Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis thoughts

Where do I begin? I have so many thoughts towards Phantasy Star Online 2 / Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis because I spent well over 300+ hours playing Phantasy Star Online 2, and to see the state that it is in. It hurts, as someone who used to play other things, like genshin impact, Elsword, and fate go. It is not a good feeling.

The start

My experience with Phantasy Star Online 2 has been mixed at the start, but slowly got better over time. At first, I did not enjoy base Phantasy Star Online 2’s moment, and combat engine. It felt too stiff and slow for my liking. The affix system felt too arcade and harsh. Almost like a resident evil 1 game in how old systems were handled. User-friendly was not the main feature here. And while I still feel the same.

But over time, I grew to love or stand the combat engine, and other features. And with time, Base Phantasy Star Online 2 became a favorite of my MMORPG’s I enjoy playing. So to sum things up.

Hated the base Phantasy Star Online 2 start, but later on grew to love it, barring the affix system. It was a great MMORPG, and it was a game I could tell others to play Phantasy Star Online 2 because it was fun and worth the time.

What Happened

New Genesis was given a date, and this was post-New Genesis closed beta, I want to say. And we got the news that base Phantasy Star Online 2 would be getting no more log-in bonuses, no more mission pass in base Phantasy Star Online 2, no more player shop passes.

Things that made base Phantasy Star Online 2 fun for casual players like me and my friends have been stripped away and I figured New Genesis would make me feel more hopeful that what happened in base Phantasy Star Online 2 can be recreated in New Genesis.

New Genesis comes out and the game is a mess, lag spikes, bugs, game-breaking bugs, affixing bugs, falling through the floor.

But even with all the issues, surely base Phantasy Star Online 2 is still playable, right? Ahem, Sega in their infinite wisdom decided to remove all but 8 main blocks in base Phantasy Star Online 2. I’m sure you might be thinking. “Why is that bad?”

let’s say you are your friends are free to play and don’t have the Phantasy Star Online 2 version of membership called premium, and you wanted to play base Phantasy Star Online 2 post-New Genesis launch. You have to hope the blocks are not full. And if you and your friends get into base Phantasy Star Online 2, you have to hope if you end up switching blocks by going to an area that will switch you to different blocks that said blocks are not full.

If they are full, you get an error and will be logged out, and at this point, base Phantasy Star Online 2 feels pay to play, the casino is behind a paywall (funny) unless you already had coins. Things that made welcoming for new players are not there. Base Phantasy Star Online 2 did not need to be gutted like this.

New Genesis Fallout

What’s good about new genesis and my thoughts? The best thing hands down have to be the affixing system, enhancing system. The best upgrade and miles better than base Phantasy Star Online 2 affixing. Some classes feel faster, the base classes got a nice upgrade. That’s where my good things about New Genesis ends. New Genesis feels like a souped-up version on the base Phantasy Star Online 2 engine, and I feel the game should have been delayed because it seems like the close beta test has lasted longer.

But sad thing is, this is the “full” game. Sega could have released this later, and in a more stable state. If you are a sonic fan, you know sega has a habit of rushing games in a poor state.

It is crazy to feel this way, as a Phantasy Star Online 2 casual player, I enjoyed base Phantasy Star Online 2 but New Genesis, not so much, I feel more disappointed, to be honest. I had friends with who I used to play Phantasy Star Online 2. I used to be so happy New Genesis was coming out cause I thought, sega was taking their time with New Genesis, but I was wrong, very wrong.

New Genesis feels like it is aimed towards paying players, and players that whale on AC banners, buy premium, seem like the target players. And lack of content that is being dipped fed to the players when it could have been delayed.

The guild I am in has whales, and hardcore players that play the game a lot, as a casual player, I do not want to continue playing this mess of a game unless friends want to play, even that is starting to fade. I still feel the same about New Genesis, negative. I loved base Phantasy Star Online 2, I placed every game I was playing to the side for this game.

Would I recommend playing Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis? In the game’s current state and lack of content, no, I would not. You would be better off playing Genshin Impact, World of Warcraft, Fate Grand Order, or FF14. Sega wants everyone to play Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis instead.


And from what I saw on the steam store, players have been sending users who give Phantasy Star Online 2/New Genesis, a negative review, threats. These users do not like opinions, or someone having a negative experience with a game they love. That’s petty, and a little crazy.

Thank you for reading.