Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis log 3

It’s another Phantasy star online 2 new genesis log, and I want to share updates and some old changes. And this will be a fun update with changes.

Cleared Dark Falz Rank 2

Something I was asked to join, and given I more or less was content with not clearing Dark Falz Rank 2, I was not too pressed with clearing this trigger quest since I was not that worried. But Aluria wanted me to have Dark Falz Rank 2 cleared for the sake of it. I was in no real rush.

It took me a few runs (8 runs, give or take) to get the hang of things given this trigger dark falz is one. But after learning, I was able to get by part 1 blue, part 1.5 red, and part 2 red was a bit of pain to get pass but by some luck, I was able to help the team clear.

It did feel nice to clear this trigger even though I think it is hard for the sake of being hard. And the team that helped me clear Dark Falz Rank 2: Aluria, Snowie, and DoubleDCritys. After a few failed runs, the next run was a success.

And even made good time to boot as well, and had time to spare should we need it.

DoubleDCritys gave me some rad items

My friend M0n had some LED sunglasses that caught my eye and had to get my hands on a pair but learned these were a base pso2 item and that’s when DoubleDCritys said they had a pair of LED sunglasses and they let me have them. It was a good day.

After I went to their base pso2 home to get the LED shades, I saw they had an outfit called Sakura Shinguji’s Hakama: Spring, and I was going to buy it for 40m last night since it was 4 AM and my decision-making became poor lol but DoubleDCritys came in to save the day :3

Making a second Kaizaar weapon

I made one Kaizaar weapon, and my next weapon will be Kaizaar boots. Aluria told me that the boots would be better than the Talis weapon and for a time, I believed that Talis was the better choice. After using Talis for so long, I am ready to make a different weapon.

My progress with the Kaizaar weapon has been good so far.

The only thing that is a pain is getting the cubes as that need more effort, a good party, and strong random players. Blizzardium is something I can wait for, every week 20 Blizzardium. I don’t mind at all.

I am almost done with cubes and I “might” try to farm cubes for a Kaizaar katana but I am almost done with this area. And with the rare drop rate on-going at this moment, farming cubes would be ideal since there may be more people farming ancients for cubes. And you know, strike while the iron is hot.

That’s all for these update logs. I might post another one in 2 weeks if anything good of note happens. See you then.


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