My Plans or goals for 2017

Hello, everyone. Sonik meme killer here.

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My little Pony: Friendship is Magic – Derpy with glasses being adorable!

So. Here we are, everyone. On the final Day of 2016, we close this door behind us and open a new door to the unknown. And I hope everyone had a good year, for better or for worst.

There will be more adventures to be had in the unknown future but I guess you are here for the post.

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The Legend of Zelda – Link with a mustache (Artist unknown)

But let’s carry on, dear viewers. This is sorta my New years list of things I want to do.

I don’t have an order of the things that will be done. And Pretty happy to say It’s our 5th Happy anniversary and I’m proud. Wanted to drop that in here.

But let’s get to it lads or girls or ???

Things for 2017 I want to do or fix or try.

0 board update and Speedrun status

So for the board I manage “S2SR” (Sonic 2 Secret Rings edition ) I will make all times for the game, Real Time runs. I feel this is the better option of the two and Assuming I still have “Super Mod” Status, I will do so.

And for speedruns. I have said that I will put a stop to those speedruns on my channel but however, I will still do speedruns for the following reasons below

Speedruns for SRL (SpeedRunsLive)

If I like a game, I will speedrun it.

Submitting a run to

1 Pangya Celebrity

I do want to try Pangya when it gets an update in Jan of 2017 to see if it is good. I did like playing Pangya but one thing I don’t care for is how serious the game can be taken but yeah.

If the update to Pangya Fresh Up is good. Then I will play solo and give the game another go but however, I think I will wait to play with Pangya with other players.  I do hope the game will no longer crash when it gets an update to Pangya Fresh Up.  But I will see if it will be worth the time.


Another one was yu-gi-oh. I have no wish to play the game anymore as Tigre ruined that for me. Maybe in the future, I may have plans of playing Yu-gi-oh again but Nah. I will just watch the anime. Check, please!

3 Fix the damage? Maybe.

Fix the burned bridge and unblock people And tell them, “Hey, sorry”

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LOL. Maybe. I might even do it in a live stream and just say “Know what, I’m sorry X and X” But they ain’t going to see it or hear me say so oh well.

But as someone, I don’t know said to me. Something about fixing the damage when the time is right


Thank you. Cheers.


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Sonic Boom (Cartoon Network) – Sticks The Badger. speedrunners, I’m not like the rest of the sheep who get impressed when someone speedruns Sonic Unleashed or sonic colors cause this is not a problem

The problem is when you are friends with these sheep. You have anything negative to say about this stream I like? “You are wrong and being an asshole. These people or sheep don’t make good friends cause god forbid, you talk about someone or make anything about them.

They will defend that person or people and turn on you and will make something that is nothing into a big deal. Not going to mention them but should they do it again. I will get rid of them as friends or associates

I can make a longer rant on this later in 2017 and get my point across some other time.

As you can see. I love to rant.

/—/END RANT/—/

4 Game Maker

Another thing I want to do is spend more time on Game Maker studio and make some games, if I can that is. Learning GML (Game Maker Language) or GMS (Game Maker Studio) and this is way more important then Pangya or yu-gi-oh or playing games but my opinion.

5 More live streams

Another thing is, I want to get back into streaming more games and podcasts with friends and such but as of late, is a little unstable for streaming at the moment as their server shit the bed too much for my liking but maybe things will be a bit better.

6 More Trace art

I want to get back to doing Trace art and drawing but that’s on hold, till I get a new mouse at least and Live streams and GMS tie in well cause my mouse is dead. It will be a while but Expect more trace art in the future SFW and NSFW.

7  Getting rid of associates and friends

I want to get rid of people I’m not happy with anymore and That applies to all social media sites, So if you take it the wrong way, I don’t know and all seriousness, This has been on my mind for a while.

If I do remove you / unfollow you as a friend from social.

Not to sound mean or rude but when I say “associates”. To me, “associates” feel like a crap shoot. They are there for you and got your back or they Don’t have your back.

This is why I’m nicer to friends then “associates”. And that’s a bad frame of mind to have but when you get backstabbed by “associates” who were your friends. It’s easy to have this mindset for me, Anyway

I guess it means, I just don’t want to be friends or I felt we should be friends with others but no hard feelings.

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Anime – Plastic Neesan

I’m sure it would happen sooner or later but hey, On the off chances we are still friends, I hope we have a great year.

8 More youtube videos and twitch videos

I want to get back into doing more let’s plays videos cause as you know, my youtube channel is pretty inactive but I want to fix that and upload more videos and let’s play videos for youtube and twitch

9 Working out

Spend time getting fit and doing other things and having fun, once a day to stay healthy and well and plan on working out for an hour or 2 per day or maybe more.

10 Cutting off bad memes

So for this year, I want to stop memes as I grow tired of memes and I don’t mind them but when you bring up memes non-stop; it’s then that it gets annoying and unwanted at that point and speaking of memes. Banning emotes, The biggest Twitch.TV meme there is.

Kappa is an emoticon of one that represents sarcasm, irony, puns, jokes, and trolls and I like every emote, well almost every emoticon is ok to a point.

Also, the thing is if you use Kappa after everything you say, well then, I won’t take you seriously but that is the point I get it but it gets old fast and then most likely, You won’t really be trusted for anything.

So to sum it up. If a emoticon gets used to a point where I find it annoying, It will be banned then replaced with *** And I don’t want ban emotes but I will if I need to.


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Sonic the Hedgehog – Sonic X – Amy’s Rose hammer space

And that’s really all I have planned for good old 2017 and what I want to do.

If you’re a pessimist or realist or optimist or whatever. I hope you all have a good 2017 everyone.

Unless you are a cunt who likes to ruin things for others then GTFO you CHEEKY CUNT

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My little Pony: Friendship is Magic – Derpy hooves smile (derpibooru)

I await your comments. Someone will be triggered by this.

People have issues with what I say but don’t say anything to me.

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Bunny Cute GIF (Artist unknown to me)