Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis log 1

So, it is time to track my progress in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. It has been a while since I did this, and figure I do it again. Should be fun, I hope.


Augmenting my new gear

My new weapon: Cinquem Rod+40 has been augmented. The augments are slightly weaker because they are level 2 versions of augments and not level 3. I will try to see what I can get later on and I need to get the new gear or units.


Schwarzrosso Armor is something I don’t have the funds for, and probably won’t get updated to +50 for a good while, but I’m not here to sweat this game. I did what I needed to do in Base Pso2. Everything in New genesis is extra for me.

Once I get the new gear to +50, new genesis will be on the sideline, and if progress takes too long, new genesis will be on the sideline as well. lol

My new units will not replace the old ones at this moment in time. But later on, I will be able to replace them, I hope.


The Materials I have at the moment, not many but the list will grow later on.

Farming with randos

It was pretty fun farming with randoms, and not my guild. It is nice to see new faces and meet new users, and they were pretty nice and chill.

They were there to farm and get exp and Materials, and when it was time to leave, we all said goodbye. It is moments like that I like that somewhat keep me playing certain games a bit longer. Kindness with me goes a long way.

Dark Falz with guild

Dark Falz with Witching Hour was fine. The urgent quest, not trying to party up, that was awful, lol. Making a party is still awful in my opinion, that won’t change. Still, a pain in a half but the boss was fun, not on the same level doing this in a public urgent quest, now that was fun. People getting hyped and happy for the first time doing this.

The run with the guild just felt empty for me, but it was able to clear. The magic was missing but a lot of the magic for me has been missing and this urgent quest is bringing back some of that lost magic but it’s something.

It is Sodam from Phantasy Star Online 2 but in a different form. He reminds me of Sodam, and that is not a bad thing. I liked sodam, it was the fun end-game raid. I am still rocking mostly +40 gear that is now outdated but gets the job done. 

Day 1 has been something interesting.


Dark falz w/ guild

It is 01:05:17 AM and still in the lobby waiting. An interesting “start” but things finally took off with the party but it was fine. Nothing worthy of note. The UQ is still fun but there is no magic there. Kind of dull doing this with the guild.


dark falz again

I’m teaming up with some people I do not talk to outside of pso2, and waiting on Alu who went brb. It is fun but I don’t know. The UQ is fine but getting dull. It’s like eating or watching a rerun of a show you love but you start to get sick of it.

This UQ is the same, no less with this guild. It’s not fun anymore. The guild is sorta empty. It feels like I am playing with robots but I remember these are not robots but min maxers, causal players, giga hunters, and others!

Level 44 Gigas

If you like giga, you do you. Not wasting my time killing a giga, time I could use on more important things and games. Why no? They take even longer. If all you play is this game, then pso2 giga is “not bad”

I play many MMORPGs, if something is a waste of time, I’m going to use that time elsewhere. And If I get +50 gear, I will maybe do giga, but as of now, I have no interest in doing giga “content” even less now.


weapon updates

My Cinquem Rod+40 is potential 1 and it feels stronger than my other weapon, but not strong enough to pass it in power. Progress is slow but sure, and I’m happy at least. However this weapon will be outdated in the future, but for now, it is good.

Dark Falz pug

I logged on and saw that Dark Falz was getting started or going to start and I saw some witching hour getting ready to party up, and I got asked to join a party. Me not knowing any better said ok. And learned, the party I was in was going to join a public urgent quest.

By this logic, I could have joined the public urgent quest and had the same result. Next time I will ask before joining, and on the same note, Elpha is still a work boss. Can’t treat Elpha like alu or dae yet. And the guild members are co-workers I talk to if I have to do so.

Witching hour Picture day

we took pictures. Though, it’s more like a time capsule when someone gets banned/ leaves/ whatever reason. :o I suppose we can take pictures for the one day that someone leaves or whatnot.


Dae and alu funds

So my frens helped me get some mesta to get me the better gear and because of them, I was able to get my Cinquem Rod to +50 and good augments and got a good unit and because of this I got some new good gear for the time being or until new gear comes out.

Dark Falz

I can now somewhat do damage in this urgent quest. And it is a good feeling. :o I feel like this will be a relik 2.0 but of course, that will be like that when I get enough scales, but that will be a long way away for now.


purple trigger lv 44

I did the new purple trigger with Elpha, Wren, and Alu to see where I stand in the giga trigger, and I can help clear 4/5 of the bosses there. I am strong but not strong enough to clear

But It was fun to do at least. And when I can clear it. I will do it for the fairy dash. I don’t care about the relik weapon anymore since getting it now would be up to chance on getting the right weapon.


Please don’t do this. | Public Dark Falz

Alu said there was an urgent quest and I already knew it was full. And so, I logged on to do it and I spoke up. Prob my big mistake there. Which, Shiro spoke up and asked if I wanted to be Party 4

And time to incoming rant. 

If there is one thing I hate about some of the Witching Hour members is that once they get in a party, they just go silent and it feels like talking to a bunch of bricks, And is this mean? no. At least speak up and say, “Sorry, I’m in a party”

Like that has been a thing in this guild, and it is pretty annoying when you get asked to make a party and the whole guild goes silent. If I get asked to make a party, I think I will go silent. Like how hard is it to speak up and say “oh, sorry, I’m in a party” or “oh, I can’t join, I’m in a party” They have no problem talking up a storm about random stuff?

There are moments where I like this guild, and there are moments where this guild turns me off. I’m not gonna leave but I hate being asked to do something that boils down to me wasting my time. 

I swear, sometimes some of these guild members can get under my skin and it’s the little things that build up over time until they hit the boiling point. This guild has some bakas. I suppose it is why I am so distant from some of the guild members, save a few. It is whatever.

But on the upside, Public Urgent Quest went ok. It was not bad but not good. Could be worse. :o


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