Talking about Sonic Adventure DX randomizer

It is crazy. It has been a long while, but from what I have seen from the dev, Sora_yx. From what I got told. The Sonic Adventure DX randomizer has got reworked and rebuild from the ground up. And I started watching hdn_draxirch stream the new build of Sonic Adventure DX randomizer or SADX rando. It is an enjoyable experience to behold.

Watching how far Sora_yx and his team have come with SADX mods, to say it is wondrous, is an understatement. They managed to turn this game into something completely new. I have seen mods that changed the skin of the models. But now, we are at a point where the game is receiving mods that import levels, adjust levels, or completely overhaul SADX to a point where it is something new.

I have not tried any of the new versions of the mods. The mods being critical mode for sonic adventure and sadx rando. I used to speedrun SADX rando on my old pc before it broke down, and since then, I have not touched or reinstalled SADX rando, as I had seen everything there was to offer.

So, at the moment, sadx rando is being reworked, and I have to assume that you need to be a beta tester and an active one or a close friend. I was not an ongoing tester for the mod, and when I was a tester, I was mostly speedrunning sadx rando and trying out critical mode once in a while.

There were some things I hated back in critical mode when I was playing an old build. Mainly gamma vs. egg walker, which I hated with a passion. It was not fun to do. The fight was torture on the last hit as well. But I am sure the issue I had with critical mode has long since been fixed or changed for the better.

I thought about downloading SADX rando but remember seeing that it was still at SADX rando version 2.1.2, the version I was playing when I ran the mod. I would be happy to reinstall sadx rando. Once a new version is out, or they are looking for bug testers.

And watching hdn_draxirch play the new version of sadx rando and critical mode. I don’t need to reinstall it, but who knows. I might re-download it in the future before a new build comes out.

The new version of the mod in an early build.

Again, it is crazy how far this mod has come. And I feel it is worth supporting this guy: sora_yxow. He makes great stuff, and I am sure you will like what he makes. I wanted to make this post. Talking about SADX rando since it will be a long while before I play it again.

The new version of the mod for Sonic Adventure DX randomizer looks fun, and it has a lot of changes and fixes. There is no way to play this version. So we have the old one for now. The link to sadx rando:


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