SRB2K with MastaKirby

Oh man, playing Sonic Robo Blast 2 kart with MastaKirby, HyperSonic7701, Zombie (Zomb1esmasher15) Of course to play SRB2K, we had to do a race for Sonic Advance 3 and that was a ok. it was not fun. But Tigre didn’t forfeit this race so that’s good

Playing SRB2K while streaming it was fun, I even got raided by some streamer I never met or watch, which was cool. We had a lot of laughs, crazy games, interesting conversations and me just annoying Zombie in SRB2 and getting this bloody scream you hear in horror movies from the 90’s XD

Here one of the highlights where Zombie knocks Kirby off the stage and allowed me to take first place which before that, he had his, umm. “Crazy anime laugh” Moment. He got light-headed after. It was fun games around. Thank you Zombie. :3

You can watch the full vod here. though, it won’t be here for long. I don’t know If kirby will save this vod, so I can say is, watch while it is still up.

When MastaKirby hosts games in SRB2 / SRB2K, they are normally chill games, even when pros come in to ruin the fun 50% of the time. Granted, he is a bit safe with his net play games. Does not go wild or do something like this. I kinda wish he did games like ScottFalco does but more often.

Maybe one day :P But yeah, it was a fun night with associates.

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