Review: Sonic Spinball

I never thought I would make my first Game review after a game I hate. A spinball no less. But I will make this a fair review and give my thoughts on it.

I used to hate spinball but my feelings for the game have changed over time. I dislike the game.

sonic the hedgehog spinball cover

Welcome to my review of Sonic The Hedgehog: Spinball. Sit back, get a snack, a drink and enjoy?


It starts as Sonic and Tails caught wing of eggman’s new plan, that plan being to power his new base, the “veg o fortress” and take over the world with the power of the blue chaos emeralds (Yes, I said blue). Being Eggman, he shoots Tails down, causing Sonic to fall into the water near veg o fortress as a result of attacking. Eggman assumed Sonic has died at the bottom of the sea. But was lucky to get into the veg o fortress safe and sound. Now you must get back the Blue emeralds and put an end to Eggman’s plans and free the animals.

sonic the hedgehog spinball intro


It’s Pinball. That’s it. You move Sonic by using the d-pad and flippers to move him on the board. You do have some control of Sonic when he is in the Pinball board. Your goal is to get all the emeralds in each board which will allow you to go to face off with the board boss.

There are 4 bosses, 3 bonus stages, Secret Bonus stage

Bonus stages are played when you clear a board or beat the boss of that board. Secret bonus stage are played when the player gets every ring on the board.

Toxic Caves (3 Emeralds)

sonic the hedgehog spinball toxic caves

Lava Powerhouse  (3 Emeralds)

sonic the hedgehog spinball lava powerhouse

The Machine  (5 Emeralds)

sonic the hedgehog spinball the machine

The Showdown  (5 Emeralds)

sonic the hedgehog spinball showdown

Each level has a “gimmick” of some kind that you must use to advance the board or get by.

In Toxic Caves, you must drain the toxic ooze to get going to places

Or The Machine where you need to use the Machines to advance the board.

Once you get to The Showdown, Veg o fortress is now unstable and without the machine being active, the end is close.

The Showdown is, by far, the hardest stage in the game. This is where you need to master the skills you used to beat the other levels.

When Playing “The Showdown” it can end one of many ways. You could have a good time… Or You just take a nice hot lava bath seen here in this twitch clip. (MastaKirby) Thanks HyperSonic7701 for the clip.

Assuming you get all the emeralds, you will have the showdown with Eggman and put an end to his plans.

sonic the hedgehog spinball showdown boss

The game is 4 levels long for a Sonic Spin-off, This little cult classic is still being played. Hell, people even speed run this game for fun.

I can say that Sonic Spinball is not a bad game, but it’s not a good game either. It is flawed. This is a build of a game that has not been finished. The game was rushed when you get a short deadline.

The game is still playable but it’s still buggy, but what can you do?

So, is Sonic Spinball worth buying? That depends on you. Do you love Sonic and pinball? If so, you will or may enjoy this game. But if you hate pinball but love sonic, then you may not like this spin-off Sonic game.

Or you hate Sonic and Pinball, this is a game you may not enjoy since it is pinball, just with Sonic as the “ball”

But if for whatever reason, you can can get Sonic Spinball on Steam for  $4.99. I would say wait till the game goes on sale, as it is not worth 5 dollars.

Thanks for reading the first review.


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