Phantasy Star Online 2: New genesis Feb update

Well, it is time to talk about Phantasy Star Online 2: New genesis (Again) and one of the big updates that have come with it, and just share some extra thoughts and whatnot. And the changes here are “big” for what it is worth. 

And given that this update is part one and part 2 is dark falz and something else, there are a few things here worth of note and some things that are not worth a mention in my opinion.

Jukebox mag

Ever wanted to play your music in Phantasy Star Online 2: new genesis but got tired of opening up links on youtube, Spotify, that shady video site? Well, now you don’t have to do that. With the new feature added by this update, you can play the music that you got in-game. And if you are like me, and never brought any CDs for your jukebox in base phantasy. This feature might be useless to you.

You can change what the current theme is, by picking your song and confirming this is the song you want to play. Some themes will override the jukebox feature, as they have higher priority. Nothing game-changing here.

You are better off using youtube, Spotify, or a discord music bot for music needs. This is a feature for those who love the jukebox in base Phantasy Star Online 2 and want it on the go. And unlike base Phantasy Star Online 2, only you can hear the music playing from your mag. Friends and strangers can’t hear the music from the mag jukebox when it drops those sick beats. Only the user of their mag can hear the music playing.

Level cap increase and armor cap increase

Sega heard that people wanted a level cap because they were way too strong. Sega got you covered with the new level cap from 35 to 40, and now with more farming. It is what people wanted, right?

Now your units can be upgraded from +40 to +50. Wow, more defense and extra augment slots on weapons and units. Very cool, very nice. And to get said levels you need special material (arms refiner) you get as a drop or you craft it by having 10 of Strugments A, Strugments B, Strugments C, and N-Excubes. And depending on the rarity, you may need more than one, isn’t that great? :’)

You can buy the pieces by themselves but it will cost you a lot since the player market wants to cash on the poor suckers who can’t wait or cash in on whales.

New “Content”

Did you enjoy doing purple triggers? Did you like going to older urgent quests to get a rush of power and seeing how strong you became over the months of playing? Me neither, and sega felt the same way by updating aelio urgent quests bosses to be level 40. But the upside is you now get scales for new weapons or level 4 or higher affix transfer 

mt Magnus is rank 3. Same monsters, and an elite monster that is a baby giga. It can’t one-shot you unless your gear is +0 and I don’t have much to mention here. Oh, that’s right. They drop or have a chance to drop something. Mt Magnus rank 3 is where you go to farm materials to limit break gear to +50 and if you are lucky, you may get a good drop.

Purple triggers in Aelio have now scaled to the player’s level + 4 extra levels. But now Aelio triggers have a small chance of dropping a rare motion that was once an AC item but you can get it as a drop, but at this point, this drop will be on par with trying to get a relik weapon. Super low and you need a good team, and good gear to clear. Mining Base Rank 2 sucks. Don’t ask me to do it.

oops all Gigas and kill the power fantasy

Remember when going back to aelio at +35 was fun? You could go back and fight gigas and, you know, not get one shot. UNLESS you were sweating in the game and had the best augments and gear. Those people don’t count here.

If what I heard was right, this means that all gigas will always be scaled to the player level cap and have 4 level edge. And when we get to level 100, gigas will be 104, which means when new players join super late, they get to “fight” or see level 104 gigas.

But hey, this gives the Giga hunters something to do, right? Now they have an enemy that will always scale with them, and they will never truly be able to be as strong as the gigas they fight.

Dark Falz Urgent quest

While this quest is not out yet, it is coming soon with a new weapon and new units are around the corner which seems like the new units coming are going to be the best units to grab. But I assume these weapons and units will be super rare, maybe on par with a relik weapon in terms how rare they may be.

And the urgent quest is going to be a raid boss (I hope), maybe on par with Sodam in terms of scale and what it can do. The boss does look fun but you will need a lot of good gear if you wish to do damage. And probably a UQ worth farming for. The only reason cause of the loot you can get.

I would assume completing this Urgent Quest, and not running out of time will yield good rewards and materials, I would hope so anyway given this could be fast or slow depending on your team and how geared they are.

The end thoughts

I will say, if you only play, eat, sleep Phantasy Star Online 2: new genesis, you should be fine, this will be an interesting series of updates for you and will give you more to do and I know there are a lot of people who will get every class to level 40.

And if you are like me, you probably treat Phantasy Star Online 2: new genesis as a side game. I play other games, and this is just me but Phantasy Star Online 2 is asking for a lot of my time and I already put time into other games. Elsword, Genshin Impact, Fate grand order, and FF14. 

F2P has it rough*. If you have to rely on weekly quests and events to get money, it will take you a good while, and at this moment, it is bad but it’s not bad enough to push people away from the game who are free to play.

If you spend money, you can speed up the progress of farming by buying ac, burning on ac banner, and selling the items on the player shop for one while to buy another whale item, and this is how some players make their money fairly quick or selling a hot in bulk, rather it is a camo, weapon, unit, or augments. If it is a hot item, people will buy it.

I got off track. I will see how things change in the game around my bday and if things are more or less the same, I will spend my time elsewhere. I feel like I should drop this game like my friends and just wait for this to see if it is worth picking back up. Something I will think about.

The update is not bad but spending hours farming for progress that is small. I don’t know about that.

That’s all I wanted to say, I hope there will be something I can enjoy in the future. Purple triggers were fun, but now gigas are scaled or going to be scaled to the level cap +4. most of the content is monsters with more defense, more hp, and more attack power like base pso2. And that is “fun” no. See you later everyone. :3

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