Sonic Adventure DX Randomizer

When this mod first came out. I was not to crazy about it since during this time I seen the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle randomizer and back then SADX randomizer was bare bones which felt like a cheat code to switch characters.

I was not too crazy about sadx randomizer after seeing SA2B randomizer and not being too blown away and sadx at release was neat but didn’t pull me in but however.. overtime these mods, SADX randomizer in particular because this was a game I spent a month on learning the in’s and out’s of it

my run is here is in the link below

Trying out SADX randomizer on stream. Man, this mod has seen very big changes. changes that make the mod worth playing. This mod community is getting to a point where they can make their own game out of SADX.

I don’t know how long this team will continue working on sadx rando but this is something worth having on a list of things you have done and i’m amazed by this project and how far it has come. I will have to give sa2b rando a try in the near future.

The best thing about the rando is that is add other mods from other people who given the ok. it’s great stuff. everything in one package, and it’s free.

My randomizer run Super Sonic Vs Chaos 2

If you played SADX and looking to make the game fun or mix things up, do yourself a favor and download the rando mod. It gives SADX new life and makes it worth a second playthrough the game with this mod.

Here the dev of the project, Sora_yxow:

Here is the SADX Randomizer:

OnyChaos. :3

Something to add in future updates

During credits, pressing start will skip to the stats of the run instead of going back to the title screen


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