is just a list of changes, ideas, and suggestions I have for the site.

And as for ILs, I have a set list now. I want to get these done and say, I have done it.

Freedom Planet, Mario Kart 8, Pac-Man Championship Edition: DX, Pac-Man World 2, Sonic CD 2011, Sonic Forces, Sonic Generations (this may be a bit too much), Sonic Mania ?, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and SSB4

I will see if I can do all of these ILs

2 Calling friends more

I want to call friends more to shoot the shit (That means to talk about anything) and, this mainly was my bad, as I was way too busy with everything else. from dealing with drama to trying to make a game or stream or make a let’s play.

I do want to call my friends more and talk to my girlfriend more, and It’s a nice goal… Some of my friends are far too busy to call, too a point where I just stop bothering to ask them all together, because it gets me nowhere.

And I have friends on Twitter who I know I can’t call outside of a stream, that’s why I stopped trying to ask, because of time zones or them not being able to talk / not wanting to talk.

Sounds like I’m being mean but I’m not. BUT hey, things could change.

3 let’s plays for days

I have some lets plays in the works. SRB2 as Sonic is being worked on. I know most of my Twitter friends don’t care for lets plays anymore and that is fine.

LPS I have on the back burner:

Sonic Mania

Sonic Time Twisted

spark the electric jester (doing this with my GF)

Future Lets plays I want to get done.

Sonic Forces

Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight

Sonic Colors

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Freedom Planet

Sonic 06

Sonic Riders

Wings Of Vi

4 Farming bits

I want to get back to farming bits to give to streamers, who earn them. I got lazy but I would like to save up, at least, 10000 bits, maybe more than that. Assuming ads are working

That is the plan. I have to see how this works out

5 Work on my game

I got what I needed. I got the game assets, I just need to figure out click team programming and I will be set to make fan games of the sort.

I want to make a decent game and tools. I want to make a Twitch. bit counter that plays music while you get bits. I have to learn to program in click team first.

6 SRC (

So, in 24 days, I may post one Sonic run to SRC but that would be it. I may run other games that’s not sonic.

May run Pac-man 2: The new adventures again, and some other games in the future.

7 & Discord friends

I have been getting friends requests from bots and others and rejecting them. From this day forth, I’m no longer adding any more users as a friend, unless you are a close friend of mine.

Any new friend requests will be rejected So in case some wonder why I deleted them or rejected their friend request. Now you know.

8 Getting friends use to Ony

You may noticed, @SonikSama is gone. The answer to the question is, There is NO MORE SONIK. Get with the program or be left behind in the dust.

If you say Sonik, you won’t be getting an answer. I made this name change for a reason. please respect that. If you can’t.

9 Making more reviews

I have plans on making more game reviews and sharing my opinion on games and what I think of them. I want to make more reviews, they are a fun hobby of mine.

I have reviews on the back burners

Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic Advance series, Sonic Lost World, and more.

I am hoping to get these done and make even more.

10 Avoid Drama

I hope to avoid drama but that is a feat that can never be done, but I can damn well try. I want to avoid drama, if it doesn’t affect me or you in any way, I don’t want to know and I hate to be mean, I really do but I hate drama, it’s a waste of your time and my time.

11 Keeping friends in 2018

As we move forward, we make new friends, lose old ones, make enemies

While making this account, I may have lost some friends but I am gaining new ones, and here is to keeping friends. If I lose a friend because we simply disagree, so be it. I won’t look back.

12 Update my blog

I want to update my blog to be modern. Instead of having so many pages. I will make things more streamline and easy to view. And most of my pages are out of date and need a major update. I will do that in the future and update other things.

There were my goals. This may change in the future :3 Hope you will still be around. Stay cool and see you later.

New updates

Let’s talk about what is going on. I shall go into “great detail” with these topics.

Oh boy, can’t wait to make the internet mad with my silly reasons.

You can CTRL + F to find the topic you wish to view if, things get too long to read. :P

Table of contents

  1. Inactive Twitter
  2. speedrunning
  3. Streaming
  4. Sonic Hack
  5. New things

  1. Inactive twitter

Ok, so, I’m sure 4 or 6 people noticed but my old twitter account @Soniksama is now inactive. I mean, it’s in the bio but people don’t read bios, that’s silly. Back on topic.

What does this mean for me? Well I’m fine and well. I feel pretty happy about doing this and making a new account. But I shall give my reasons for why I did this.

  1. I wanted a new start

I wanted to start over on Twitter. I was not happy with the current account SonikSama. I wanted to have a do over and make a new name for myself, and distance myself from speedrunners and some people and toxic users

While I did have “friends” on the other account. My twitter was full of friends who left Twitter or couldn’t get back in. And the other side was people that followed me cause I was friends with someone else.

I like being followed, but if, it means being followed by people who are there, just to add a number to your follower count. I am the kind of guy where if, a friendship is not mutual in any way, it’s not worth having in my eyes. This is why I followed mutuals on my new account.

And I wanted to make new friends, my old friends, I  have outgrew them

And I rather not be “known” as a speedrunner on my new account. I’m not too fond of speed running to begin with. I will talk about this, later on.

I wanted to re-brand myself as something else, using Sonik has got pretty old and it needs to be a change. And my Girlfriend gave me the best name.

I followed all the people who I have a mutual friendship with, and made one exception to someone who is not a mutual.

These are reasons that you will disagree with, but they are my reasons and hope you understand, if, not, oh well. I’m not gonna worry.

You might be asking “what’s the new Twitter account, Sonik?” Well, chances are, I’m following you. I am following people I trust, and are mutual friends.

There is a chance, I might have missed some friends. As long as you are still following @SonikSama on Twitter, I will be able to find you, If, you unfollow Soniksama, I’m not going to bother to look for you.

2.  Speedrunning

I have been more off then on with speedrunning games. I do see the point. Yes, you speedrun to test yourself, and see if, you can improve your skills and beat your time, and maybe beat someone else time.

I can understand the drive to be better, and that’s great. But this hobby is a mixed bag. Speedrunning can bring the very best out of people, and it can bring the worst out of people. A double edge sword

I been “speedrunning” for far too long, and I reached my peak in speedrunning, and as such, I made a list of 10 games I have speedrun. You can view said list here.

While I no longer care for speedrunning, that much, and their community, ugh, I will still do SRL races, and Individual Levels of games. Who knows, I may add speedrunning to my future games, but who knows

But I have to see what the future holds, If I do any speedruns, I will upload them to Twitch but I won’t put them on SRC, at least, the sonic speedruns anyway.

You thought I was gonna say something bad about speedrunning. Didn’t you?

3.  Streaming

Ah, this is something I lost interest in. I used to enjoy streaming to entertain viewers and chat with viewers, and other streamers. But as streaming gets more advanced on twitch, the harder it becomes to entertain viewers, let alone get any viewers.

I will give my reasons why I lost interest in streaming.

Shitty ISP or Twitch messing up.

There no one to really entertain anymore

I’m a small channel, I have no way of getting noticed or entertaining people

No one really watches, as most of the stuff I have done was done better by someone else.

I don’t enjoy streaming as much (After 5 years of streaming.. Damn, it has been that long), going from entertaining viewers to no one is a bummer.

“You should not worry about views, stream for fun”  That used to work back in the old days of Twitch. Today, viewers seem to watch people speedruns, people rage at games, like fools, Social eating streams, IRL streams, and new game streams.

And the most common thing is Donation streams where people pay the streamer to watch freak out from bits or to donate for their “charity” Ugh.

*Streamer drama

It seems to be a common trend. Some shit is always going down. Twitch is full of nice people, but more than often, you meet the bastard who is nice but will stab you in the back later.

People assuming that other streamers are copying them, when they themselves copy others. Drama that happened with sunrose and someone else

Or disgusting is, people ganging up on those who were done wrong.

Why should I bother to stream when no one shows up? I can’t really compete with other streamers or have anything to offer that hasn’t already been done.

With the way Twitch is now, it’s hard for small channels like me to get anywhere. You have to stay relevant, in order to keep up on Twitch’s rat race. Yes, Twitch gives us the power to host to give small or big channels time in the light but it’s kinda worthless as it gets used on “bigger” streamers

So, to end this part, I will be doing 5 streams, assuming things go well.

Dec 5th, Dec 10th, Dec 15th, Dec 20th, Dec 25th And 31st as one bonus stream to end the last stream on new years

Game list below

Sonic Colors  (if it works, and I can find it.)

Mario Kart Wii

crypt of the necrodancer

mighty switch force

Super Meat Boy

  • Bonus stream

Once this happens, Any future streams will be for SRL races. But only time will tell how I will feel about streaming later in the future.

EDIT: I think I will take a break from streaming for a long while. :P

  1. Sonic Hack

Boy. So I made a post about this topic.  The main art for the hack is gone and level layout for Green hill Act one is, but it seems that levels that are edited will be wiped by some odd bug. So this hack is dead. It might just be a Special stage hack.

But it’s safe to say, this project is not gonna happen.

  1. New things

I been getting back into recording Let’s plays

Working on game dev stuff.

I have plans on making a Youtube let’s play Discord server.

Been making reviews, and having fun

Been making new friends

Life has been pretty sweet. ‘v’

My 2017 highlights

This has been a crazy year. Going to just highlight the crazy stuff that has happened :P

The start of the year was slow, like every year, but this was the year that stuff goes down.

Made a facebook discord server, but got rid of it due to drama

And during this year, I managed to beat BOTW on Normal and Hard. I am happy ^3^


And silly dumb drama. But what can you do? Drama suck, and fake friends suck.

Had my first mental breakdown cause of silly drama.

A twitter user who I figured would never follow me, has followed me. I mean, it’s cool, but was out of the blue.

My Girlfriend got me into playing Roblox, I thought it was a bad game. Most of the games are fun <3 :3

And then there is Sonic Mania. That game. I’m mostly negative toward that game.

And somehow managed to play Sonic Spinball again, and speedrun it. UGH

And then, there is the crazy weather. that was crazy, going to leave it at that.

And the fact that I got hit with some crazy cold / flu that came out of the blue.

I have been working on a game engine, in hopes to use it for a fan game, but it still needs work, and I been lazy and stuff.

Made a new discord (The one I have now) It’s semi dead. :P

Made plans to get back into doing Let’s plays

Had more skype calls with my GF :3

I have been speedrunning games

Made some more friends, I think. ouo!/201662!/199354!/199105!/195495!/193297!/194408!/205807!/204578!/203002

I have got in the groove of reviewing games.

Played Mario Kart 8 with SBCz

Speedrun games with friends.

This has been a mixed year for me. :P


2 Rants for the price of 1

There is something I always found annoying in people from time to time. It’s like, it builds up and becomes annoying over time. Hello, I’m sonik and I’m here to rant.

So, I see people and friends do this and it is a mindset that I find annoying is where friends and people tend to have where if they are “friends” with someone and they will push for you to be their friend as well.

I can see this being a normal and fair thing to do. I mean there is nothing with trying to get your old friends be friends with the new ones. I used to do that or be like that. The problem here is that you can’t assume or think cause you are “friends” with them, that would mean that everyone would just get along off the bat.

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