Joining in lifesfinewhine Blogger Award

I seen lifesfinewhine got the “The Original Outstanding Blogger Award” And I would say it is quite earned. All her post are original and very helpful. And she is pretty cool. This post is a day late but… Better late than never, right?

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The post was like a “tag me”, like on youtube in the old days. Share things about yourself and tag others. It’s always a fun time to learn new things about someone or at least know more about them.

At the end of her cool post, I saw her “My Nominees” was for anyone who wanted to comment on her post or make a post tagging her post with the same questions so she could she what others would like or see their answers. I hope this is ok. lol.

And being me. I can’t pass up a good offer like this. And I been in a posting mood lately, so strike while the iron is hot, and share my own answers for others to see. Her answers are interesting.

The post in question I’m talking about is “The Original Outstanding Blogger Award” by lifesfinewhine. Sorry, lifesfinewhine. Couldn’t help myself.. I say sorry a lot. lol

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Let’s get started, shall we? This should be fun and interesting for some.

What do you do in 5 Years?

In 5 years, huh? I hope to be a game developer who makes games and software in clickteam fusion 2.5+ for a living, still be a blogger and talking about what I like. It’s what I hope to do and maybe married.

Reading or writing, what do you love more?

I like reading and writing but if i had to pick only one, it would be writing. I love writing content, it’s fun. there no limit on what you can write, and I love it!

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Love You Happy GIF

Fiction or non-fiction? (or both)

I’m more of a fiction type of guy. But if non-fiction is good, I will give it a try. Fiction has been like a escape from reality, so I try to stick to fiction as I gravitate to that more.

Your all time favorite book?

Sadly, I don’t have a favorite book. I just read online manga or comics but I don’t have a favorite manga or comic either. Sorry.

TV-shows or Movies?

Tv shows / anime I do enjoy. I will watch movies if I am in the mood, fond of the series or know the series enough to watch it. But it’s 50/50 for TV and movies but I lean towards TV shows / anime

What’s your daily routine?

Sadly, unlike lifesfinewhine who has a daily routine, I do not. For me. I wake up around 6 Am to play a MMORPG or code my fan game, eat a light breakfast like oatmeal at 7 Am or 8 Am.

Untitled Sonic fan game

From 9 and onward, I just check social media or listen to music. 1 Pm to 5 Pm, I get ready to cook dinner and then I just do what I need to and go to sleep unless something comes up.

My daily routine, if you can call it that, is very chaotic, if anything. But I am able to follow it, weird I know.

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Anime Rolling GIF

Your guilty pleasure?

Bad puns, playing broken (buggy) games, making silly apps that never see the light of day, talking to new people even though I’m very shy. Posting bad puns in discord servers. Ranting, and venting.

That’s my answers for being one of the volunteer nominees for lifesfinewhine. Hope you like it. I couldn’t put this in a reply since I had a lot to say, and plus, more of a reason to blog more. :P

stay awesome.

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