Ah, ThunderCry – an end to a saga

Ah, ThunderCry. What a discord server I have been a part of for 11 months. It is funny. I joined this server back when I was down on my luck and so depressed. I didn’t know where I wanted to do in life and still don’t. But I will say I am in a better place.

And well, I suppose it is time for me, huh? There comes a time for me to move on and leave a chapter behind in my life. ThunderCry brought some form of happiness to my life during 2020. there is a part in that chapter I want to leave behind. And now, I have my discord server to focus on and other things.

But I want to list the good things that came out of ThunderCry. It’s only fair since I got so much from ThunderCry, and learned so much. And the guild has done so much for me during 2020.

1. Being good at games

They were cool strangers that helped out other players and me when I asked for help. For someone who was trying to figure out elsword, they came along and helped me out. I was used to playing along but couldn’t get far. But after ThunderCry, they showed me how to be self-sufficient in MMORPGs. I suppose I was like a baby bird still learning, and they helped me in games, crazy, huh.

2. Made some new friends

I met some strangers in ThunderCry who turned into friends and met some crazy ass people there. ThunderCry is a neat little server and houses some weird people, but those eerie people are some of my friends. Tez, Ultimate, Naid(?), Crozz(shocking), Shaive, Nomad, Rin, Lulu(not her friend yet. It was funny to watch her correct Ultimate.)

3. ThunderCry helped me

This server kept me alive when I wanted to do something harmful to myself. I should reel that back. ThunderCry kept my mind off the depressing thoughts I had by having stupid conversations over things or the members being annoying. It is how I saw it, lol.

But it is because of that stupid nonsense, I was slightly happy in 2020, not counting the crazy stuff in ThunderCry, I have a lot to be thankful for, and I am now back on my feet. So, to speak. It is time I spread my wings and soar.

So, why I’m leaving?

That one person might want an answer.

I am leaving ThunderCry because it is a part of my life I want to shut close. And there is no other way to make it sound nice. I love almost everything that ThunderCry has done for me.

And another reason is, I am still trying to find myself. Figuring out who I am, what I want to do. And it is a long road ahead of me and a road I must walk alone for a bit to figure everything out since 2020 changed me, for better or worst. And I feel staying there in ThunderCry will not do me any good.

And this was a feeling I had way back when Shaive left the guild and server. The other reason I didn’t go before because I got told I would make a “great” admin. It’s funny looking back on it all. But now, I left the elsword guild: “ThunderCry.”*** They seem to be doing well. I will take my leave. It was one hell of a ride, and I wouldn’t have it any other way, stupid nonsense and all.

Would I come back to ThunderCry? Time would tell. If I figure out who I am and what I want out of life and friends. The chance is there, assuming ThunderCry would be around after I figure out my life and everything. But as of now, no. Need space away from the guild. But staying in ThunderCry, I came to terms I don’t like being there with this current mindset, and I feel it is for the better if I left.

I planned to leave ThunderCry on April 18th but things changed. It was going to be fitting, as that was the moment I made a post on joining ThunderCry. That will also be the day I post about my leaving. I wish ThunderCry, the best of luck. I hope they have a good time. Leaving the server does not mean the friendship has ended. Here is a fitting line: “Do not cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

I’m sure I will get a DM from a ThunderCry member about how they do not like what I said, and honestly, that is fine. It is how I been feeling, and it’s time I acted on this feeling, no?

No one is sad. So that is good. I did everything I wanted to do at ThunderCry, and I need to do what makes me happy. Goodbye, ThunderCry. Stay awesome, Ultimate, the true muffin king. And everyone. I’m proud of Reis and crozz

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