Review: Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania. I want to say that Sonic mania is a great-

Damn it Sega. You had one job. Well, let’s ignore the DRM till we get to the end of this post. Going to share my thoughts in this mini like review.

I will say this. If you are “That” person who takes or treats opinions serious. I think you need to go elsewhere. :3 These are my own experience I had with the game.

Sonik the edge-lord, here with this post to share opinion and thoughts :o

Sonic Mania is the new Classic 2D Sonic that was made for 2D fans who been asking for a new Sonic game in 2D

Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania is a great game classic game that goes back to its roots and finds what made Sonic great.

The Story

After Sonic and Tails leave angel island, They get a strange reading from the island which causes them to return to find 5 Egg robos on the spot while Eggman pulls out an odd gemstone that has the power to warp the space around them.

It’s up to Sonic and Tails and Knuckles. Knuckles was forced into this game to help save the day.

Knuckles can’t get a break.


Now that you understand the plot. Let’s go.

my own experience

Sonic Mania. Waiting 2 whole weeks to play this game and being left in dark. I was thinking “2 weeks, ok, they can fix this bug and make it a fun experience. This will be great”

2 weeks passed. I have never installed a game so fast.

BOOM, it opens. I have a reason to smile again for a Sonic game and the title screen plays

The young sonic fan sees hope in the blue blur

I hit start to see what changes were made to the menu screen, maybe a secret or a-

Sonic Mania Main Menu screen

They added an “Exit” I can close the game by clicking the red “X” But that is fine. I loaded up a new save file and man. 60 FPS S3K intro cutscene (Sonic 3 & Knuckles), Sonic and tails flying back to angel island with a serious look. Sonic ready to KILL.

Seeing the egg robo get upgraded into the hard boiled heavies was great and then we get to play Green hill zone cause that has never been done before.

Green Hill.

Sonic Mania Green Hill

Green Hill is just 60 FPS and feels great. There is a great sense of speed. The levels are fast and quick and I mean it’s green hill but it’s fun. And boy was I happy. Then I got to play “Get Blue spheres”

First stage was fine but the next BS (Blue Spheres) was laggy. It would jump from 60 fps to 15 or go to a slide show. >.> Blue spheres was ruined in the later stages.

I did a livestream with hypersonic7701 and my experience was ruined by the game dropping in fps at random or slowing down to a point where my controls were affected by the slowdown. Hyper did keep me in high spirits when the game was being a laggy mess. If you see this Hyper. thanks. :3

In that first playthrough, my smile and happiness faded away to nothing. But then, when all hope was lost and forgotten. A light was at the end of the tunnel.

A second playthrough, surely, this won’t change anything. BUT I was wrong Sonic Mania was a blast. playing it in 60 – 30 FPS and damn, it is great, going at break neck speed brings back joy.

Sonic Mania has 13 zones. 4 new zones and 8 old zones and A true final zone that been remastered. As great as Sonic Mania is, I am let down by the fact that Mania is more like Sonic Generations, in a sense, that old levels come back with a new coat of paint.

Yeah, there are new zones, but they are undermined by the old zones. Mania could have been great if they didn’t use old zones as a base. Sonic mania has so nods and references. I don’t mind those at all. What bugs me is that Mania is a new game but it feels like an old game.

I just wish mania would have focused on making new levels then bring back old levels over all. If I wanted to play old zones, I would boot and play the old Sonic classics.

Blue spheres have no point, other than to unlock a few things but if you get all gold or silver, you unlock nothing special. I feel like if you want a challenge, Blue Spheres will, for the most part, give you a challenge… Assuming you have not played Sonic 3 to death.

The Special stages are, for the most part, fun to play. they’re a mix of Sonic R models and Sonic CD like stages. And they can get crazy and pretty fast. It’s not too hard. It is fair. You gain speed by getting spheres which will upgrade your Mach speed. When you get to Mach 3, you are giving up control for speed, which is fair. If you had Speed and control, they would be way too easy.

Sonic Mania has these cute cutscenes where Sonic and Tails has some way of getting to the next zone. By getting warped there or jumping in a pipe or jumping on the flying battery zone. After a few zones. Sonic and Tails just go there. There is no reason of how they got there but they just go to the next zone and it feels odd.

I know about Knuckles and Tails. I don’t care for them yet. They don’t have what my boy Sonic has. A mid air drop dash. I may do another livestream in the near future when I can run the game without it going 15 FPS.

My final thoughts unless I have more then come back to edit in a few more stuff.

Is Sonic Mania Good? Yes it’s a new experience that has a nod to past games and new levels.

Is Sonic Mania worth getting? Get it for PS4, Xbox one, Switch. You can get it for pc BUT I would wait till they fixed a few more bugs and the DRM issue.

Is the Sonic Mania OST good? There is a lot of hits than miss. So, yes, it is good.

Overall, I like Sonic Mania but my first experience was ruined but the Second playthrough saved it, though, it was reading Kirby’s fanfic made it better.

I feel that Sonic mania uses old games as a base for it. For someone who played the old classics, Mania was a let down for me but it may please you. And most the new levels were ok but 1 stood out and I loved that zone.

About Denuvo DRM. It has some nasty effects on people’s PC and hardware and even affecting the game or controls. As I am writing this post, they are trying to fix these issues with a new patch.

But This was Sonik the Edge lord with my thoughts on mania, Sonic Mania. Thanks for reading and stay cool. :3

For more about DRM related stuff or go google why DRM is bad. Go do some research.

See here:


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