Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball

Let’s talk about Sonic Spinball. A spin-off game from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, I’m here to share my thoughts about this game and talk about it for a while. So get the popcorn and soda. It’s time to play a little game called “Sonic Spinball”.

Where to begin? It’s pinball but with Sonic name on it, so you would thing that it would be a ok spin-off and would be forgotten with the past. Sonic Spinball is a hard game as the difficulty can go from easy to hard. And the game can be fun or hard based good you can play pinball.

Again, your “enjoyment” depends on how well you can play spinball. If you are good at spinball, then you will have more fun playing this game.

Sonic Spinball is a short but difficulty game that has 4 boards / stages

This “Cult classic” was released in 1993 and Game Gear version released in 1994 and Master system in 1995. The Sega genesis version is the cult classic that apologists love the most, though the game is not too good.

But Sonic Spinball fans can be even more happy as it has more ports to “enjoy” in free time.

“Sega re-released Sonic Spinball, this time for Apple’s mobile devices–the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone.” – TSSZ For 2.99. Assuming it’s still up to buy.

But wait, there is more, people at “Codefire” Made a little collection that has Sonic Spinball, Golden Axe, Ecco, all ports in Sega smash pack™ for GBA. Now in today, games like Spinball are on IOS or steam or in with a collection, you can find cheap.

Hell, there are people who speedrun this game for the fun of it. And there are people who will take it 1 step further and do speedruns called “max jackpot bonus” but whatever floats their boat

My Thoughts on Sonic Spinball

I don’t care for it, never did. Well I did care for it at one point but Sonic Spinball is not a good game, No matter if it is a cult classic. A crazy difficulty spike on the last board / stage, The game has bugs, some are game breaking that ruin the game for other/ me

While I don’t like Sonic Spinball, I should list the things that is good about the game, if there were anything good that was worth mentioning. Spinball was ruined for me when I used to run it.

While I no longer speedrun, Spinball still left a bad taste in my mouth, it’s not a good time for me but never was from the start to be honest. I may joke about spinball but damn if I do there are people who take my spinball jokes too serious

I won’t say they are apologists but they do borderline it or good at being memers. But as I said, I will do one last race of spinball, that race being spinball and calls it quits.

Cause this meme is dead. You are beating a dead horse at this point and this meme has overstayed it’s welcome but oh well. A joke gets out of hand then it no longer stays funny, it becomes annoying And they ran the joke into the ground.

Sonic Spinball is not a bad game, it’s just not a good game. It’s ok at best. And awful at it’s worst. If you enjoy the game for whatever reason, that is fine. But just be sure you don’t be a apologist and be open minded.

I like to joke about the games I play are perfect but they are not. :P

If you love a game or movie then understand to have a open mind about these things which does help. Oh well. Doubt you will listen anyway.

But thanks for reading and you get a cookie. :3



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