Sonic Adventure DX Randomizer 2.1.1 review

Alright. I made some post on this Sonic Adventure DX mod or rather two posts but never done a full on “review” since this mod is still a work in progress (W.I.P) Or early access would be a better term? It’s a public mod but new versions are in the works for beta testers

So, as stated, Sonic Adventure DX Randomizer is a mod created by Sora_yxow that randomizes stages, voices, music, characters (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Gamma, Big, Super Sonic, and Metal Sonic), bosses, mini games, and more.

With that in mind. Everything is random. You can have the normal stages in the base game with the randomizer stages edited for the mod, and if you wish, you can edit the seed to have custom runs which is cool.

my review

I used to be a Sonic Story speedrunner and ran this game for a month, and during this time I got sick of Sonic Adventure DX, and people telling me I should try to do even better

But after that month, I disliked SADX and stopped running it. I dare to say I at one point hated Sonic Adventure DX and seeing MastaKirby stream it and watching Drax or HDN_Draxirch who streamed SADX randomizer in discord calls which took away a lot of the magic the mod had

But took a while since I was still against the Idea but came around to it because I’m not a stick in the mud, and it gives life to a game I didn’t like but it is fun to play with.

It’s not as hard to setup, if anything it is easy and there is a short little guide if you are lost and that is great. There is even a installer that does the work for you.

And my time with the mod, to be honest is a little mixed. Well I love the mod, it adds a needed spin to a game that needed a mix up and this just shows that if you know code, you can make some great tools, mods, and even overhauls. This comes to mind when bring up mods.

It goes without saying but it is far from done. Like a game, each release has bugs that needs to be found and reported to be fixed. I came across a few bugs during SADX Randomizer 2.0 and SADX Randomizer 2.1

What is there to talk about? Everything is random. Stages have been made just for randomizer so you can’t get stuck. When you break it down, you are playing a overhauled version of SADX that is like the binding of issac or a rouge-lite diet mod but it’s not a bad thing

Gamma – Twinkle Park act 2 hover crash I think this was fixed in 2.1? I do not know if this still happens and will have to see if I get Gamma again.

And the other one is Super Sonic Drowning but you can still move but die afterwards which is odd but was never meant to drown since there are no animations for drowning you just die.

And this bug in Skydeck is funny but weird. I hit / jumped Amy, and she landed on me which pushed me out? I guess it’s akin to Sonic 3 carnival night act 1 bug that is used in speedruns.

And here is a mini game kart bug that is pre 2.1, I believe this was clipped by HyperSonic7701. Still shocked this happened. lol

As far as things go. Sonic Adventure DX Randomizer mod 2.1 is a blast. It has it bugs. Even after watching HDN_Draxirch ruin the magic for me. I still manage to enjoy it and have fun.

Is Sonic Adventure DX Randomizer fun? It’s subjective since it’s based on two things. Do you like random things and Sonic Adventure, then you will like this mod.

Do you like random things but don’t like Sonic Adventure or like Sonic Adventure but don’t like random things? that’s gonna be a hard sell but if that is the case.. Give the mod a try, at the very least. It’s better to play then watch

One thing to keep in mind is if you download Randomizer and other mods, be aware that some mods may not mix well or cause some bugs or crashes I learned the hard way.

And to touch on a beta version.

SADX randomizer 2.1.2

There are a lot of big changes here. Bug fixes, new content, features and much more. ;) I love 2.1.2 or the randomizer in general but the issue and the only big issue is Gamma vs Egg Walker This fight on critical mode really did ruined my experience but that’s not fair of me to do. I will give 2.1.2 another go.

As far as I know from sora_yxow, there is no way to target the legs without a hassle. I gave it a honest try but It’s bad. It can be done but I’m done. Some shockwaves hurts and others don’t? I never got that or understood that.

This version is fun and bug finding is gonna be fun to do.

I tip my hat to you. Sora_yx, Raytwo, Kell, MainMemory, and the rest of the SADX randomizer team for this huge project

It took so long to make this cause I’m making a fan game cause I wanted to make a review rather then my thoughts. Like always, you can get the mod here and to keep up with the dev of Sonic Adventure DX Randomizer mod, follow him here

And thanks for reading and you can find me using the sidebar or linkdump.

OnyChaos~ :3 Catboo / hahacat

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