Phantasy Star Online 2 – Witching Hour log #3

Hey, it is time for a pso2 log of things that happen or what I did. It will bleed into June, which to say, it will be things I recalled in late May to June. And like always you may learn something new or not. :3

This witching hour log will be about things and stuff. It will be all over the place in terms of mood from the post, and I talk about some drama at the end, keep that in mind, lol. Let’s start

Editor note: There was going to be a whole lot more said here but cut out a lot of things and censored since these posts are meant to be happy. If I do make a log update that is serious and if I don’t post it to the server. That means that the log update is full of unfiltered thoughts. c:

Dae shows off his might, yet again.

The mad lad did the sodam UQ with no units or rings. He was on death’s door a few times but dae plays with fire. Death means nothing to this god, as death fears him. I keep telling Dae he is a good hero but the man thinks I am joking. He is a better hero than me. A true legend that dae has become.

Joining the Kouki’s Birthday Phasion Show EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

I am going to try to win, but I am going up against better players in pso2 fashion, and given some had more time to get what they need for fashion, vs someone who started in April of 2021, the odds are not in my favorite, but can’t hurt to try, I suppose.

If I win, I will be shocked, if I lose, I won’t be too shocked if it happens, it is for fun after all, but having mesta to save up for a strong unit would help out a lot in my case since I would be on the path to getting stronger.

I should probably try to make a few outfits for this contest, and see if I can do my best. Here’s hoping for the best outcome but whatever. :3 I will probably show off my outfits when I lose. I do enjoy the pso2 fashion. :3

The last big Koi Koi before NGS

With PSO2: New Genesis in a few days, we had a Koi Koi event where there were a lot more users this time around, and it was crazy, to put it nicely. You had the trolls, people who say they didn’t want to be there but stay anyway, and the witching hour members.

It was fun to see so many people during koi koi, it was nice to see since b34 is a ghost town since people are off being lewd, waiting for NGS, or just afk in the lobby, and that is fine.

Kota, the sleeping princess

I and the rest of the Witching Hour were doing a UQ or spamming a UQ for the campaign items which can be gotten by spamming a UQ on any difficulty. There is a tier for each item. 3 UQ, 5 UQ, and 7 UQ.

So, I had Mon, Rox, and Kota in party 2. and on the final part of the UQ which was Gundam AIS, I noticed that Rox was spamming “Kota” but thought nothing of it. I thought Rox was cheering on Kota, and then I remembered Sodam when Rox said “eh.”

Kota > ”gateway ship.” I was shocked cause I thought Kota was in the ship wait to depart. It even said 8 / 8 players. I did notice taking down the first ship, the game had a lag spike, almost as if someone joined pretty late.

Kota is a wild card that does fall asleep on you. Silly, that one can be. Kota punishment will be no more boops, muffins, and no fashion. But it was a fun time.

Elpha gets Kota this time for parties. The best leader.

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I have beaten Dae in PSO2 golf

The god dae has fallen in a game of golf, and it is one of many wins. Dae shall get never-ending boops, and he is still op. That won’t ever change, and Dae is an op hero. What? You were waiting for more? Nah. Bless Dae. Ouo

Aiming for the low-end game units or high end

I made my units and I have been able to do more content solo or with guild friends. And that is great, and all. But if I want to do the serious end game content, I need the end game affixes, and trying to craft them myself is borderline impossible, and not to mention that Guardian soul is just heavy luck if you get the affix made.

If I were to get the 4 big affixes, that would run me about 1b+ and the stats are good.

Attack power: +555 + Attack 2 (+45)

Def power: +570

Dex: +420

HP: +540

PP: +51

when all 3 units have the 4 affixes seen below

but I need the end game affixes which are the real stats that will help you do the real end game content, and getting these units if they are all the same would cost around 5b mesta but the stats would be if I can get the same units with the same price, which is 1.5b mesta.

Attack power: +870 + attack 2 (+45)

Def power: +660

Dex: +510

HP: +630

PP: +96

And with these stats, I can take on end game or help take on the hard content with friends or guild users or be of some use to my team, and hold my own. As Vair said, better gear does not mean you will be better or something to that effect. But having good gear will make the experience a lot better, and the gear can be used with other classes and has a wide range of use. Assuming the units are still the same in the picture for prices and affixes.

Results from Kouki’s Birthday Phasion Show EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

Well, not to my surprise, I lost. I knew from the get-go, I had no chance since I was going up against people with better taste in fashion and there are often a lot of factors when it comes to judging these kinds of things. But it’s whatever. Would I join a fashion show thing hosted by Witching Hour? Probably no. I will just post pictures to my blog and maybe the Witching Hour server.

I did have fun but I rather show off fashion to friends and people I know and leave fashion to the pros. But getting off that topic, here are some outfits I made for the fashion show but never showed them off because I knew it was not going to matter. :P

Dae and Shiro joined me in the divide stream.

Did a Livestream on, and had Dae and Shiro joined me on stream in-game, and I must say, Shiro and Dae are MVPs in my book. They helped me because I was having some bad luck but they saved me lol

Elpha said they read my last post. Time to make sure. Elpha has a smol butt. If elpha asks what this means, then they read it. Lol, that’s all I wanted to say.

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