Talking about Thundercry

Ok. So, I want to humor Ultimate’s plan. Let’s assume that he plans to “revive” ThunderCry. You would need to fix some things on the server. Now I can’t say this would get taken into consideration, but it is worth a shot.

Hi, I’m onychaos. I will be your guide and give some insight into some problems I see with the guild. I already made a post on ThunderCry, which you can check out here >> ThunderCry << Which in that blog post, I give a better run down of what ThunderCry is* or was. But onto the blog post. What can one do when the core of something is gone? And put down your weapons, all whole five of you ThunderCry members.

What are the issues that ThunderCry has?

Table of content:
Server changes?
Kicking inactive members
Lack of server events
Who will join?
Ultimate’s plan?
Closing Thoughts

Redacted. Won’t do this in the future.

1.) Server changes?

So, the server is focused on Elsword content, yes? There are other things to talk about here. You can talk about other video games, but this discord server got created with the intent of being an elsword only server. Whatever the case may be, you will need to change some things up. Like what? Glad you asked.

1.2) Kicking inactive members

So, I feel this helped harmed ThunderCry. That and Shaive, and characters, leaving the guild. It is good to kick inactive members after 3 to 5 months. I would say that is a fair kicking point. Because let’s say you kick some inactive members after a month or 15 days, alright.

If those members come back and find they got kicked from the guild, they will join a better guild, and those users will have no reason to return to ThunderCry(TC). And if the users should return, they might leave right after a day or so.

And TC needs new members, and kicking members after a month has done no good for you. Let’s look at some things. Ok.

“Rule 4: The Inactivity Limit is 15 Days without any reports or notice of absences. Upon a deadline of 15 days, your character will get kicked from the guild. If you’d like a re-invitation, please contact an Admin or the GM, and they will be there for you shortly.”

木下凛 – Ex guild admin of ThunderCry

I feel this needs to become 30 days at max, but it’s my opinion, and because 15 days is short, you know you give a reason for people to find a better guild once they do get kicked. But that’s on you. Look where TC is in terms of active members.

And I’m sure someone in ThunderCry server will say, “15 days is good enough for the server.” Or something along those lines. And if that happens, tell me how the guild is doing so far? Is the guild booming with active members?

Even in the server, who is active in the guild? And It’s not just TC. That’s why having a short deadline does more harm than good. You have more space for active members, sure, but you throw away members, and you want to make the guild alive?

And if you plan on kicking inactive members, use @everybody ping instead of writing the message. People are in other servers or offline, and when they see an unread message popup, chances are they will write it off as nothing important.

If you are going to do this, at least do it right. I will be real here. If I was still in the guild, and I got kicked. There was no way I was ever going to come back. I know I could ask for a reinvite, but I would have my time there soured.

1.2) Lack of server events

The guild used to hold events. It was a way to do something besides playing elsword.

“Yes, this server often has events planned on Saturdays (in US time), and if you have any suggestions or ideas, please do list them within #submissions. Participation within events is entirely optional and is for everyone’s enjoyment and satisfaction (if possible). Event information will always be posted in #server-events-and-announcements”.

木下凛 – Ex guild admin of ThunderCry

Ha, it’s a funny joke seeing this. It is what made being in a guild, you know, fun, community-wise. If we wanted to lay back and chill, we could have something else to do, like play silly movies, play games that are not elsword, or build a community. I mean, at one point, we had a server that was active but looking at it now. It’s sad. But now I feel if you were to host an event, who would join now? Not that you host any events now. Anyone left is not there, in other servers, or doesn’t want to chat.

2.) Who will join?

We are at the point where new players are slowly being weeded out of Elsword thanks to the end game, which means fewer members for guilds, which means more elitists or old players are going to be left standing, players will join guilds but quit the game since they are new or get stuck, or probably new jump characters.

Those that are not in a guild are most likely alt characters, and they already have a guild of choice that they plan to join in or not. And if they enter the guild, they might leave right after joining, so. It is hard to see ThunderCry getting a “Revival” in this age of elsword. And any guild for that matter.

3.) Ultimate’s plan?

I will humor Ultimate’s plan. I will assume that he plans to bring more life into the guild, ok. The guild is back from being dead. What are you planning to do to keep the guild from going back under this time? Is this a short term plan that will last for a month or two months?

What can you do to pump life back into the shell that is, ThunderCry, because what ThunderCry does is done better by another guild and same can be said of other guilds, and what can you provide that other guilds don’t have?

Ultimate continues to talk about this plan, but he must remember that is there is: expectation vs. reality. He’s making this plan seem grand, but all it is doing is setting up some expectations that it will make things better or do something big in ThunderCry, but there is a chance that reality will hit, and at that point, you have set yourself up for failure. What then?

I want ThunderCry to do well too, but let’s look at the facts. ThunderCry staff* is not needed. I would dare say in the state that ThunderCry is in, they are not needed, That’s why i asked to not be admin anymore. What messages are mods going to delete? Are they active in the In-game guild? Barely anyone talks, and if anyone talks, it is some long time users that chat (Naid, Ultimate, Tez, Dai, Crozz, and Me).

The members that are there do something? Dai/Reis is back, but for how long, huh? Rin is gone. Everyone else that mattered is gone though, some users have come back to the guild or server after leaving. We have some new users in ThunderCry. And they are bringing the server back from being dead*, but I will see how this turns out.

5.) Closing Thoughts

Alright, Ultimate, impress me. Show me what this plan can do or what is this plan? Can your grand plan help make things better for ThunderCry? I am ready to believe that you and whoever is alive in ThunderCry can revive the guild. I feel like this plan will do very little but prove me wrong by showing me what this plan can do. I would like to see the guild active again.

And what I mean is you keep bring up this plan of yours. What is it going to do? Not telling me what this plan is. Leaving me to assume your plan. should be a bit more clear. For all I know this plan is just you improving on the fly but I don’t know what this plan is. Don’t tell me it, show me it.

Would I rejoin ThunderCry if it came back or got revived? Maybe in the future, but as of now, no. ThunderCry, to me, is dead. Everything that made ThunderCry is gone to me. ThunderCry doesn’t need me there. The guild does not need me. I will still help out my old guild members that are active anyway in ThunderCry. Until they no longer need my help, or they quit.

And, the only people I talk to in ThunderCry is Ultimate, Tez, Crozz, Naid. Everyone else is shy or inactive. There are just some of the issues I have with ThunderCry, and I feel fixing them would not do much, since again, there are better guilds that do the same thing but bit better. Should ThunderCry have been made as an elsword server? No. But not my place to judge.

ThunderCry should have been its own thing but with elsword on the side. But this is Ultimate’s server and guild. He can do whatever he wants to his guild/server. That’s why I have been making my discord server. `^`

Ah, so update as 12/21/2020: Ultimate has been recruiting new members. And the server has been getting active of people chatting as of late, but that is because of the elsword jump event. Once these users get to the end game and later, and If they get there, I’m sure they will quit like every other user that came before them, and it will happen. That’s why I still have doubts that ThunderCry can come back from the dead. I can still hope for the best and have my doubts of something.

I have doubts that these new members will stay in the guild/server and stay active. This plan seems like it is a short-term plan. It’s safe now but in the long-term. It might fall apart, and who knows? Assuming Elsword is still around in the future, ThunderCry may come back in some form, if Ultimate’s plan does anything.

That’s all I wanted to say, Ultimate, Tez, Crozz, Naid. These are just some things, these are my issues with the guild and server, but I am one person. And everything I said here, you are free to ignore it. Ultimate didn’t seem to ignore it.

Here shall be my last blog post on ThunderCry. There is nothing more I want to say about ThunderCry. Whatever happens to ThunderCry from this point on will happen. I said everything I wanted to say. And I won’t mention any more issues about the guild.

So, um. Hey, this is a opinion piece. You feel one way and I feel another way. Opinions are good to have because they are not facts. :3

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