more thoughts on Pokimane drama

It is a follow-up post to my last post talking about the drama, which is here: the Pokimane drama

I want to share my new thoughts on this Pokimane drama since two new documents came out, a google document by Pokimane and a new google document by Fedmyster. Pokimane’s Google document debunks Fedmyster’s first document, which was 25 pages long.

Then Fedmyster’s new document “debunks” Pokimane’s document. I want to say, after “reading” these documents and seeing that fedmyster’s document leaker came out with his Google document, and why he leaked it. It’s stupid.

Let’s start with Pokimane. I felt if Pokimane had ignored Fedmyster’s advances or told offline tv about it, they would have stepped in, I assume. I will say that Pokimane making a document is far better than Pokimane trying to stream to debunk stuff poorly and making things worse.

And Fedmyster, he’s not in the clear as well. Had he not laid a hand on the girl on offlinetv, this drama would not have happened, and the world would be slightly better off without this dumb drama.

Fed should have kept his hands to himself. If he wants to get drunk like an idiot, that’s his life, but never do so, and return to a stream house wasted. You are asking for trouble at that point, and it seems like Fedmyster got said problem.

Is it messed up that Pokimane had a guy over to play a game of “smash” or letting the guy touch home base while Fedmyster was trying to get over Pokimane? If it is true, it is wrong to do that. And this information is public to the world to read and see in video audiobooks now.

Fedmyster needs to go and leave social media to work on himself, continue to get help, and not write these documents to have this back and forth with Pokimane because it’s not helping him or her.

Fedmyster should haven’t trusted this person who leaked the Google document. Should or if they show something important once without you telling them. You do not trust them again, which Fedmyster sadly trusts the person once again to have the new Google document dropped to the world as well.

It is why you can’t mixed love and work together, or rather, you can’t mix a YouTube/streamer house with random strangers and relationships. It does not work because stuff like this happens, and it becomes a problem for everyone.

My final thoughts: Fedmyster should keep his hands off women. Pokimane should try to ignore advances or tell them you are not looking for anything. This whole Pokimane vs. Fedmyster drama is anything but good. Like we need to hear about more twitter drama in 2020, and stupid drama at that. It was a situation that got handled poorly.

People have felt the need to air out their drama to the world. It needs to stop. Do that in DMS, talk it out, and stop letting others see this dumb stuff. All this drama has done has made me believe that Pokimane is a lying snake, Fedmyster is a liar, And Pokimane’s friends are liars as well. I can’t trust these people.

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