A Fun Birthday

May 11th. Was a day I dread the most since it is one day where leading up to May 11th, I lose control of my emotions in the since I get very depressed or sad or angry but after that happens. I somewhat go back to normal, after the meltdown. :P

But on to my Birthday. Got a lot of happy Birthday wishes from friends and associates, a cool gift but more on that later. And did a fun 8 Hour stream and did a lot of stuff.

The 8 Hour Stream was of many things https://www.twitch.tv/videos/618058942 Here the past broadcast. Gonna make this into highlights or a archive.

Playing SADX Randomizer but it was for a little as I was not feeling sadx rando today. Will make a post in the future about this.

I was gonna play Sonic 4 as a joke but then I remember the game was ruined for me and I dislike it greatly.

Spent the rest of the day, playing SRB2K or Sonic robo blast 2 Kart and coding my fan game and having a blast. Playing the game with Zombie and Auto. It was fun.

HyperSonic7701 and Super Chris. They were fun* to play games with in SRB2 Kart. Though, they just kinda invited themselves to my “party” but at least they didn’t ruin my day, so there is that. :P

I tried to code / show off something but couldn’t get what I wanted to show off, work. I managed to show it off near the end though but everyone had left by then.

I did plan on playing elsword and dust for the B-day stream but Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart took up the time I had planned but was not all bad. Will probably up end doing a coding stream and playing Dust.

If I ever do something like this again, I will do something in the future, I didn’t plan on HyperSonic7701 and Super Chris to join since I had plans to do a stream with Zombie and AutobotODST. :P

May Update post. Keep a lookout for that. A lot the talk about there. :3

During the SRB2K, I was gifted a cool game “20xx” from my buddy, James. It was out of the blue, did not expect to get a gift.. It was a nice surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

Game: 20xx

I hope I can run this game well with my buddy, AutoBotODST. It should be a grand time, and I do enjoy megaman type games. Can’t wait to play this with Auto. it will be mega fun.

After the stream ended, A new version of SRB2 Kart dropped, which was funny to be honest but also neat. Granted, it was a small update but a update is a update.

And I saw SBCz come in to say one thing. Being lost in the chaos and Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart took up half the screen. By the time I saw the Message, SBCz was already gone

From my twitch vod

That Is true. But no worries. If we ever play SRB2K again, I can give you a S.P.B and fun times. We have to do that again, play games together. :P

But overall, was a fun B-day with a nice surprise and birthday wishes from friends and associates. And a thank you to those who came by to not shit on my day. It was fun blast.

Well, now I must get back to making my fan game, and playing Elsword. I’ll be sure to add HyperSonic7701 and Super Chris as secret bosses. Gonna have fun programming that in. Got a lot of bugs to fix, things to add, and levels to make, but it’s gonna happened.

I won’t forget to add those bosses, Don’t worry,

May 11th is gonna be one day I won’t forget. No siree.

See you later.


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