Thoughts on Pangya celebrity big announcement

So from the last stream of Pangya celebrity stream, there was “big news” that took 1 hour and 4 mins and 20 seconds. Or if you want to be PC here… It was at the 1 Hour, 4 mins, 30 seconds, mark, where the big news or big announcement was said on stream… Oh Boy (O.B)

Twitch clip of the big announcement *deleted*

Pangya celebrity stream

Pangya celebrity

Hello there boys and girls, Sonik here from Pangya Sunny C land to bring my thoughts into this matters, And those Opinions too… I’m ready

So the big announcement was so important was that twitch sub was going to be added to Pangya celebrity stream soon, which is great and all.. but I should bring up some things for while I think they went after the sub button.

As you know or those who go to the Pangya celebrity streams will know that in their bio will say the following:

“Donations are purely optional, if you decide you wan’t to help contribute to the stream. As you know GM_Leia doesn’t have a real job other than Pangya. Donations go to helping keep the server alive and keep the streams going.”

So Donations are purely optional but at the same time they do help with the server costs but my guess is Donations have been slow to barely few, here and there. I am sure other game mods are helping to pay for the server cost.

So, my guess is that they are aiming for Twitch sub, so they can make some money to keep the server up and running while adding more space for future updates and future content and more room for more players.

Getting a Twitch sub is cheaper than donating but then you might say: “Where is the problem in this?” For new channels or just regular channels, their sub price is set to “$4.99”

Twitch will get half for each sub, I believe and you will get half which may be $3 or $2 dollars and they can earn 3$ for every 1000 non-sub non-adblock 3-minute ad watched.

As you can see, a twitch sub is more useful when a streamer can bring in 1k or 3k users when means you have a better chance at getting more subs/donations but I think that is rude of me to count out the Pangya stream.

Ok, when Pangya goes live, they can get 100 + viewers but nowhere enough to get money from ads, in this early stage of twitch sub. At this point, they need to rely on Donations till they can bring in more then 100 + viewers.

Now they can add rewards for twitch subs and for those who do sub, Get VIP, twitch perks for Pangya, beta test out courses. That could give people a reason to sub or give people another reason to donate via twitch subs.

Though I feel the Pangya server can somewhat live off of the twitch subs if they get a good number but however once the game starts to pick up speed and get to Pangya on to a new season, you will need more room and then at that point, things will start to become a bit much.

I feel at that point they will have to rely on donations from fans and game mods to chip in to help with server cost and not to mention that the fans and game mods have their lives, so I’m sure paying bills and dealing with life is a must then Pangya will be dealt with after.

There is one more thing they will have to do and that is to stay relevant in the twitch scene if they want to make money from twitch subs and unless you have the hardcore fans, you will need to stream longer than 1 – 2 hours.

And you are a partner so you will need to have longer streams, in the 4 to 8 hours to bring in the new users and spread the word of mouth about the stream to keep it afloat in the twitch sea or give it a fighting chance.

Now let’s get into the “What if” area as to what if this could or may happen.

1 Let’s get this one out the way. Private servers to me always seem shady and sometimes iffy, say if you pay for something that cost 20 Dollars, then the next week. The server just up and left. I know not everyone has this mindset as I do but if that did happen, oh well.

2 A C&D that may be given after a point in time. after adding in content there may be a line that when cross, they may be given a C&D to shut down the server. Some Private servers can be free to do what they want but that can vary from game to game.

3 If the Pangya celebrity dev team gets greedy and tries to do more pay to use items or finds a way to get more money out of people, with items or events that will require money or you to donate or be a twitch sub.

4 One person being a pessimist that Pangya celebrity will or may go out the way that Pangya fresh up went up cause they have twitch sub. I won’t name this person.

I guess all I can say here is Pangya celebrity, nice work on getting twitch sub, though it would be far more useful if you got twitch sub when you can pull in maybe 500 + or 1k viewers but hey to each their own.

If Pangya celebrity is somehow still here and not taken down, I will keep playing till I get sick of Pangya celebrity or just get burned out but IF in the future, it gets taken down, then you had an ok run but it was not meant to be.

But that’s it really… Oh, wait.  GM_Leia, I’m sorry but she knows how to stream but DAMN SHE DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO KEEP HER MIC FROM PEAKING SHE YELLS OR SHRIEK


Now you got Twitch sub button, that means you better not kill your potential subs ears or they will mute the stream or leave if it gets bad.

But that is all I have to say on this matter and I guess now is to see where this will go. What is the fate of Pangya celebrity, Pangya C, PC?

Who knows, lol.

Thanks for reading~

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