Blog featured in SomeOrdinaryGamers’ video

Ok, so this is crazy, but something wild happened. I was making a Wix forum, and after I got done with it. I went to check my blog since I had eight new views around 9 Am. I come back to find that I gained a spike in views from 8 to 29 blog views. I was wondering where these views came from but gave up trying to figure that out.

So I went over to youtube to watch some videos before I logged on to Genshin Impact for the night, and I see muta from SomeOrdinaryGamers upload a new video on Sonic Gather Battle. Being curious, I watched the video to see what current information he has on this (virus)fan game* and around 10:19 timestamp, I see something that almost made my heart stop. I see my blog got featured in SomeOrdinaryGamers’ video for a few seconds. And mind you, this is a large youtube channel that has 2.36 mil subscribers.

And for someone who felt that his posts would never get seen outside of, this made me very happy to know that was not the case. My blog post that was featured is here: Sonic Gather Battle “fan game” And this makes my need to blog even greater.

Gabriel Dropout GIF - Gabriel Dropout Anime GIFs

And the post that got featured in the video was here. And I will be linking to the SomeOrdinaryGamers’ video. The guy, Mutahar, is a great person. I watched him back during the days when he did slender man videos. But his video made my day or night, and I don’t think anything could ever top it. 5 days into 2021, and things are looking up, and they are looking good, it seems.

I just wanted to talk about this since I made that post on Sonic Gather Battle in 2017, and what I said in that post, I still standby it. When making fan games, you make fan-games to make others happy, not sad. You make fan games, with the fact that you can learn to make better games, not better DRM’s. Fan games are things that should never have a DRM. Unless you are making your own game from the ground up, A DRM does intend to stop* pirates. It should never get used as a tool to harm a pc.

With my fan games, I hope to make. They are for fun. I learn how to make games and learn how to do something better. And fan games are great, and when you are ready, you can make your games.

I have finished writing this post. Thank you for reading. :3

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