Elsword: Never change classes on a whim

Ah, So you know you done something stupid in a game when you have regrets after the fact. What am I talking about? I changed my ain richter to an ain bluhen.

This is bad since my old Ain ( ain richter) was a a physical class and not magical. Now being Bluhen now, I’m a magical class and all of my damage and power that Ain richter had is GONE and that really sucks. I shot myself in the foot with this move. I can’t do much unless I either change my gear to magical types or buy a class change ticket.

Don’t get me wrong, Bluhen is pretty amazing at clearing dungeons. Better then Richter when it comes to clearing out dungeons. And the long range attacks are great and most of Bluhen Skills are not bad. Some of the attacks seem to do more damage more then Richter’s attacks. And that’s great but for me, it’s not going to do me any good being a Bluhen. If I had a magical  copy of my Physical gear, I think I would be in a better spot but that’s not the case for this.

But for now, I will just have to pay some K-coins and change back to a richter. My range will be poor but my damage will be much better then what it is now.

Change is nice. I learned about Bluhen but never do anything on a whim because you may or will regret it later. I sure as hell did regret it. Never doing anything like that again unless I am sure I won’t regret it later on.

But that’s all. See you later. :P

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