Witching Hour Thoughts

Hey, it is time for the Witching Hour show “review”, and I don’t want to hold any punches. This will be my experience and how I see the guild. And maybe point out flaws in the guild and the members. The members are something I want to point out, some members can get out of hand, or ruin the experience for others. Just because I am a guild admin in Witching Hour, does not mean I will hold back.

Let’s make sure we are super clear here. These are opinions, and my experience with the guild, these are not a fact but just my thoughts on how I see the guild as a whole. Have to make this clear because some people think opinion = fact.

Editor’s note: I wanted to make a review but this turned out to be more of a free-form rant/thoughts posts, you can look at it as a review but it’s not one, lol.

What is Witching Hour?

Witching Hour was created on march 9th of 2021 by Elphaba.

The Witching Hour is one of many guilds in Phantasy Star Online 2 that offers to help out others, assuming others do their part. But this goes for most guilds, to be honest. And the witching hour is both a social and content guild.

If you ever want people to speak with, you can join a guild, and for the most part, everyone is social in Witching Hour. And if you like to do content, the Witching Hour members have you covered, assuming they are not lazy and are around to help. But they are around to help, most of the time. And I feel the Witching Hour is a good guild for new players.

What can Witching Hour do for you?

By joining the witching hour, you can maybe get content done and meet new friends and enemies. The guild has fairly strong users that can do content that is end game, and they are willing to help when they are not lobby grinding and getting stuff thrown at them.

UQ or urgent quests are something the guild can help out with. If you need a team, just ask for help, there are guild members that can offer a hand if you ask. I have gotten a lot of help when I ask for it. And the guild would do the same.

Leveling up or farming levels in PSO2 with guild members is, again, easy, assuming people are free. You can ask to make a farming party and you can farm and get strong. From my time being in this guild, I can say that they are friendly, some members are much more friendly and welcoming.

The point being, if you want or need help, ask someone in the guild, 90 % of the time, they are down to help out new players. Not everyone in Witching hour may be as friendly.

The pros of Witching Hour guild?

So, here are some pros of joining this guild or why you should join. There is a ton of pros. I guess not a ton but there are a few.

A guild ready to help those in need or welcome all and any with open arms, as long as they don’t cause problems.

Friendly admins, I can’t speak on Danger, but they seem alright

they have a discord server for pso2 related content and other things.

A fine community of some members*

good memories

The guild is great for social and can some end game content help and offer tips

Smug Anime GIF - Smug Anime Face GIFs

Now, this wouldn’t be a fair “review” if I just am biased and leave out the cons. This is where I will try to call out the flaws in Witching Hour, and its members. There are a lot of cons in the members.

The cons of Witching Hour

This will be its section of my experience I had with the witching hour that was or is negative. Holding no punches here, again. Just because I am an admin for a guild doesn’t mean I will hold back. Long time coming.

Bad Witching Hour members

I want to break this up into three parts.

  1. Good members/admins
  2. bad members
  3. emotional members

Good members

Even though, this is the cons of Witching Hour. I want to give light to good members of the witching hour. These are the level-headed members, those who do not make a public scene or never make a mountain out of a molehill. They are helpful members and a great part of Witching hour, people worth talking to.

Elpha (big smol butt), Dae(op hero), Vair(bonk hero), Niko, Teyah, Shiro(boop hero)

Bad members

In my eyes, bad members engage trolls under a guise to help, create public scenes, make a mountain out of a molehill, people who overreact and take things the wrong way. Super sexual members who can’t control themselves and often scares off, creeps out, or annoy new members with lewd symbol art or lewd rp. And the witching hour has had its fair share of users and still does.

Taiga Rage GIF - Taiga Rage Angry GIFs

emotional members

We have some members who can be an emotional time bomb that can go off at any moment. And it makes things hard to around them because if you do the wrong thing or say the wrong thing. They just get pissy or emotional, and I hate having to walk on eggshells to talk to someone.

Argh Anime Dissapointed Anime Girl GIF - ArghAnime DissapointedAnimeGirl DecadenceAnime GIFs

And most of the time, the members are useful. Although, some members of witching hour can be next to worthless in terms of helping someone out. Hi, I’m sure you noticed my tone towards some Witching Hour members has been anything but kind. I’m more or less displeased with some of the witching hour members on how they act and have been lately.


Whoa, big shock, huh? It is everywhere. We play video games to escape drama for the time being because life is already stressful, some more than others. And logging in to a game to see that shit is annoying. But when you are not in a guild, you can at least ignore it because it is not your problem, it’s the guild’s problem.

But when you are in the said guild and see people making a scene, starting drama, or getting upset about the smallest things, it starts to get on your nerves and other’s nerve. No one plays a game to see some idiots try to act tough on a video game.

Speaking of drama, some witching hour members seem to have the skill of luring problematic users to our block to start shit. Before NGS, people, trolls seem to know certain members of our guild and they would come to our block.

And need to give a bit of “lore”, while KitsuneGirl was not a drama queen or king, they were an elitist snob, but they were helpful, and then we had Nara, the shit starter, but it didn’t help when some witching hour members like to engage someone like Nara. It gets annoying and makes me want to block some WH members, but I can’t because I have to see what dumb stuff gets said and try to stop it.

Drama and MMORPG seem to go hand and hand or WH drama and b34 drama seem to know each other pretty well given how some things go down. More so when users of witching hour give trolls and problematic users a reason to come back to start drama or issues.

I hear b34 is a block known for stupid shit, then it makes me ask, what’s some of the witching hour members’ reasons for returning fire? You are making things worst, not only for you but for everyone else. I argue that they do way more harm than good. But they engage anyway because, haha.

I would go on a rant about how a user from Witching Hour thought they were doing a world of good by engaging a troll in new genesis and think they would delay the harm the trolls do. I’m not trying to get heated tonight. You know who you are, baka!

Learning things on the fly

On rare blue moons, I will be asked to do something, on the fly, and out of the blue. Baka points added to Witching hour: 5 (100-5= 95)

Learning how to do something on the fly is good and bad. It feels more or less, you are being asked to fly when you never flew in your life. I propose making a guide on how to do something beforehand so they have a better idea instead of trying to figure out something at the moment to only hear they are going to start without you.

This is coming from my experience and learning to do mpa on the fly soured my experience. No, the witching hour is not at fault, but sure didn’t make the experience any better, that’s for sure. It made me enjoy solo queue a lot more, as I don’t have to deal with that mess.

Some ideas for the Witching hour

Share things with the Witching hour members

If there is going to be a huge change, ask the community if they are okay with this change instead of dropping this change out of the blue and on to them. If we are a community, we can vote as one.

Because seeing a huge change in the discord getting passed without any feedback is odd. Letting the community vote on changes would be a welcomed change, and they can get an idea and make this feel like a two-way street.

The witching hour servers has movie nights(?), music channel, and other things. This is just an idea, this is not my guild or server. You do whatever, I’m just here till the Witching Hour ride ends for me. Use the suggestion or don’t.

Final thoughts

Hmm, my final thoughts, here we are. I think Witching Hour is fine enough as a guild. From the first day in the guild till now I have enjoyed the ride. I have the likes of Elpha, Vair, Dae, Shiro, crimson, Niko, Amy, Zarbine, Nyx, and drama-free members to make things better.

My experience with Witching hour members is an interesting one, I wouldn’t call it a deal-breaker but that depends on how much stupid shit you can deal with, to be honest. If you can put up with the bs of the members or wonder who gonna make a public scene this time around, you might just enjoy your time here.

The witching hour guild, if you are looking for a guild that is drama free, you may be let down as we do have a few drama clowns within the guild, and if that turns you off, you probably won’t like this guild or any guild, but you can block the drama clowns to make your time here better but you will be unable to join parties with blocked users in them.

The admins are nice, I want to say 97 % of witching hour is nice and helpful while 3% seems to be drama mama’s and not useful, I could be wrong but who knows. When the people are not being drama mama and having bitch fits, they are somewhat nice to talk with.

Overall, Witching Hour is a guild that can stand on its own two feet, it has most, if not all bases covered, and the guild has its uses. I’m not a fan of how some things are handled, but this is not my guild, I am just a part of it, lol, I feel some of the things I brought up can ruin the user experience, have to dock points.

My experience will be completely different from yours. You may love witching hour or you may not love witching hour. I feel that a guild’s community, again, can make or break the experience for a user. But it is hard to control bad actors in a guild.

I guess if I were to give a pointless score to this “review”, it would be 7.8/10(7.0/10) because, to me, a guild’s community is the core base that will affect the user experience, as I have said before. It can push people away or bring in new people. And I think Witching hour is great at being social(although, this can be a double-edged sword), some of the members can do end game content.. in PSO2: New Genesis, and base PSO2.

If you like guilds but don’t mind the twitter-like petty drama, people trying to making a scene, you may like it here. If you like don’t like drama but like guilds, you may not like any guild, lol.

Something I wanted to get off my chest, and wanted to say some things. If I am still in the guild after this post, I can make a better post, but for now, this is good enough. And I said what I wanted to say about Witching Hour and its members.

Will this post upset someone? Most likely. Will someone take this post the wrong way? Probably. Is this post spicy? It was spicy but started to go off on feelings when making this post, so it’s very spicy and hot to touch. Some Witching Hour members probably won’t like this post as I do tend to keep out the negative parts in witching hour logs. I guess the mask comes off, no?

That’s all I wanted to say, hope you enjoy reading.

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