It is funny. I remember when I made some posts on elsword guilds and talking about how I first joined ThunderCry. Crazy how time flies, huh?

It is time I make a post about ThunderCry and how it is doing. Since the discord server and guild have fallen from grace, in my opinion. The discord server is not gone by any means. But those that were in the discord were either kicked from the server. Left the discord server on their own or cut off all connections from the guild members.

I’m still in the guild server because I made good friends there, and I have a place to talk to friends and play games with friends. When did it all fall apart? At least in my eyes, it started to fall apart after a few key members left. Thundercry is a shell of its former self.

But I guess before I get ahead of myself, I should set the scene and explain what is ThunderCry about, so you will have some idea of what I’m talking about here.

Table of content
What is ThunderCry?
Where did it go wrong?
The ThunderCry aftermath

Editor’s note: I’m just sharing how things went down from my point of view and some personal thoughts about ThunderCry.

What is ThunderCry?

ThunderCry is a discord server that was mainly a discord server made for Elsword related content. Farming dungeons for item drops and titles, doing raids, getting stronger. ThunderCry was a way to make new friends while getting help and support for later content in Elsword.

The intent was there, but sadly, only 3 of 6 things were done, with my time being there. The guild when I joined was about building up users, not tearing them down, and helping each other.

And if I remember right, ThunderCry was made by Dai/Reis and Ultimate?

Where did it go wrong?

As good as it sounds, it was too good to be true. A few months into the guild began problems within the guild. People were starting shit, people being fake. And whenever something went. I would try to break it up or cool things down, which most of the time made things worse. Those months were rough, but we managed. Then to me, what has killed ThunderCry was the moment that people started to leave the guild.

CrimCrim2 left, Paygelin(Art) left, Mei left, NomadSOA left, Hajime left, and others got removed for being inactive and the big one Sckyal. After Sckyal left after stating he wanted to join a guild that could reach end game content in elsword or something to that effect.

I had a feeling about how things were going to play out. The main part guild was gone once the lad left the server. He was someone I could talk to about things. He wasn’t an elsword elitist. He was a cool guy I was able to know for a while.

Once Sckyal and others were gone. The ThunderCry guild never felt so empty with all my time there. I felt like I was alone, but I started to befriend Tez, and it was not so bad. I learned to not be buddy-buddy with Rin after one fateful day but Rin is still a cool lass.

I want to say July to September, is the months when life was starting to get better is where Dai/Reis left ThunderCry for good, and where Rin left as well. While others leaving the server was not the main reason for ThunderCry caving in on its self, it was enough to set things into motion.

It is funny. I knew how things would play out. And to be honest, there were a few things I got wrong, but it was on point for the most part.

The ThunderCry aftermath

I’m still in the ThunderCry guild server. I have long since left the in-game guild. There is no one to help or play with in-game. I was a ThunderCry Admin at one point, but I ask to have the role removed as it was pointless for me to be an admin when there was no need for one.

So, who is still standing or active in the aftermath?

Ultimate: He is still around. He is active but super busy with life, school. He doesn’t have much time to play, but Ultimate has changed for the better. He is way less uptight, but his communications skills need a bit of work. The lad doesn’t like to respond when talking to him in calls, but he will join them.

Lulu: The lass that speaks barely, if she does speak, it is to point out Ultimate saying something stupid. I don’t know the lass. She keeps to herself.

Crozz: The lad is still here. He has changed for the better. He still has an unfiltered mind and continues to say dumb stuff, but he is getting better.

Tez: The cool man. Still around. He is busy with life and work and being a father. He does have time to play games once in a while. Tez is the cool laddy. I have been playing Genshin Impact with him or elsword or anything.

There are others like Naid and other ThunderCry members, but they don’t talk all that often or have become inactive. With all of that has happened to ThunderCry, why do I stay in a pretty much-abandoned discord server? Here are my reasons:

1) I continue to stay in the discord because I have memories in the ThunderCry guild. Most of them were poor memories, but the good ones make up for the bad memories.

I know I mentioned I would leave if Tez left the ThunderCry server. But I’m not too sure. The only people I talk to are Tez, Crozz (sometimes), and Ultimate.

2) It would be a low blow for me to leave my friends behind because a discord server is dead / not active. That discord server, “ThunderCry.” Was there for me when I was in a regretful place in life. And for me to leave it after getting the support. I have honor, and I refuse to abandon the server. I left the in-game guild, yes. I needed a break, but I will always part of ThunderCry till they close the shop.

3) And the last reason is a picture that Rin made for ThunderCry. It shows me, Ultimate, Lulu, and Rin. I suppose it is silly, but it is my reason for staying.

ThunderCry banner made by Rin.

ThunderCry is still around, but it is a far cry from what it once was, a helpful active community that was welcoming. It is sad to see ThunderCry get left in this state. To me, what made ThunderCry was the members. Others will say otherwise, but for me, this is true. When you lose those members, you lose what made ThunderCry, ThunderCry.

That’s all I wanted to say about ThunderCry. A guild that lost its soul feels empty and hollow. It has lost a good number of members. ThunderCry is not dead, but it’s not as alive as it once was. It no longer feels the same to me, but I will stay in the server until the day they shut it down, or I leave the server on my own.

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